--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/asm-i386/kexec.h

#ifndef _I386_KEXEC_H #define _I386_KEXEC_H #include <asm/fixmap.h> #include <asm/ptrace.h> #include <asm/string.h> /* * KEXEC_SOURCE_MEMORY_LIMIT maximum page get_free_page can return. * I.e. Maximum page that is mapped directly into kernel memory, * and kmap is not required. * * Someone correct me if FIXADDR_START - PAGEOFFSET is not the correct * calculation for the amount of memory directly mappable into the * kernel memory space. */ /* Maximum physical address we can use pages from */ #define KEXEC_SOURCE_MEMORY_LIMIT (-1UL) /* Maximum address we can reach in physical address mode */ #define KEXEC_DESTINATION_MEMORY_LIMIT (-1UL) /* Maximum address we can use for the control code buffer */ #define KEXEC_CONTROL_MEMORY_LIMIT TASK_SIZE #define KEXEC_CONTROL_CODE_SIZE 4096 /* The native architecture */ #define KEXEC_ARCH KEXEC_ARCH_386 #define MAX_NOTE_BYTES 1024 /* CPU does not save ss and esp on stack if execution is already * running in kernel mode at the time of NMI occurrence. This code * fixes it. */ static inline void crash_fixup_ss_esp(struct pt_regs *newregs, struct pt_regs *oldregs) { memcpy(newregs, oldregs, sizeof(*newregs)); newregs->esp = (unsigned long)&(oldregs->esp); __asm__ __volatile__( "xorl %%eax, %%eax\n\t" "movw %%ss, %%ax\n\t" :"=a"(newregs->xss)); } /* * This function is responsible for capturing register states if coming * via panic otherwise just fix up the ss and esp if coming via kernel * mode exception. */ static inline void crash_setup_regs(struct pt_regs *newregs, struct pt_regs *oldregs) { if (oldregs) crash_fixup_ss_esp(newregs, oldregs); else { __asm__ __volatile__("movl %%ebx,%0" : "=m"(newregs->ebx)); __asm__ __volatile__("movl %%ecx,%0" : "=m"(newregs->ecx)); __asm__ __volatile__("movl %%edx,%0" : "=m"(newregs->edx)); __asm__ __volatile__("movl %%esi,%0" : "=m"(newregs->esi)); __asm__ __volatile__("movl %%edi,%0" : "=m"(newregs->edi)); __asm__ __volatile__("movl %%ebp,%0" : "=m"(newregs->ebp)); __asm__ __volatile__("movl %%eax,%0" : "=m"(newregs->eax)); __asm__ __volatile__("movl %%esp,%0" : "=m"(newregs->esp)); __asm__ __volatile__("movw %%ss, %%ax;" :"=a"(newregs->xss)); __asm__ __volatile__("movw %%cs, %%ax;" :"=a"(newregs->xcs)); __asm__ __volatile__("movw %%ds, %%ax;" :"=a"(newregs->xds)); __asm__ __volatile__("movw %%es, %%ax;" :"=a"(newregs->xes)); __asm__ __volatile__("pushfl; popl %0" :"=m"(newregs->eflags)); newregs->eip = (unsigned long)current_text_addr(); } } #endif /* _I386_KEXEC_H */