--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/LDAPAttributeList.h

/* * Copyright 2000-2002, OpenLDAP Foundation, All Rights Reserved. * COPYING RESTRICTIONS APPLY, see COPYRIGHT file */ #ifndef LDAP_ATTRIBUTE_LIST_H #define LDAP_ATTRIBUTE_LIST_H #include <ldap.h> #include <list> #include <string> class LDAPAttribute; class LDAPAsynConnection; class LDAPMsg; /** * This container class is used to store multiple LDAPAttribute-objects. */ class LDAPAttributeList{ typedef std::list<LDAPAttribute> ListType; private : ListType m_attrs; public : typedef ListType::const_iterator const_iterator; typedef ListType::iterator iterator; /** * Copy-constructor */ LDAPAttributeList(const LDAPAttributeList& al); /** * For internal use only * * This constructor is used by the library internally to create a * list of attributes from a LDAPMessage-struct that was return by * the C-API */ LDAPAttributeList(const LDAPAsynConnection *ld, LDAPMessage *msg); /** * Constructs an empty list. */ LDAPAttributeList(); /** * Destructor */ virtual ~LDAPAttributeList(); /** * @return The number of LDAPAttribute-objects that are currently * stored in this list. */ size_t size() const; /** * @return true if there are zero LDAPAttribute-objects currently * stored in this list. */ bool empty() const; /** * @return A iterator that points to the first element of the list. */ const_iterator begin() const; /** * @return A iterator that points to the element after the last * element of the list. */ const_iterator end() const; /** * Get an Attribute by its AttributeType * @param name The name of the Attribute to look for * @return a pointer to the LDAPAttribute with the AttributeType * "name" or 0, if there is no Attribute of that Type */ const LDAPAttribute* getAttributeByName(const std::string& name) const; /** * Adds one element to the end of the list. * @param attr The attribute to add to the list. */ void addAttribute(const LDAPAttribute& attr); /** * Translates the list of Attributes to a 0-terminated array of * LDAPMod-structures as needed by the C-API */ LDAPMod** toLDAPModArray() const; /** * This method can be used to dump the data of a LDAPResult-Object. * It is only useful for debugging purposes at the moment */ friend std::ostream& operator << (std::ostream& s, const LDAPAttributeList& al); }; #endif // LDAP_ATTRIBUTE_LIST_H