--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/LDAPConstraints.h

/* * Copyright 2000, OpenLDAP Foundation, All Rights Reserved. * COPYING RESTRICTIONS APPLY, see COPYRIGHT file */ #ifndef LDAP_CONSTRAINTS_H #define LDAP_CONSTRAINTS_H #include <list> #include <LDAPControl.h> #include <LDAPControlSet.h> #include <LDAPRebind.h> //TODO!! // * implement the Alias-Handling Option (OPT_DEREF) // * the Restart-Option ??? // * default Server(s) //* Class for representating the various protocol options /** This class represents some options that can be set for a LDAPConnection * operation. Namely these are time and size limits. Options for referral * chasing and a default set of client of server controls to be used with * every request */ class LDAPConstraints{ public : static const int DEREF_NEVER = 0x00; static const int DEREF_SEARCHING = 0x01; static const int DEREF_FINDING = 0x02; static const int DEREF_ALWAYS = 0x04; //* Constructs a LDAPConstraints object with default values LDAPConstraints(); //* Copy constructor LDAPConstraints(const LDAPConstraints& c); ~LDAPConstraints(); void setAliasDeref(int deref); void setMaxTime(int t); void setSizeLimit(int s); void setReferralChase(bool rc); void setHopLimit(int hop); void setReferralRebind(const LDAPRebind* rebind); void setServerControls(const LDAPControlSet* ctrls); void setClientControls(const LDAPControlSet* ctrls); int getAliasDeref() const; int getMaxTime() const ; int getSizeLimit() const; const LDAPRebind* getReferralRebind() const; const LDAPControlSet* getServerControls() const; const LDAPControlSet* getClientControls() const; //*for internal use only LDAPControl** getSrvCtrlsArray() const; //*for internal use only LDAPControl** getClCtrlsArray() const; //*for internal use only timeval* getTimeoutStruct() const; bool getReferralChase() const ; int getHopLimit() const; private : int m_aliasDeref; //* max. time the server may spend for a search request int m_maxTime; //* max number of entries to return from a search request int m_maxSize; //* Flag for enabling automatic referral/reference chasing bool m_referralChase; //* HopLimit for referral chasing int m_HopLimit; //* Alias dereferencing option int m_deref; //* Object used to do bind for Referral chasing const LDAPRebind* m_refRebind; //* List of Client Controls that should be used for each request LDAPControlSet* m_clientControls; //* List of Server Controls that should be used for each request LDAPControlSet* m_serverControls; }; #endif //LDAP_CONSTRAINTS_H