--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/glitz.h

/* * Copyright © 2004 David Reveman * * Permission to use, copy, modify, distribute, and sell this software * and its documentation for any purpose is hereby granted without * fee, provided that the above copyright notice appear in all copies * and that both that copyright notice and this permission notice * appear in supporting documentation, and that the name of * David Reveman not be used in advertising or publicity pertaining to * distribution of the software without specific, written prior permission. * David Reveman makes no representations about the suitability of this * software for any purpose. It is provided "as is" without express or * implied warranty. * * DAVID REVEMAN DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES WITH REGARD TO THIS SOFTWARE, * INCLUDING ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS, IN * NO EVENT SHALL DAVID REVEMAN BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INDIRECT OR * CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OR ANY DAMAGES WHATSOEVER RESULTING FROM LOSS * OF USE, DATA OR PROFITS, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, * NEGLIGENCE OR OTHER TORTIOUS ACTION, ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION * WITH THE USE OR PERFORMANCE OF THIS SOFTWARE. * * Author: David Reveman <> */ #ifndef GLITZ_H_INCLUDED #define GLITZ_H_INCLUDED #if defined(__SVR4) && defined(__sun) # include <sys/int_types.h> #else # if defined(__OpenBSD__) # include <inttypes.h> # else # include <stdint.h> # endif #endif #define GLITZ_MAJOR 0 #define GLITZ_MINOR 4 #define GLITZ_REVISION 4 #if defined(__cplusplus) || defined(c_plusplus) extern "C" { #endif typedef int glitz_bool_t; typedef short glitz_short_t; typedef int glitz_int_t; typedef float glitz_float_t; typedef double glitz_double_t; typedef int glitz_fixed16_16_t; typedef struct _glitz_rectangle_t { short x, y; unsigned short width, height; } glitz_rectangle_t; typedef struct _glitz_box_t { short x1, y1, x2, y2; } glitz_box_t; typedef struct _glitz_point_fixed_t { glitz_fixed16_16_t x; glitz_fixed16_16_t y; } glitz_point_fixed_t; typedef struct _glitz_line_fixed_t { glitz_point_fixed_t p1; glitz_point_fixed_t p2; } glitz_line_fixed_t; typedef struct _glitz_trapezoid_t { glitz_fixed16_16_t top, bottom; glitz_line_fixed_t left, right; } glitz_trapezoid_t; typedef struct _glitz_span_fixed_t { glitz_fixed16_16_t left, right, y; } glitz_span_fixed_t; typedef struct _glitz_trap_t { glitz_span_fixed_t top, bottom; } glitz_trap_t; typedef struct _glitz_transform_t { glitz_fixed16_16_t matrix[3][3]; } glitz_transform_t; typedef struct { unsigned short red; unsigned short green; unsigned short blue; unsigned short alpha; } glitz_color_t; typedef enum { GLITZ_FILTER_NEAREST, GLITZ_FILTER_BILINEAR, GLITZ_FILTER_CONVOLUTION, GLITZ_FILTER_GAUSSIAN, GLITZ_FILTER_LINEAR_GRADIENT, GLITZ_FILTER_RADIAL_GRADIENT } glitz_filter_t; typedef enum { GLITZ_OPERATOR_CLEAR, GLITZ_OPERATOR_SRC, GLITZ_OPERATOR_DST, GLITZ_OPERATOR_OVER, GLITZ_OPERATOR_OVER_REVERSE, GLITZ_OPERATOR_IN, GLITZ_OPERATOR_IN_REVERSE, GLITZ_OPERATOR_OUT, GLITZ_OPERATOR_OUT_REVERSE, GLITZ_OPERATOR_ATOP, GLITZ_OPERATOR_ATOP_REVERSE, GLITZ_OPERATOR_XOR, GLITZ_OPERATOR_ADD } glitz_operator_t; #define GLITZ_FEATURE_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE_MASK (1L << 0) #define GLITZ_FEATURE_TEXTURE_NON_POWER_OF_TWO_MASK (1L << 1) #define GLITZ_FEATURE_TEXTURE_MIRRORED_REPEAT_MASK (1L << 2) #define GLITZ_FEATURE_TEXTURE_BORDER_CLAMP_MASK (1L << 3) #define GLITZ_FEATURE_MULTISAMPLE_MASK (1L << 4) #define GLITZ_FEATURE_MULTISAMPLE_FILTER_HINT_MASK (1L << 5) #define GLITZ_FEATURE_MULTITEXTURE_MASK (1L << 6) #define GLITZ_FEATURE_TEXTURE_ENV_COMBINE_MASK (1L << 7) #define GLITZ_FEATURE_TEXTURE_ENV_DOT3_MASK (1L << 8) #define GLITZ_FEATURE_FRAGMENT_PROGRAM_MASK (1L << 9) #define GLITZ_FEATURE_VERTEX_BUFFER_OBJECT_MASK (1L << 10) #define GLITZ_FEATURE_PIXEL_BUFFER_OBJECT_MASK (1L << 11) #define GLITZ_FEATURE_PER_COMPONENT_RENDERING_MASK (1L << 12) #define GLITZ_FEATURE_BLEND_COLOR_MASK (1L << 13) #define GLITZ_FEATURE_PACKED_PIXELS_MASK (1L << 14) #define GLITZ_FEATURE_MULTI_DRAW_ARRAYS_MASK (1L << 15) #define GLITZ_FEATURE_FRAMEBUFFER_OBJECT_MASK (1L << 16) typedef enum { GLITZ_STANDARD_ARGB32, GLITZ_STANDARD_RGB24, GLITZ_STANDARD_A8, GLITZ_STANDARD_A1 } glitz_format_name_t; #define GLITZ_FORMAT_ID_MASK (1L << 0) #define GLITZ_FORMAT_RED_SIZE_MASK (1L << 1) #define GLITZ_FORMAT_GREEN_SIZE_MASK (1L << 2) #define GLITZ_FORMAT_BLUE_SIZE_MASK (1L << 3) #define GLITZ_FORMAT_ALPHA_SIZE_MASK (1L << 4) typedef unsigned long glitz_format_id_t; typedef struct _glitz_color_format_t { unsigned short red_size; unsigned short green_size; unsigned short blue_size; unsigned short alpha_size; } glitz_color_format_t; /* glitz_status.c */ typedef enum { GLITZ_STATUS_SUCCESS = 0, GLITZ_STATUS_NO_MEMORY, GLITZ_STATUS_BAD_COORDINATE, GLITZ_STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED, GLITZ_STATUS_CONTENT_DESTROYED } glitz_status_t; const char * glitz_status_string (glitz_status_t status); /* glitz_drawable.c */ typedef struct _glitz_drawable glitz_drawable_t; typedef enum { GLITZ_DRAWABLE_BUFFER_FRONT_COLOR, GLITZ_DRAWABLE_BUFFER_BACK_COLOR } glitz_drawable_buffer_t; #define GLITZ_FORMAT_DEPTH_SIZE_MASK (1L << 5) #define GLITZ_FORMAT_STENCIL_SIZE_MASK (1L << 6) #define GLITZ_FORMAT_DOUBLEBUFFER_MASK (1L << 7) #define GLITZ_FORMAT_SAMPLES_MASK (1L << 8) #define GLITZ_FORMAT_WINDOW_MASK (1L << 9) #define GLITZ_FORMAT_PBUFFER_MASK (1L << 10) typedef struct _glitz_drawable_types_t { glitz_bool_t window; glitz_bool_t pbuffer; } glitz_drawable_types_t; typedef struct _glitz_drawable_format_t { glitz_format_id_t id; glitz_color_format_t color; unsigned short depth_size; unsigned short stencil_size; unsigned short samples; glitz_bool_t doublebuffer; glitz_drawable_types_t types; } glitz_drawable_format_t; glitz_drawable_format_t * glitz_find_similar_drawable_format (glitz_drawable_t *other, unsigned long mask, const glitz_drawable_format_t *templ, int count); glitz_drawable_t * glitz_create_pbuffer_drawable (glitz_drawable_t *other, glitz_drawable_format_t *format, unsigned int width, unsigned int height); void glitz_drawable_destroy (glitz_drawable_t *drawable); void glitz_drawable_reference (glitz_drawable_t *drawable); void glitz_drawable_update_size (glitz_drawable_t *drawable, unsigned int width, unsigned int height); unsigned int glitz_drawable_get_width (glitz_drawable_t *drawable); unsigned int glitz_drawable_get_height (glitz_drawable_t *drawable); void glitz_drawable_swap_buffers (glitz_drawable_t *drawable); void glitz_drawable_flush (glitz_drawable_t *drawable); void glitz_drawable_finish (glitz_drawable_t *drawable); unsigned long glitz_drawable_get_features (glitz_drawable_t *drawable); glitz_drawable_format_t * glitz_drawable_get_format (glitz_drawable_t *drawable); /* glitz_format.c */ #define GLITZ_FORMAT_TYPE_MASK (1L << 5) typedef enum { GLITZ_FORMAT_TYPE_COLOR } glitz_format_type_t; typedef struct _glitz_format_t { glitz_format_id_t id; glitz_format_type_t type; glitz_color_format_t color; } glitz_format_t; glitz_format_t * glitz_find_standard_format (glitz_drawable_t *drawable, glitz_format_name_t format_name); glitz_format_t * glitz_find_format (glitz_drawable_t *drawable, unsigned long mask, const glitz_format_t *templ, int count); /* glitz_surface.c */ typedef struct _glitz_surface glitz_surface_t; #define GLITZ_SURFACE_UNNORMALIZED_MASK (1L << 0) typedef struct _glitz_surface_attributes_t { glitz_bool_t unnormalized; } glitz_surface_attributes_t; glitz_surface_t * glitz_surface_create (glitz_drawable_t *drawable, glitz_format_t *format, unsigned int width, unsigned int height, unsigned long mask, glitz_surface_attributes_t *attributes); void glitz_surface_destroy (glitz_surface_t *surface); void glitz_surface_reference (glitz_surface_t *surface); void glitz_surface_attach (glitz_surface_t *surface, glitz_drawable_t *drawable, glitz_drawable_buffer_t buffer, int x, int y); void glitz_surface_detach (glitz_surface_t *surface); void glitz_surface_flush (glitz_surface_t *surface); glitz_drawable_t * glitz_surface_get_drawable (glitz_surface_t *surface); glitz_drawable_t * glitz_surface_get_attached_drawable (glitz_surface_t *surface); void glitz_surface_set_transform (glitz_surface_t *surface, glitz_transform_t *transform); typedef enum { GLITZ_FILL_TRANSPARENT, GLITZ_FILL_NEAREST, GLITZ_FILL_REPEAT, GLITZ_FILL_REFLECT } glitz_fill_t; void glitz_surface_set_fill (glitz_surface_t *surface, glitz_fill_t fill); void glitz_surface_set_component_alpha (glitz_surface_t *surface, glitz_bool_t component_alpha); void glitz_surface_set_filter (glitz_surface_t *surface, glitz_filter_t filter, glitz_fixed16_16_t *params, int n_params); void glitz_surface_set_dither (glitz_surface_t *surface, glitz_bool_t dither); unsigned int glitz_surface_get_width (glitz_surface_t *surface); unsigned int glitz_surface_get_height (glitz_surface_t *surface); glitz_status_t glitz_surface_get_status (glitz_surface_t *surface); glitz_format_t * glitz_surface_get_format (glitz_surface_t *surface); void glitz_surface_translate_point (glitz_surface_t *surface, glitz_point_fixed_t *src, glitz_point_fixed_t *dst); void glitz_surface_set_clip_region (glitz_surface_t *surface, int x_origin, int y_origin, glitz_box_t *box, int n_box); glitz_bool_t glitz_surface_valid_target (glitz_surface_t *surface); /* glitz_context.c */ typedef struct _glitz_context glitz_context_t; glitz_context_t * glitz_context_create (glitz_drawable_t *drawable, glitz_drawable_format_t *format); void glitz_context_destroy (glitz_context_t *context); void glitz_context_reference (glitz_context_t *context); void glitz_context_copy (glitz_context_t *src, glitz_context_t *dst, unsigned long mask); typedef void (*glitz_lose_current_function_t) (void *closure); void glitz_context_set_user_data (glitz_context_t *context, void *closure, glitz_lose_current_function_t lose_current); typedef void (*glitz_function_pointer_t) (void); glitz_function_pointer_t glitz_context_get_proc_address (glitz_context_t *context, const char *name); void glitz_context_make_current (glitz_context_t *context); void glitz_context_bind_texture (glitz_context_t *context, glitz_surface_t *surface); /* glitz_rect.c */ void glitz_set_rectangle (glitz_surface_t *dst, const glitz_color_t *color, int x, int y, unsigned int width, unsigned int height); void glitz_set_rectangles (glitz_surface_t *dst, const glitz_color_t *color, const glitz_rectangle_t *rects, int n_rects); /* glitz_buffer.c */ typedef struct _glitz_buffer glitz_buffer_t; typedef enum { GLITZ_BUFFER_HINT_STREAM_DRAW, GLITZ_BUFFER_HINT_STREAM_READ, GLITZ_BUFFER_HINT_STREAM_COPY, GLITZ_BUFFER_HINT_STATIC_DRAW, GLITZ_BUFFER_HINT_STATIC_READ, GLITZ_BUFFER_HINT_STATIC_COPY, GLITZ_BUFFER_HINT_DYNAMIC_DRAW, GLITZ_BUFFER_HINT_DYNAMIC_READ, GLITZ_BUFFER_HINT_DYNAMIC_COPY } glitz_buffer_hint_t; typedef enum { GLITZ_BUFFER_ACCESS_READ_ONLY, GLITZ_BUFFER_ACCESS_WRITE_ONLY, GLITZ_BUFFER_ACCESS_READ_WRITE } glitz_buffer_access_t; glitz_buffer_t * glitz_vertex_buffer_create (glitz_drawable_t *drawable, void *data, unsigned int size, glitz_buffer_hint_t hint); glitz_buffer_t * glitz_pixel_buffer_create (glitz_drawable_t *drawable, void *data, unsigned int size, glitz_buffer_hint_t hint); glitz_buffer_t * glitz_buffer_create_for_data (void *data); void glitz_buffer_destroy (glitz_buffer_t *buffer); void glitz_buffer_reference (glitz_buffer_t *buffer); void glitz_buffer_set_data (glitz_buffer_t *buffer, int offset, unsigned int size, const void *data); void glitz_buffer_get_data (glitz_buffer_t *buffer, int offset, unsigned int size, void *data); void * glitz_buffer_map (glitz_buffer_t *buffer, glitz_buffer_access_t access); glitz_status_t glitz_buffer_unmap (glitz_buffer_t *buffer); /* glitz_pixel.c */ typedef enum { GLITZ_PIXEL_SCANLINE_ORDER_TOP_DOWN, GLITZ_PIXEL_SCANLINE_ORDER_BOTTOM_UP } glitz_pixel_scanline_order_t; typedef struct _glitz_pixel_masks { int bpp; unsigned long alpha_mask; unsigned long red_mask; unsigned long green_mask; unsigned long blue_mask; } glitz_pixel_masks_t; typedef struct _glitz_pixel_format { glitz_pixel_masks_t masks; int xoffset; int skip_lines; int bytes_per_line; glitz_pixel_scanline_order_t scanline_order; } glitz_pixel_format_t; void glitz_set_pixels (glitz_surface_t *dst, int x_dst, int y_dst, int width, int height, glitz_pixel_format_t *format, glitz_buffer_t *buffer); void glitz_get_pixels (glitz_surface_t *src, int x_src, int y_src, int width, int height, glitz_pixel_format_t *format, glitz_buffer_t *buffer); /* glitz_geometry.c */ typedef enum { GLITZ_PRIMITIVE_POINTS, GLITZ_PRIMITIVE_LINES, GLITZ_PRIMITIVE_LINE_STRIP, GLITZ_PRIMITIVE_LINE_LOOP, GLITZ_PRIMITIVE_TRIANGLES, GLITZ_PRIMITIVE_TRIANGLE_STRIP, GLITZ_PRIMITIVE_TRIANGLE_FAN, GLITZ_PRIMITIVE_QUADS, GLITZ_PRIMITIVE_QUAD_STRIP, GLITZ_PRIMITIVE_POLYGON } glitz_primitive_t; typedef enum { GLITZ_DATA_TYPE_SHORT, GLITZ_DATA_TYPE_INT, GLITZ_DATA_TYPE_FLOAT, GLITZ_DATA_TYPE_DOUBLE } glitz_data_type_t; typedef enum { GLITZ_COORDINATE_SIZE_X, GLITZ_COORDINATE_SIZE_XY } glitz_coordinate_size_t; typedef struct _glitz_coordinate_attribute { glitz_data_type_t type; glitz_coordinate_size_t size; int offset; } glitz_coordinate_attribute_t; #define GLITZ_VERTEX_ATTRIBUTE_SRC_COORD_MASK (1L << 0) #define GLITZ_VERTEX_ATTRIBUTE_MASK_COORD_MASK (1L << 1) typedef struct _glitz_vertex_format { glitz_primitive_t primitive; glitz_data_type_t type; unsigned int bytes_per_vertex; unsigned long attributes; glitz_coordinate_attribute_t src; glitz_coordinate_attribute_t mask; } glitz_vertex_format_t; typedef struct _glitz_bitmap_format { glitz_pixel_scanline_order_t scanline_order; unsigned int bytes_per_line; int pad; } glitz_bitmap_format_t; typedef enum { GLITZ_GEOMETRY_TYPE_NONE, GLITZ_GEOMETRY_TYPE_VERTEX, GLITZ_GEOMETRY_TYPE_BITMAP } glitz_geometry_type_t; typedef union _glitz_geometry_format { glitz_vertex_format_t vertex; glitz_bitmap_format_t bitmap; } glitz_geometry_format_t; void glitz_set_geometry (glitz_surface_t *dst, glitz_geometry_type_t type, glitz_geometry_format_t *format, glitz_buffer_t *buffer); void glitz_set_array (glitz_surface_t *dst, int first, int size, unsigned int count, glitz_fixed16_16_t x_off, glitz_fixed16_16_t y_off); typedef struct _glitz_multi_array glitz_multi_array_t; glitz_multi_array_t * glitz_multi_array_create (unsigned int size); void glitz_multi_array_destroy (glitz_multi_array_t *array); void glitz_multi_array_reference (glitz_multi_array_t *array); void glitz_multi_array_add (glitz_multi_array_t *array, int first, int size, unsigned int count, glitz_fixed16_16_t x_off, glitz_fixed16_16_t y_off); void glitz_multi_array_reset (glitz_multi_array_t *array); void glitz_set_multi_array (glitz_surface_t *dst, glitz_multi_array_t *array, glitz_fixed16_16_t x_off, glitz_fixed16_16_t y_off); /* glitz_trap.c */ int glitz_add_trapezoids (glitz_buffer_t *buffer, int offset, unsigned int size, glitz_data_type_t type, glitz_surface_t *mask, glitz_trapezoid_t *traps, int n_traps, int *n_added); int glitz_add_traps (glitz_buffer_t *buffer, int offset, unsigned int size, glitz_data_type_t type, glitz_surface_t *mask, glitz_trap_t *traps, int n_traps, int *n_added); /* glitz.c */ void glitz_composite (glitz_operator_t op, glitz_surface_t *src, glitz_surface_t *mask, glitz_surface_t *dst, int x_src, int y_src, int x_mask, int y_mask, int x_dst, int y_dst, int width, int height); void glitz_copy_area (glitz_surface_t *src, glitz_surface_t *dst, int x_src, int y_src, int width, int height, int x_dst, int y_dst); #if defined(__cplusplus) || defined(c_plusplus) } #endif #endif /* GLITZ_H_INCLUDED */