--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/htdig/HtWordCodec.h

// // HtWordCodec.h // // HtWordCodec: Given two lists of pair of "words" 'from' and 'to'; // simple one-to-one translations, use those lists to translate. // Only restriction are that no null (0) characters must be // used in "words", and that there is a character "joiner" that // does not appear in any word. One-to-one consistency may be // checked at construction. // // Part of the ht://Dig package <> // Copyright (c) 1999-2004 The ht://Dig Group // For copyright details, see the file COPYING in your distribution // or the GNU Library General Public License (LGPL) version 2 or later // <> // // $Id: HtWordCodec.h,v 1.6 2004/05/28 13:15:21 lha Exp $ // #ifndef __HtWordCodec_h #define __HtWordCodec_h #include "HtCodec.h" #include "StringList.h" #include "StringMatch.h" class HtWordCodec : public HtCodec { public: HtWordCodec(); virtual ~HtWordCodec(); // Set the lists of asymmetric pairs of "words" in "from" and // "to", using: // * one list of requested encodings with two consecutive // items "to" and "from" per translation // * one list of just words which HtWordCodec will generate // space-saving encodings for. // Either may be empty. // Items in frequent_substrings will be silently ignored if // they collide with anything in requested_encoding_pairs. // CodingError is empty on success, or has a failure message. HtWordCodec(StringList &requested_encodings, StringList &frequest_substrings, String &errmsg); // *Or*, set the lists directly, without checking coding // consistency. HtWordCodec will delete these lists when // destroyed. Not really recommended, but this class would be // incomplete without it. HtWordCodec (StringList *from, StringList *to, char joiner = char(1)); // Same as those in the parent class. Each string to // encode/decode may contain zero or more of words from the // lists. Those words will be replaced. virtual String encode(const String &uncoded) const; virtual String decode(const String &coded) const; private: HtWordCodec(const HtWordCodec &); // Not supposed to be implemented. void operator= (const HtWordCodec &); // Not supposed to be implemented. StringList *myFrom; StringList *myTo; StringMatch *myFromMatch; StringMatch *myToMatch; // Do coding/decoding symmetrically using the provided lookup and lists. String code(const String &, StringMatch& match, StringList& replacements) const; }; #endif /* __HtWordCodec_h */