--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/fontconfig/fontconfig.h

/* * $RCSId: xc/lib/fontconfig/fontconfig/fontconfig.h,v 1.30 2002/09/26 00:17:27 keithp Exp $ * * Copyright © 2001 Keith Packard * * Permission to use, copy, modify, distribute, and sell this software and its * documentation for any purpose is hereby granted without fee, provided that * the above copyright notice appear in all copies and that both that * copyright notice and this permission notice appear in supporting * documentation, and that the name of Keith Packard not be used in * advertising or publicity pertaining to distribution of the software without * specific, written prior permission. Keith Packard makes no * representations about the suitability of this software for any purpose. It * is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty. * * KEITH PACKARD DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES WITH REGARD TO THIS SOFTWARE, * INCLUDING ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS, IN NO * EVENT SHALL KEITH PACKARD BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INDIRECT OR * CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OR ANY DAMAGES WHATSOEVER RESULTING FROM LOSS OF USE, * DATA OR PROFITS, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, NEGLIGENCE OR OTHER * TORTIOUS ACTION, ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE USE OR * PERFORMANCE OF THIS SOFTWARE. */ #ifndef _FONTCONFIG_H_ #define _FONTCONFIG_H_ #include <stdarg.h> #if defined(__GNUC__) && (__GNUC__ >= 4) #define FC_ATTRIBUTE_SENTINEL(x) __attribute__((__sentinel__(0))) #else #define FC_ATTRIBUTE_SENTINEL(x) #endif typedef unsigned char FcChar8; typedef unsigned short FcChar16; typedef unsigned int FcChar32; typedef int FcBool; /* * Current Fontconfig version number. This same number * must appear in the fontconfig file. Yes, * it'a a pain to synchronize version numbers like this. */ #define FC_MAJOR 2 #define FC_MINOR 3 #define FC_REVISION 94 #define FC_VERSION ((FC_MAJOR * 10000) + (FC_MINOR * 100) + (FC_REVISION)) /* * Current font cache file format version * This is appended to the cache files so that multiple * versions of the library will peacefully coexist * * Change this value whenever the disk format for the cache file * changes in any non-compatible way. Try to avoid such changes as * it means multiple copies of the font information. */ #define FC_CACHE_VERSION "2" #define FcTrue 1 #define FcFalse 0 #define FC_FAMILY "family" /* String */ #define FC_STYLE "style" /* String */ #define FC_SLANT "slant" /* Int */ #define FC_WEIGHT "weight" /* Int */ #define FC_SIZE "size" /* Double */ #define FC_ASPECT "aspect" /* Double */ #define FC_PIXEL_SIZE "pixelsize" /* Double */ #define FC_SPACING "spacing" /* Int */ #define FC_FOUNDRY "foundry" /* String */ #define FC_ANTIALIAS "antialias" /* Bool (depends) */ #define FC_HINTING "hinting" /* Bool (true) */ #define FC_HINT_STYLE "hintstyle" /* Int */ #define FC_VERTICAL_LAYOUT "verticallayout" /* Bool (false) */ #define FC_AUTOHINT "autohint" /* Bool (false) */ #define FC_GLOBAL_ADVANCE "globaladvance" /* Bool (true) */ #define FC_WIDTH "width" /* Int */ #define FC_FILE "file" /* String */ #define FC_INDEX "index" /* Int */ #define FC_FT_FACE "ftface" /* FT_Face */ #define FC_RASTERIZER "rasterizer" /* String */ #define FC_OUTLINE "outline" /* Bool */ #define FC_SCALABLE "scalable" /* Bool */ #define FC_SCALE "scale" /* double */ #define FC_DPI "dpi" /* double */ #define FC_RGBA "rgba" /* Int */ #define FC_MINSPACE "minspace" /* Bool use minimum line spacing */ #define FC_SOURCE "source" /* String (deprecated) */ #define FC_CHARSET "charset" /* CharSet */ #define FC_LANG "lang" /* String RFC 3066 langs */ #define FC_FONTVERSION "fontversion" /* Int from 'head' table */ #define FC_FULLNAME "fullname" /* String */ #define FC_FAMILYLANG "familylang" /* String RFC 3066 langs */ #define FC_STYLELANG "stylelang" /* String RFC 3066 langs */ #define FC_FULLNAMELANG "fullnamelang" /* String RFC 3066 langs */ #define FC_CAPABILITY "capability" /* String */ #define FC_FONTFORMAT "fontformat" /* String */ #define FC_EMBOLDEN "embolden" /* Bool - true if emboldening needed*/ #define FC_EMBEDDED_BITMAP "embeddedbitmap" /* Bool - true to enable embedded bitmaps */ #define FC_CACHE_SUFFIX ".cache-"FC_CACHE_VERSION #define FC_DIR_CACHE_FILE "fonts.cache-"FC_CACHE_VERSION #define FC_USER_CACHE_FILE ".fonts.cache-"FC_CACHE_VERSION /* Adjust outline rasterizer */ #define FC_CHAR_WIDTH "charwidth" /* Int */ #define FC_CHAR_HEIGHT "charheight"/* Int */ #define FC_MATRIX "matrix" /* FcMatrix */ #define FC_WEIGHT_THIN 0 #define FC_WEIGHT_EXTRALIGHT 40 #define FC_WEIGHT_ULTRALIGHT FC_WEIGHT_EXTRALIGHT #define FC_WEIGHT_LIGHT 50 #define FC_WEIGHT_BOOK 75 #define FC_WEIGHT_REGULAR 80 #define FC_WEIGHT_NORMAL FC_WEIGHT_REGULAR #define FC_WEIGHT_MEDIUM 100 #define FC_WEIGHT_DEMIBOLD 180 #define FC_WEIGHT_SEMIBOLD FC_WEIGHT_DEMIBOLD #define FC_WEIGHT_BOLD 200 #define FC_WEIGHT_EXTRABOLD 205 #define FC_WEIGHT_ULTRABOLD FC_WEIGHT_EXTRABOLD #define FC_WEIGHT_BLACK 210 #define FC_WEIGHT_HEAVY FC_WEIGHT_BLACK #define FC_SLANT_ROMAN 0 #define FC_SLANT_ITALIC 100 #define FC_SLANT_OBLIQUE 110 #define FC_WIDTH_ULTRACONDENSED 50 #define FC_WIDTH_EXTRACONDENSED 63 #define FC_WIDTH_CONDENSED 75 #define FC_WIDTH_SEMICONDENSED 87 #define FC_WIDTH_NORMAL 100 #define FC_WIDTH_SEMIEXPANDED 113 #define FC_WIDTH_EXPANDED 125 #define FC_WIDTH_EXTRAEXPANDED 150 #define FC_WIDTH_ULTRAEXPANDED 200 #define FC_PROPORTIONAL 0 #define FC_DUAL 90 #define FC_MONO 100 #define FC_CHARCELL 110 /* sub-pixel order */ #define FC_RGBA_UNKNOWN 0 #define FC_RGBA_RGB 1 #define FC_RGBA_BGR 2 #define FC_RGBA_VRGB 3 #define FC_RGBA_VBGR 4 #define FC_RGBA_NONE 5 /* hinting style */ #define FC_HINT_NONE 0 #define FC_HINT_SLIGHT 1 #define FC_HINT_MEDIUM 2 #define FC_HINT_FULL 3 typedef enum _FcType { FcTypeVoid, FcTypeInteger, FcTypeDouble, FcTypeString, FcTypeBool, FcTypeMatrix, FcTypeCharSet, FcTypeFTFace, FcTypeLangSet } FcType; typedef struct _FcMatrix { double xx, xy, yx, yy; } FcMatrix; #define FcMatrixInit(m) ((m)->xx = (m)->yy = 1, \ (m)->xy = (m)->yx = 0) /* * A data structure to represent the available glyphs in a font. * This is represented as a sparse boolean btree. */ typedef struct _FcCharSet FcCharSet; typedef struct _FcObjectType { const char *object; FcType type; } FcObjectType; typedef struct _FcConstant { const FcChar8 *name; const char *object; int value; } FcConstant; typedef enum _FcResult { FcResultMatch, FcResultNoMatch, FcResultTypeMismatch, FcResultNoId, FcResultOutOfMemory } FcResult; typedef struct _FcPattern FcPattern; typedef struct _FcLangSet FcLangSet; typedef struct _FcValue { FcType type; union { const FcChar8 *s; int s_off; int i; FcBool b; double d; const FcMatrix *m; const FcCharSet *c; int c_off; void *f; const FcPattern *p; const FcLangSet *l; int l_off; /* this is a difference of char *s */ } u; } FcValue; typedef struct _FcFontSet { int nfont; int sfont; FcPattern **fonts; } FcFontSet; typedef struct _FcObjectSet { int nobject; int sobject; const char **objects; } FcObjectSet; typedef enum _FcMatchKind { FcMatchPattern, FcMatchFont } FcMatchKind; typedef enum _FcLangResult { FcLangEqual, FcLangDifferentCountry, FcLangDifferentLang } FcLangResult; typedef enum _FcSetName { FcSetSystem = 0, FcSetApplication = 1 } FcSetName; typedef struct _FcAtomic FcAtomic; #if defined(__cplusplus) || defined(c_plusplus) /* for C++ V2.0 */ #define _FCFUNCPROTOBEGIN extern "C" { /* do not leave open across includes */ #define _FCFUNCPROTOEND } #else #define _FCFUNCPROTOBEGIN #define _FCFUNCPROTOEND #endif typedef enum { FcEndianBig, FcEndianLittle } FcEndian; typedef struct _FcConfig FcConfig; typedef struct _FcGlobalCache FcFileCache; typedef struct _FcBlanks FcBlanks; typedef struct _FcStrList FcStrList; typedef struct _FcStrSet FcStrSet; _FCFUNCPROTOBEGIN FcBool FcDirCacheValid (const FcChar8 *cache_file); FcBool FcDirCacheHasCurrentArch (const FcChar8 *dir); FcBool FcDirCacheUnlink (const FcChar8 *dir, FcConfig *config); /* fcblanks.c */ FcBlanks * FcBlanksCreate (void); void FcBlanksDestroy (FcBlanks *b); FcBool FcBlanksAdd (FcBlanks *b, FcChar32 ucs4); FcBool FcBlanksIsMember (FcBlanks *b, FcChar32 ucs4); /* fccfg.c */ FcChar8 * FcConfigHome (void); FcBool FcConfigEnableHome (FcBool enable); FcChar8 * FcConfigFilename (const FcChar8 *url); FcConfig * FcConfigCreate (void); void FcConfigDestroy (FcConfig *config); FcBool FcConfigSetCurrent (FcConfig *config); FcConfig * FcConfigGetCurrent (void); FcBool FcConfigUptoDate (FcConfig *config); FcBool FcConfigBuildFonts (FcConfig *config); FcStrList * FcConfigGetFontDirs (FcConfig *config); const FcChar8 * FcConfigNormalizeFontDir (FcConfig *config, const FcChar8 *d); FcStrList * FcConfigGetConfigDirs (FcConfig *config); FcStrList * FcConfigGetConfigFiles (FcConfig *config); FcChar8 * FcConfigGetCache (FcConfig *config); FcBlanks * FcConfigGetBlanks (FcConfig *config); int FcConfigGetRescanInverval (FcConfig *config); FcBool FcConfigSetRescanInverval (FcConfig *config, int rescanInterval); FcFontSet * FcConfigGetFonts (FcConfig *config, FcSetName set); FcBool FcConfigAppFontAddFile (FcConfig *config, const FcChar8 *file); FcBool FcConfigAppFontAddDir (FcConfig *config, const FcChar8 *dir); void FcConfigAppFontClear (FcConfig *config); FcBool FcConfigSubstituteWithPat (FcConfig *config, FcPattern *p, FcPattern *p_pat, FcMatchKind kind); FcBool FcConfigSubstitute (FcConfig *config, FcPattern *p, FcMatchKind kind); /* fccharset.c */ FcCharSet * FcCharSetCreate (void); void FcCharSetDestroy (FcCharSet *fcs); FcBool FcCharSetAddChar (FcCharSet *fcs, FcChar32 ucs4); FcCharSet * FcCharSetCopy (FcCharSet *src); FcBool FcCharSetEqual (const FcCharSet *a, const FcCharSet *b); FcCharSet * FcCharSetIntersect (const FcCharSet *a, const FcCharSet *b); FcCharSet * FcCharSetUnion (const FcCharSet *a, const FcCharSet *b); FcCharSet * FcCharSetSubtract (const FcCharSet *a, const FcCharSet *b); FcBool FcCharSetHasChar (const FcCharSet *fcs, FcChar32 ucs4); FcChar32 FcCharSetCount (const FcCharSet *a); FcChar32 FcCharSetIntersectCount (const FcCharSet *a, const FcCharSet *b); FcChar32 FcCharSetSubtractCount (const FcCharSet *a, const FcCharSet *b); FcBool FcCharSetIsSubset (const FcCharSet *a, const FcCharSet *b); #define FC_CHARSET_MAP_SIZE (256/32) #define FC_CHARSET_DONE ((FcChar32) -1) FcChar32 FcCharSetFirstPage (const FcCharSet *a, FcChar32 map[FC_CHARSET_MAP_SIZE], FcChar32 *next); FcChar32 FcCharSetNextPage (const FcCharSet *a, FcChar32 map[FC_CHARSET_MAP_SIZE], FcChar32 *next); /* fcdbg.c */ void FcValuePrint (const FcValue v); void FcPatternPrint (const FcPattern *p); void FcFontSetPrint (const FcFontSet *s); /* fcdefault.c */ void FcDefaultSubstitute (FcPattern *pattern); /* fcdir.c */ FcBool FcFileScan (FcFontSet *set, FcStrSet *dirs, FcFileCache *cache, FcBlanks *blanks, const FcChar8 *file, FcBool force); FcBool FcDirScan (FcFontSet *set, FcStrSet *dirs, FcFileCache *cache, FcBlanks *blanks, const FcChar8 *dir, FcBool force); FcBool FcDirSave (FcFontSet *set, FcStrSet *dirs, const FcChar8 *dir); /* fcfreetype.c */ FcPattern * FcFreeTypeQuery (const FcChar8 *file, int id, FcBlanks *blanks, int *count); /* fcfs.c */ FcFontSet * FcFontSetCreate (void); void FcFontSetDestroy (FcFontSet *s); FcBool FcFontSetAdd (FcFontSet *s, FcPattern *font); /* fcinit.c */ FcConfig * FcInitLoadConfig (void); FcConfig * FcInitLoadConfigAndFonts (void); FcBool FcInit (void); void FcFini (void); int FcGetVersion (void); FcBool FcInitReinitialize (void); FcBool FcInitBringUptoDate (void); /* fclang.c */ FcLangSet * FcLangSetCreate (void); void FcLangSetDestroy (FcLangSet *ls); FcLangSet * FcLangSetCopy (const FcLangSet *ls); FcBool FcLangSetAdd (FcLangSet *ls, const FcChar8 *lang); FcLangResult FcLangSetHasLang (const FcLangSet *ls, const FcChar8 *lang); FcLangResult FcLangSetCompare (const FcLangSet *lsa, const FcLangSet *lsb); FcBool FcLangSetContains (const FcLangSet *lsa, const FcLangSet *lsb); FcBool FcLangSetEqual (const FcLangSet *lsa, const FcLangSet *lsb); FcChar32 FcLangSetHash (const FcLangSet *ls); /* fclist.c */ FcObjectSet * FcObjectSetCreate (void); FcBool FcObjectSetAdd (FcObjectSet *os, const char *object); void FcObjectSetDestroy (FcObjectSet *os); FcObjectSet * FcObjectSetVaBuild (const char *first, va_list va); FcObjectSet * FcObjectSetBuild (const char *first, ...) FC_ATTRIBUTE_SENTINEL(0); FcFontSet * FcFontSetList (FcConfig *config, FcFontSet **sets, int nsets, FcPattern *p, FcObjectSet *os); FcFontSet * FcFontList (FcConfig *config, FcPattern *p, FcObjectSet *os); /* fcatomic.c */ FcAtomic * FcAtomicCreate (const FcChar8 *file); FcBool FcAtomicLock (FcAtomic *atomic); FcChar8 * FcAtomicNewFile (FcAtomic *atomic); FcChar8 * FcAtomicOrigFile (FcAtomic *atomic); FcBool FcAtomicReplaceOrig (FcAtomic *atomic); void FcAtomicDeleteNew (FcAtomic *atomic); void FcAtomicUnlock (FcAtomic *atomic); void FcAtomicDestroy (FcAtomic *atomic); /* fcmatch.c */ FcPattern * FcFontSetMatch (FcConfig *config, FcFontSet **sets, int nsets, FcPattern *p, FcResult *result); FcPattern * FcFontMatch (FcConfig *config, FcPattern *p, FcResult *result); FcPattern * FcFontRenderPrepare (FcConfig *config, FcPattern *pat, FcPattern *font); FcFontSet * FcFontSetSort (FcConfig *config, FcFontSet **sets, int nsets, FcPattern *p, FcBool trim, FcCharSet **csp, FcResult *result); FcFontSet * FcFontSort (FcConfig *config, FcPattern *p, FcBool trim, FcCharSet **csp, FcResult *result); void FcFontSetSortDestroy (FcFontSet *fs); /* fcmatrix.c */ FcMatrix * FcMatrixCopy (const FcMatrix *mat); FcBool FcMatrixEqual (const FcMatrix *mat1, const FcMatrix *mat2); void FcMatrixMultiply (FcMatrix *result, const FcMatrix *a, const FcMatrix *b); void FcMatrixRotate (FcMatrix *m, double c, double s); void FcMatrixScale (FcMatrix *m, double sx, double sy); void FcMatrixShear (FcMatrix *m, double sh, double sv); /* fcname.c */ FcBool FcNameRegisterObjectTypes (const FcObjectType *types, int ntype); FcBool FcNameUnregisterObjectTypes (const FcObjectType *types, int ntype); const FcObjectType * FcNameGetObjectType (const char *object); FcBool FcNameRegisterConstants (const FcConstant *consts, int nconsts); FcBool FcNameUnregisterConstants (const FcConstant *consts, int nconsts); const FcConstant * FcNameGetConstant (FcChar8 *string); FcBool FcNameConstant (FcChar8 *string, int *result); FcPattern * FcNameParse (const FcChar8 *name); FcChar8 * FcNameUnparse (FcPattern *pat); FcChar8 * FcNameUnparseEscaped (FcPattern *pat, FcBool escape); /* fcpat.c */ FcPattern * FcPatternCreate (void); FcPattern * FcPatternDuplicate (const FcPattern *p); void FcPatternReference (FcPattern *p); void FcValueDestroy (FcValue v); FcBool FcValueEqual (FcValue va, FcValue vb); FcValue FcValueSave (FcValue v); void FcPatternDestroy (FcPattern *p); FcBool FcPatternEqual (const FcPattern *pa, const FcPattern *pb); FcBool FcPatternEqualSubset (const FcPattern *pa, const FcPattern *pb, const FcObjectSet *os); FcChar32 FcPatternHash (const FcPattern *p); FcBool FcPatternAdd (FcPattern *p, const char *object, FcValue value, FcBool append); FcBool FcPatternAddWeak (FcPattern *p, const char *object, FcValue value, FcBool append); FcResult FcPatternGet (const FcPattern *p, const char *object, int id, FcValue *v); FcBool FcPatternDel (FcPattern *p, const char *object); FcBool FcPatternRemove (FcPattern *p, const char *object, int id); FcBool FcPatternAddInteger (FcPattern *p, const char *object, int i); FcBool FcPatternAddDouble (FcPattern *p, const char *object, double d); FcBool FcPatternAddString (FcPattern *p, const char *object, const FcChar8 *s); FcBool FcPatternAddMatrix (FcPattern *p, const char *object, const FcMatrix *s); FcBool FcPatternAddCharSet (FcPattern *p, const char *object, const FcCharSet *c); FcBool FcPatternAddBool (FcPattern *p, const char *object, FcBool b); FcBool FcPatternAddLangSet (FcPattern *p, const char *object, const FcLangSet *ls); FcResult FcPatternGetInteger (const FcPattern *p, const char *object, int n, int *i); FcResult FcPatternGetDouble (const FcPattern *p, const char *object, int n, double *d); FcResult FcPatternGetString (const FcPattern *p, const char *object, int n, FcChar8 ** s); FcResult FcPatternGetMatrix (const FcPattern *p, const char *object, int n, FcMatrix **s); FcResult FcPatternGetCharSet (const FcPattern *p, const char *object, int n, FcCharSet **c); FcResult FcPatternGetBool (const FcPattern *p, const char *object, int n, FcBool *b); FcResult FcPatternGetLangSet (const FcPattern *p, const char *object, int n, FcLangSet **ls); FcPattern * FcPatternVaBuild (FcPattern *orig, va_list va); FcPattern * FcPatternBuild (FcPattern *orig, ...) FC_ATTRIBUTE_SENTINEL(0); /* fcstr.c */ FcChar8 * FcStrCopy (const FcChar8 *s); FcChar8 * FcStrCopyFilename (const FcChar8 *s); /* These are ASCII only, suitable only for pattern element names */ #define FcIsUpper(c) ((0101 <= (c) && (c) <= 0132)) #define FcIsLower(c) ((0141 <= (c) && (c) <= 0172)) #define FcToLower(c) (FcIsUpper(c) ? (c) - 0101 + 0141 : (c)) FcChar8 * FcStrDowncase (const FcChar8 *s); int FcStrCmpIgnoreCase (const FcChar8 *s1, const FcChar8 *s2); int FcStrCmp (const FcChar8 *s1, const FcChar8 *s2); const FcChar8 * FcStrStrIgnoreCase (const FcChar8 *s1, const FcChar8 *s2); const FcChar8 * FcStrStr (const FcChar8 *s1, const FcChar8 *s2); int FcUtf8ToUcs4 (const FcChar8 *src_orig, FcChar32 *dst, int len); FcBool FcUtf8Len (const FcChar8 *string, int len, int *nchar, int *wchar); #define FC_UTF8_MAX_LEN 6 int FcUcs4ToUtf8 (FcChar32 ucs4, FcChar8 dest[FC_UTF8_MAX_LEN]); int FcUtf16ToUcs4 (const FcChar8 *src_orig, FcEndian endian, FcChar32 *dst, int len); /* in bytes */ FcBool FcUtf16Len (const FcChar8 *string, FcEndian endian, int len, /* in bytes */ int *nchar, int *wchar); FcChar8 * FcStrDirname (const FcChar8 *file); FcChar8 * FcStrBasename (const FcChar8 *file); FcStrSet * FcStrSetCreate (void); FcBool FcStrSetMember (FcStrSet *set, const FcChar8 *s); FcBool FcStrSetEqual (FcStrSet *sa, FcStrSet *sb); FcBool FcStrSetAdd (FcStrSet *set, const FcChar8 *s); FcBool FcStrSetAddFilename (FcStrSet *set, const FcChar8 *s); FcBool FcStrSetDel (FcStrSet *set, const FcChar8 *s); void FcStrSetDestroy (FcStrSet *set); FcStrList * FcStrListCreate (FcStrSet *set); FcChar8 * FcStrListNext (FcStrList *list); void FcStrListDone (FcStrList *list); /* fcxml.c */ FcBool FcConfigParseAndLoad (FcConfig *config, const FcChar8 *file, FcBool complain); _FCFUNCPROTOEND #undef FC_ATTRIBUTE_SENTINEL #endif /* _FONTCONFIG_H_ */