--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/bits/stropts.h

/* Copyright (C) 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002 Free Software Foundation, Inc. This file is part of the GNU C Library. The GNU C Library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. The GNU C Library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Lesser General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License along with the GNU C Library; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA. */ #ifndef _STROPTS_H # error "Never include <bits/stropts.h> directly; use <stropts.h> instead." #endif #ifndef _BITS_STROPTS_H #define _BITS_STROPTS_H 1 #include <bits/types.h> /* Macros used as `request' argument to `ioctl'. */ #define __SID ('S' << 8) #define I_NREAD (__SID | 1) /* Counts the number of data bytes in the data block in the first message. */ #define I_PUSH (__SID | 2) /* Push STREAMS module onto top of the current STREAM, just below the STREAM head. */ #define I_POP (__SID | 3) /* Remove STREAMS module from just below the STREAM head. */ #define I_LOOK (__SID | 4) /* Retrieve the name of the module just below the STREAM head and place it in a character string. */ #define I_FLUSH (__SID | 5) /* Flush all input and/or output. */ #define I_SRDOPT (__SID | 6) /* Sets the read mode. */ #define I_GRDOPT (__SID | 7) /* Returns the current read mode setting. */ #define I_STR (__SID | 8) /* Construct an internal STREAMS `ioctl' message and send that message downstream. */ #define I_SETSIG (__SID | 9) /* Inform the STREAM head that the process wants the SIGPOLL signal issued. */ #define I_GETSIG (__SID |10) /* Return the events for which the calling process is currently registered to be sent a SIGPOLL signal. */ #define I_FIND (__SID |11) /* Compares the names of all modules currently present in the STREAM to the name pointed to by `arg'. */ #define I_LINK (__SID |12) /* Connect two STREAMs. */ #define I_UNLINK (__SID |13) /* Disconnects the two STREAMs. */ #define I_PEEK (__SID |15) /* Allows a process to retrieve the information in the first message on the STREAM head read queue without taking the message off the queue. */ #define I_FDINSERT (__SID |16) /* Create a message from the specified buffer(s), adds information about another STREAM, and send the message downstream. */ #define I_SENDFD (__SID |17) /* Requests the STREAM associated with `fildes' to send a message, containing a file pointer, to the STREAM head at the other end of a STREAMS pipe. */ #define I_RECVFD (__SID |14) /* Non-EFT definition. */ #define I_SWROPT (__SID |19) /* Set the write mode. */ #define I_GWROPT (__SID |20) /* Return the current write mode setting. */ #define I_LIST (__SID |21) /* List all the module names on the STREAM, up to and including the topmost driver name. */ #define I_PLINK (__SID |22) /* Connect two STREAMs with a persistent link. */ #define I_PUNLINK (__SID |23) /* Disconnect the two STREAMs that were connected with a persistent link. */ #define I_FLUSHBAND (__SID |28) /* Flush only band specified. */ #define I_CKBAND (__SID |29) /* Check if the message of a given priority band exists on the STREAM head read queue. */ #define I_GETBAND (__SID |30) /* Return the priority band of the first message on the STREAM head read queue. */ #define I_ATMARK (__SID |31) /* See if the current message on the STREAM head read queue is "marked" by some module downstream. */ #define I_SETCLTIME (__SID |32) /* Set the time the STREAM head will delay when a STREAM is closing and there is data on the write queues. */ #define I_GETCLTIME (__SID |33) /* Get current value for closing timeout. */ #define I_CANPUT (__SID |34) /* Check if a certain band is writable. */ /* Used in `I_LOOK' request. */ #define FMNAMESZ 8 /* compatibility w/UnixWare/Solaris. */ /* Flush options. */ #define FLUSHR 0x01 /* Flush read queues. */ #define FLUSHW 0x02 /* Flush write queues. */ #define FLUSHRW 0x03 /* Flush read and write queues. */ #ifdef __USE_GNU # define FLUSHBAND 0x04 /* Flush only specified band. */ #endif /* Possible arguments for `I_SETSIG'. */ #define S_INPUT 0x0001 /* A message, other than a high-priority message, has arrived. */ #define S_HIPRI 0x0002 /* A high-priority message is present. */ #define S_OUTPUT 0x0004 /* The write queue for normal data is no longer full. */ #define S_MSG 0x0008 /* A STREAMS signal message that contains the SIGPOLL signal reaches the front of the STREAM head read queue. */ #define S_ERROR 0x0010 /* Notification of an error condition. */ #define S_HANGUP 0x0020 /* Notification of a hangup. */ #define S_RDNORM 0x0040 /* A normal message has arrived. */ #define S_WRNORM S_OUTPUT #define S_RDBAND 0x0080 /* A message with a non-zero priority has arrived. */ #define S_WRBAND 0x0100 /* The write queue for a non-zero priority band is no longer full. */ #define S_BANDURG 0x0200 /* When used in conjunction with S_RDBAND, SIGURG is generated instead of SIGPOLL when a priority message reaches the front of the STREAM head read queue. */ /* Option for `I_PEEK'. */ #define RS_HIPRI 0x01 /* Only look for high-priority messages. */ /* Options for `I_SRDOPT'. */ #define RNORM 0x0000 /* Byte-STREAM mode, the default. */ #define RMSGD 0x0001 /* Message-discard mode. */ #define RMSGN 0x0002 /* Message-nondiscard mode. */ #define RPROTDAT 0x0004 /* Deliver the control part of a message as data. */ #define RPROTDIS 0x0008 /* Discard the control part of a message, delivering any data part. */ #define RPROTNORM 0x0010 /* Fail `read' with EBADMSG if a message containing a control part is at the front of the STREAM head read queue. */ #ifdef __USE_GNU # define RPROTMASK 0x001C /* The RPROT bits */ #endif /* Possible mode for `I_SWROPT'. */ #define SNDZERO 0x001 /* Send a zero-length message downstream when a `write' of 0 bytes occurs. */ #ifdef __USE_GNU # define SNDPIPE 0x002 /* Send SIGPIPE on write and putmsg if sd_werror is set. */ #endif /* Arguments for `I_ATMARK'. */ #define ANYMARK 0x01 /* Check if the message is marked. */ #define LASTMARK 0x02 /* Check if the message is the last one marked on the queue. */ /* Argument for `I_UNLINK'. */ #ifdef __USE_GNU # define MUXID_ALL (-1) /* Unlink all STREAMs linked to the STREAM associated with `fildes'. */ #endif /* Macros for `getmsg', `getpmsg', `putmsg' and `putpmsg'. */ #define MSG_HIPRI 0x01 /* Send/receive high priority message. */ #define MSG_ANY 0x02 /* Receive any message. */ #define MSG_BAND 0x04 /* Receive message from specified band. */ /* Values returned by getmsg and getpmsg */ #define MORECTL 1 /* More control information is left in message. */ #define MOREDATA 2 /* More data is left in message. */ /* Structure used for the I_FLUSHBAND ioctl on streams. */ struct bandinfo { unsigned char bi_pri; int bi_flag; }; struct strbuf { int maxlen; /* Maximum buffer length. */ int len; /* Length of data. */ char *buf; /* Pointer to buffer. */ }; struct strpeek { struct strbuf ctlbuf; struct strbuf databuf; t_uscalar_t flags; /* UnixWare/Solaris compatibility. */ }; struct strfdinsert { struct strbuf ctlbuf; struct strbuf databuf; t_uscalar_t flags; /* UnixWare/Solaris compatibility. */ int fildes; int offset; }; struct strioctl { int ic_cmd; int ic_timout; int ic_len; char *ic_dp; }; struct strrecvfd { int fd; uid_t uid; gid_t gid; char __fill[8]; /* UnixWare/Solaris compatibility */ }; struct str_mlist { char l_name[FMNAMESZ + 1]; }; struct str_list { int sl_nmods; struct str_mlist *sl_modlist; }; #endif /* bits/stropts.h */