--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/LDAPUrl.h

/* * Copyright 2000, OpenLDAP Foundation, All Rights Reserved. * COPYING RESTRICTIONS APPLY, see COPYRIGHT file */ #ifndef LDAP_URL_H #define LDAP_URL_H #include <ldap.h> #include <StringList.h> /** * This class is used to analyze and store LDAP-Urls as returned by a * LDAP-Server as Referrals and Search References. LDAP-URLs are defined * in RFC1959 and have the following format: <BR> * <code> * ldap://host:port/baseDN[?attr[?scope[?filter]]] <BR> * </code> */ class LDAPUrl{ public : /** * Create a new object from a c-string that contains a LDAP-Url */ LDAPUrl(const char *url); /** * Destructor */ ~LDAPUrl(); /** * @return The part of the URL that is representing the network * port */ int getPort() const; /** * @return The scope part of the URL is returned. */ int getScope() const; /** * @return The complete URL as a string */ const std::string& getURLString() const; /** * @return The hostname or IP-Address of the destination host. */ const std::string& getHost() const; /** * @return The Base-DN part of the URL */ const std::string& getDN() const; /** * @return The Filter part of the URL */ const std::string& getFilter() const; /** * @return The List of attributes that was in the URL */ const StringList& getAttrs() const; protected : int m_Port; int m_Scope; std::string m_Host; std::string m_DN; std::string m_Filter; StringList m_Attrs; LDAPURLDesc *m_urlDesc; std::string m_urlString; }; #endif //LDAP_URL_H