--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/LDAPMessage.h

/* * Copyright 2000, OpenLDAP Foundation, All Rights Reserved. * COPYING RESTRICTIONS APPLY, see COPYRIGHT file */ #ifndef LDAP_MSG_H #define LDAP_MSG_H #include <ldap.h> #include <LDAPControlSet.h> class LDAPRequest; /** * This class represents any type of LDAP- Message returned * from the server. * * This class is never not instantiated directly. Only * its subclasses are used. The main feature of this class is the * static method create() (see below) */ class LDAPMsg{ public: //public Constants defining the Message types static const int BIND_RESPONSE=LDAP_RES_BIND; static const int SEARCH_ENTRY=LDAP_RES_SEARCH_ENTRY; static const int SEARCH_DONE=LDAP_RES_SEARCH_RESULT; static const int SEARCH_REFERENCE=LDAP_RES_SEARCH_REFERENCE; static const int MODIFY_RESPONSE=LDAP_RES_MODIFY; static const int ADD_RESPONSE=LDAP_RES_ADD; static const int DEL_RESPONSE=LDAP_RES_DELETE; static const int MODDN_RESPONSE=LDAP_RES_MODDN; static const int COMPARE_RESPONSE=LDAP_RES_COMPARE; static const int EXTENDED_RESPONSE=LDAP_RES_EXTENDED; /** * The destructor has no implemenation, because this is an abstract * class. */ virtual ~LDAPMsg() {} /** * This method is used by the library to parse the results returned * by the C-API. * * Based on msgtype-Value of the *msg-Parameter this method creates * an Object of one of the subtypes of LDAPMsg (e.g. LDAPSearchResult * or LDAPResult) that represents the same Message as the * *msg-Parameter. *msg is e.g. a Message returned by the C-API's * ldap_result call. * @param req The LDAPRequest-object this result message is * associated with. * @param msg The LDAPMessage-structure from the C-API that * contains the LDAP-message to parse. * @return An Object of one of the subtypes of this class. It * contains the parsed LDAP-message. */ static LDAPMsg* create(const LDAPRequest *req, LDAPMessage *msg); /** * @returns The Type of message that this object contains. Possible * values are: <BR> * BIND_RESPONSE <BR> * SEARCH_ENTRY <BR> * SEARCH_DONE <BR> * SEARCH_REFERENCE <BR> * MODIFY_RESPONSE <BR> * ADD_RESPONSE <BR> * DEL_RESPONSE <BR> * MODDN_RESPONSE <BR> * COMPARE_RESPONSE <BR> * EXTENDED_REPONSE <BR> */ int getMessageType(); /** * @returns The message-ID that the C-API return for the * Result-message. */ int getMsgID(); /** * @returns If any Control was sent back by the server this method * returns true. Otherwise false is returned. */ bool hasControls() const; /** * @returns Server controls that were sent back by the server. * @note This feature is not test well yet. */ const LDAPControlSet& getSrvControls() const; protected: /** * This constructor make a copy of a LDAPMsg-pointer. The object * itself (no the pointer) is copied. * Only for internal use. */ LDAPMsg(LDAPMessage *msg); /** * This attribute stores Server-Control that were returned with the * message. */ LDAPControlSet m_srvControls; bool m_hasControls; private: int msgType; int msgID; }; #endif //ifndef LDAP_MSG_H