--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/freetype/ftxgdef.h

/******************************************************************* * * ftxgdef.h * * TrueType Open GDEF table support * * Copyright 1996-1999 by * David Turner, Robert Wilhelm, and Werner Lemberg. * * This file is part of the FreeType project, and may only be used * modified and distributed under the terms of the FreeType project * license, LICENSE.TXT. By continuing to use, modify, or distribute * this file you indicate that you have read the license and * understand and accept it fully. * ******************************************************************/ #ifndef FTXOPEN_H #error "Don't include this file! Use ftxopen.h instead." #endif #ifndef FTXGDEF_H #define FTXGDEF_H #ifdef __cplusplus extern "C" { #endif #define TTO_Err_Invalid_GDEF_SubTable_Format 0x1030 #define TTO_Err_Invalid_GDEF_SubTable 0x1031 /* GDEF glyph classes */ #define UNCLASSIFIED_GLYPH 0 #define SIMPLE_GLYPH 1 #define LIGATURE_GLYPH 2 #define MARK_GLYPH 3 #define COMPONENT_GLYPH 4 /* GDEF glyph properties, corresponding to class values 1-4. Note that TTO_COMPONENT has no corresponding flag in the LookupFlag field. */ #define TTO_BASE_GLYPH 0x0002 #define TTO_LIGATURE 0x0004 #define TTO_MARK 0x0008 #define TTO_COMPONENT 0x0010 /* Attachment related structures */ struct TTO_AttachPoint_ { TT_UShort PointCount; /* size of the PointIndex array */ TT_UShort* PointIndex; /* array of contour points */ }; typedef struct TTO_AttachPoint_ TTO_AttachPoint; struct TTO_AttachList_ { TT_Bool loaded; TTO_Coverage Coverage; /* Coverage table */ TT_UShort GlyphCount; /* number of glyphs with attachments */ TTO_AttachPoint* AttachPoint; /* array of AttachPoint tables */ }; typedef struct TTO_AttachList_ TTO_AttachList; /* Ligature Caret related structures */ struct TTO_CaretValueFormat1_ { TT_Short Coordinate; /* x or y value (in design units) */ }; typedef struct TTO_CaretValueFormat1_ TTO_CaretValueFormat1; struct TTO_CaretValueFormat2_ { TT_UShort CaretValuePoint; /* contour point index on glyph */ }; typedef struct TTO_CaretValueFormat2_ TTO_CaretValueFormat2; struct TTO_CaretValueFormat3_ { TT_Short Coordinate; /* x or y value (in design units) */ TTO_Device Device; /* Device table for x or y value */ }; typedef struct TTO_CaretValueFormat3_ TTO_CaretValueFormat3; struct TTO_CaretValueFormat4_ { TT_UShort IdCaretValue; /* metric ID */ }; typedef struct TTO_CaretValueFormat4_ TTO_CaretValueFormat4; struct TTO_CaretValue_ { TT_UShort CaretValueFormat; /* 1, 2, 3, or 4 */ union { TTO_CaretValueFormat1 cvf1; TTO_CaretValueFormat2 cvf2; TTO_CaretValueFormat3 cvf3; TTO_CaretValueFormat4 cvf4; } cvf; }; typedef struct TTO_CaretValue_ TTO_CaretValue; struct TTO_LigGlyph_ { TT_Bool loaded; TT_UShort CaretCount; /* number of caret values */ TTO_CaretValue* CaretValue; /* array of caret values */ }; typedef struct TTO_LigGlyph_ TTO_LigGlyph; struct TTO_LigCaretList_ { TT_Bool loaded; TTO_Coverage Coverage; /* Coverage table */ TT_UShort LigGlyphCount; /* number of ligature glyphs */ TTO_LigGlyph* LigGlyph; /* array of LigGlyph tables */ }; typedef struct TTO_LigCaretList_ TTO_LigCaretList; /* The `NewGlyphClasses' field is not defined in the TTO specification. We use it for fonts with a constructed `GlyphClassDef' structure (i.e., which don't have a GDEF table) to collect glyph classes assigned during the lookup process. The number of arrays in this pointer array is GlyphClassDef->cd.cd2.ClassRangeCount+1; the nth array then contains the glyph class values of the glyphs not covered by the ClassRangeRecords structures with index n-1 and n. We store glyph class values for four glyphs in a single array element. `LastGlyph' is identical to the number of glyphs minus one in the font; we need it only if `NewGlyphClasses' is not NULL (to have an upper bound for the last array). Note that we first store the file offset to the `MarkAttachClassDef' field (which has been introduced in OpenType 1.2) -- since the `Version' field value hasn't been increased to indicate that we have one more field for some obscure reason, we must parse the GSUB table to find out whether class values refer to this table. Only then we can finally load the MarkAttachClassDef structure if necessary. */ struct TTO_GDEFHeader_ { TT_Bool loaded; TT_ULong offset; TT_Fixed Version; TTO_ClassDefinition GlyphClassDef; TTO_AttachList AttachList; TTO_LigCaretList LigCaretList; TT_ULong MarkAttachClassDef_offset; TTO_ClassDefinition MarkAttachClassDef; /* new in OT 1.2 */ TT_UShort LastGlyph; TT_UShort** NewGlyphClasses; }; typedef struct TTO_GDEFHeader_ TTO_GDEFHeader; /* finally, the GDEF API */ EXPORT_DEF TT_Error TT_Init_GDEF_Extension( TT_Engine engine ); EXPORT_DEF TT_Error TT_Load_GDEF_Table( TT_Face face, TTO_GDEFHeader* gdef ); EXPORT_DEF TT_Error TT_GDEF_Get_Glyph_Property( TTO_GDEFHeader* gdef, TT_UShort glyphID, TT_UShort* property ); EXPORT_DEF TT_Error TT_GDEF_Build_ClassDefinition( TTO_GDEFHeader* gdef, TT_UShort num_glyphs, TT_UShort glyph_count, TT_UShort* glyph_array, TT_UShort* class_array ); #ifdef __cplusplus } #endif #endif /* FTXGDEF_H */ /* END */