--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/asm-x86_64/calling.h

/* * Some macros to handle stack frames in assembly. */ #include <linux/config.h> #define R15 0 #define R14 8 #define R13 16 #define R12 24 #define RBP 32 #define RBX 40 /* arguments: interrupts/non tracing syscalls only save upto here*/ #define R11 48 #define R10 56 #define R9 64 #define R8 72 #define RAX 80 #define RCX 88 #define RDX 96 #define RSI 104 #define RDI 112 #define ORIG_RAX 120 /* + error_code */ /* end of arguments */ /* cpu exception frame or undefined in case of fast syscall. */ #define RIP 128 #define CS 136 #define EFLAGS 144 #define RSP 152 #define SS 160 #define ARGOFFSET R11 #define SWFRAME ORIG_RAX .macro SAVE_ARGS addskip=0,norcx=0,nor891011=0 subq $9*8+\addskip,%rsp CFI_ADJUST_CFA_OFFSET 9*8+\addskip movq %rdi,8*8(%rsp) CFI_REL_OFFSET rdi,8*8 movq %rsi,7*8(%rsp) CFI_REL_OFFSET rsi,7*8 movq %rdx,6*8(%rsp) CFI_REL_OFFSET rdx,6*8 .if \norcx .else movq %rcx,5*8(%rsp) CFI_REL_OFFSET rcx,5*8 .endif movq %rax,4*8(%rsp) CFI_REL_OFFSET rax,4*8 .if \nor891011 .else movq %r8,3*8(%rsp) CFI_REL_OFFSET r8,3*8 movq %r9,2*8(%rsp) CFI_REL_OFFSET r9,2*8 movq %r10,1*8(%rsp) CFI_REL_OFFSET r10,1*8 movq %r11,(%rsp) CFI_REL_OFFSET r11,0*8 .endif .endm #define ARG_SKIP 9*8 .macro RESTORE_ARGS skiprax=0,addskip=0,skiprcx=0,skipr11=0,skipr8910=0,skiprdx=0 .if \skipr11 .else movq (%rsp),%r11 CFI_RESTORE r11 .endif .if \skipr8910 .else movq 1*8(%rsp),%r10 CFI_RESTORE r10 movq 2*8(%rsp),%r9 CFI_RESTORE r9 movq 3*8(%rsp),%r8 CFI_RESTORE r8 .endif .if \skiprax .else movq 4*8(%rsp),%rax CFI_RESTORE rax .endif .if \skiprcx .else movq 5*8(%rsp),%rcx CFI_RESTORE rcx .endif .if \skiprdx .else movq 6*8(%rsp),%rdx CFI_RESTORE rdx .endif movq 7*8(%rsp),%rsi CFI_RESTORE rsi movq 8*8(%rsp),%rdi CFI_RESTORE rdi .if ARG_SKIP+\addskip > 0 addq $ARG_SKIP+\addskip,%rsp CFI_ADJUST_CFA_OFFSET -(ARG_SKIP+\addskip) .endif .endm .macro LOAD_ARGS offset movq \offset(%rsp),%r11 movq \offset+8(%rsp),%r10 movq \offset+16(%rsp),%r9 movq \offset+24(%rsp),%r8 movq \offset+40(%rsp),%rcx movq \offset+48(%rsp),%rdx movq \offset+56(%rsp),%rsi movq \offset+64(%rsp),%rdi movq \offset+72(%rsp),%rax .endm #define REST_SKIP 6*8 .macro SAVE_REST subq $REST_SKIP,%rsp CFI_ADJUST_CFA_OFFSET REST_SKIP movq %rbx,5*8(%rsp) CFI_REL_OFFSET rbx,5*8 movq %rbp,4*8(%rsp) CFI_REL_OFFSET rbp,4*8 movq %r12,3*8(%rsp) CFI_REL_OFFSET r12,3*8 movq %r13,2*8(%rsp) CFI_REL_OFFSET r13,2*8 movq %r14,1*8(%rsp) CFI_REL_OFFSET r14,1*8 movq %r15,(%rsp) CFI_REL_OFFSET r15,0*8 .endm .macro RESTORE_REST movq (%rsp),%r15 CFI_RESTORE r15 movq 1*8(%rsp),%r14 CFI_RESTORE r14 movq 2*8(%rsp),%r13 CFI_RESTORE r13 movq 3*8(%rsp),%r12 CFI_RESTORE r12 movq 4*8(%rsp),%rbp CFI_RESTORE rbp movq 5*8(%rsp),%rbx CFI_RESTORE rbx addq $REST_SKIP,%rsp CFI_ADJUST_CFA_OFFSET -(REST_SKIP) .endm .macro SAVE_ALL SAVE_ARGS SAVE_REST .endm .macro RESTORE_ALL addskip=0 RESTORE_REST RESTORE_ARGS 0,\addskip .endm .macro icebp .byte 0xf1 .endm