--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/asm-x86_64/genapic.h

#ifndef _ASM_GENAPIC_H #define _ASM_GENAPIC_H 1 /* * Copyright 2004 James Cleverdon, IBM. * Subject to the GNU Public License, v.2 * * Generic APIC sub-arch data struct. * * Hacked for x86-64 by James Cleverdon from i386 architecture code by * Martin Bligh, Andi Kleen, James Bottomley, John Stultz, and * James Cleverdon. */ struct genapic { char *name; u32 int_delivery_mode; u32 int_dest_mode; u32 int_delivery_dest; /* for quick IPIs */ int (*apic_id_registered)(void); cpumask_t (*target_cpus)(void); void (*init_apic_ldr)(void); /* ipi */ void (*send_IPI_mask)(cpumask_t mask, int vector); void (*send_IPI_allbutself)(int vector); void (*send_IPI_all)(int vector); /* */ unsigned int (*cpu_mask_to_apicid)(cpumask_t cpumask); unsigned int (*phys_pkg_id)(int index_msb); }; extern struct genapic *genapic; #endif