--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/asm-i386/apic.h

#ifndef __ASM_APIC_H #define __ASM_APIC_H #include <linux/config.h> #include <linux/pm.h> #include <asm/fixmap.h> #include <asm/apicdef.h> #include <asm/processor.h> #include <asm/system.h> #define Dprintk(x...) /* * Debugging macros */ #define APIC_QUIET 0 #define APIC_VERBOSE 1 #define APIC_DEBUG 2 extern int enable_local_apic; extern int apic_verbosity; static inline void lapic_disable(void) { enable_local_apic = -1; clear_bit(X86_FEATURE_APIC, boot_cpu_data.x86_capability); } static inline void lapic_enable(void) { enable_local_apic = 1; } /* * Define the default level of output to be very little * This can be turned up by using apic=verbose for more * information and apic=debug for _lots_ of information. * apic_verbosity is defined in apic.c */ #define apic_printk(v, s, a...) do { \ if ((v) <= apic_verbosity) \ printk(s, ##a); \ } while (0) #ifdef CONFIG_X86_LOCAL_APIC /* * Basic functions accessing APICs. */ static __inline void apic_write(unsigned long reg, unsigned long v) { *((volatile unsigned long *)(APIC_BASE+reg)) = v; } static __inline void apic_write_atomic(unsigned long reg, unsigned long v) { xchg((volatile unsigned long *)(APIC_BASE+reg), v); } static __inline unsigned long apic_read(unsigned long reg) { return *((volatile unsigned long *)(APIC_BASE+reg)); } static __inline__ void apic_wait_icr_idle(void) { while ( apic_read( APIC_ICR ) & APIC_ICR_BUSY ) cpu_relax(); } int get_physical_broadcast(void); #ifdef CONFIG_X86_GOOD_APIC # define FORCE_READ_AROUND_WRITE 0 # define apic_read_around(x) # define apic_write_around(x,y) apic_write((x),(y)) #else # define FORCE_READ_AROUND_WRITE 1 # define apic_read_around(x) apic_read(x) # define apic_write_around(x,y) apic_write_atomic((x),(y)) #endif static inline void ack_APIC_irq(void) { /* * ack_APIC_irq() actually gets compiled as a single instruction: * - a single rmw on Pentium/82489DX * - a single write on P6+ cores (CONFIG_X86_GOOD_APIC) * ... yummie. */ /* Docs say use 0 for future compatibility */ apic_write_around(APIC_EOI, 0); } extern void (*wait_timer_tick)(void); extern int get_maxlvt(void); extern void clear_local_APIC(void); extern void connect_bsp_APIC (void); extern void disconnect_bsp_APIC (int virt_wire_setup); extern void disable_local_APIC (void); extern void lapic_shutdown (void); extern int verify_local_APIC (void); extern void cache_APIC_registers (void); extern void sync_Arb_IDs (void); extern void init_bsp_APIC (void); extern void setup_local_APIC (void); extern void init_apic_mappings (void); extern void smp_local_timer_interrupt (struct pt_regs * regs); extern void setup_boot_APIC_clock (void); extern void setup_secondary_APIC_clock (void); extern void setup_apic_nmi_watchdog (void); extern int reserve_lapic_nmi(void); extern void release_lapic_nmi(void); extern void disable_timer_nmi_watchdog(void); extern void enable_timer_nmi_watchdog(void); extern void nmi_watchdog_tick (struct pt_regs * regs); extern int APIC_init_uniprocessor (void); extern void disable_APIC_timer(void); extern void enable_APIC_timer(void); extern void enable_NMI_through_LVT0 (void * dummy); extern unsigned int nmi_watchdog; #define NMI_NONE 0 #define NMI_IO_APIC 1 #define NMI_LOCAL_APIC 2 #define NMI_INVALID 3 extern int disable_timer_pin_1; void smp_send_timer_broadcast_ipi(struct pt_regs *regs); void switch_APIC_timer_to_ipi(void *cpumask); void switch_ipi_to_APIC_timer(void *cpumask); #define ARCH_APICTIMER_STOPS_ON_C3 1 extern int timer_over_8254; #else /* !CONFIG_X86_LOCAL_APIC */ static inline void lapic_shutdown(void) { } #endif /* !CONFIG_X86_LOCAL_APIC */ #endif /* __ASM_APIC_H */