--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/htdig/Dictionary.h

// // Dictionary.h // // Dictionary: This class provides an object lookup table. // Each object in the dictionary is indexed with a string. // The objects can be returned by mentioning their // string index. // // Part of the ht://Dig package <> // Copyright (c) 1999-2004 The ht://Dig Group // For copyright details, see the file COPYING in your distribution // or the GNU Library General Public License (LGPL) version 2 or later // <> // // $Id: Dictionary.h,v 1.10 2004/05/28 13:15:20 lha Exp $ // #ifndef _Dictionary_h_ #define _Dictionary_h_ #include "Object.h" #include "htString.h" #include "List.h" class Dictionary; class DictionaryEntry; class DictionaryCursor { public: // // Support for the Start_Get and Get_Next routines // int currentTableIndex; DictionaryEntry *currentDictionaryEntry; }; class Dictionary : public Object { public: // // Construction/Destruction // Dictionary(); Dictionary(const Dictionary& other); Dictionary(int initialCapacity); Dictionary(int initialCapacity, float loadFactor); ~Dictionary(); // // Adding and deleting items to and from the dictionary // void Add(const String& name, Object *obj); int Remove(const String& name); // // Searching can be done with the Find() member of the array indexing // operator // Object *Find(const String& name) const; Object *operator[](const String& name) const; int Exists(const String& name) const; // // We want to be able to go through all the entries in the // dictionary in sequence. To do this, we have the same // traversal interface as the List class // void Start_Get() { Start_Get(cursor); } void Start_Get(DictionaryCursor& cursor) const; // // Get the next key // char *Get_Next() { return Get_Next(cursor); } char *Get_Next(DictionaryCursor& cursor) const; // // Get the next entry // Object *Get_NextElement() { return Get_NextElement(cursor); } Object *Get_NextElement(DictionaryCursor& cursor) const; void Release(); void Destroy(); int Count() const { return count; } private: DictionaryEntry **table; int tableLength; int initialCapacity; int count; int threshold; float loadFactor; DictionaryCursor cursor; void rehash(); void init(int, float); unsigned int hashCode(const char *key) const; }; #endif