--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/libxml/entities.h

/* * Summary: interface for the XML entities handling * Description: this module provides some of the entity API needed * for the parser and applications. * * Copy: See Copyright for the status of this software. * * Author: Daniel Veillard */ #ifndef __XML_ENTITIES_H__ #define __XML_ENTITIES_H__ #include <libxml/xmlversion.h> #include <libxml/tree.h> #ifdef __cplusplus extern "C" { #endif /* * The different valid entity types. */ typedef enum { XML_INTERNAL_GENERAL_ENTITY = 1, XML_EXTERNAL_GENERAL_PARSED_ENTITY = 2, XML_EXTERNAL_GENERAL_UNPARSED_ENTITY = 3, XML_INTERNAL_PARAMETER_ENTITY = 4, XML_EXTERNAL_PARAMETER_ENTITY = 5, XML_INTERNAL_PREDEFINED_ENTITY = 6 } xmlEntityType; /* * An unit of storage for an entity, contains the string, the value * and the linkind data needed for the linking in the hash table. */ struct _xmlEntity { void *_private; /* application data */ xmlElementType type; /* XML_ENTITY_DECL, must be second ! */ const xmlChar *name; /* Entity name */ struct _xmlNode *children; /* First child link */ struct _xmlNode *last; /* Last child link */ struct _xmlDtd *parent; /* -> DTD */ struct _xmlNode *next; /* next sibling link */ struct _xmlNode *prev; /* previous sibling link */ struct _xmlDoc *doc; /* the containing document */ xmlChar *orig; /* content without ref substitution */ xmlChar *content; /* content or ndata if unparsed */ int length; /* the content length */ xmlEntityType etype; /* The entity type */ const xmlChar *ExternalID; /* External identifier for PUBLIC */ const xmlChar *SystemID; /* URI for a SYSTEM or PUBLIC Entity */ struct _xmlEntity *nexte; /* unused */ const xmlChar *URI; /* the full URI as computed */ int owner; /* does the entity own the childrens */ }; /* * All entities are stored in an hash table. * There is 2 separate hash tables for global and parameter entities. */ typedef struct _xmlHashTable xmlEntitiesTable; typedef xmlEntitiesTable *xmlEntitiesTablePtr; /* * External functions: */ #ifdef LIBXML_LEGACY_ENABLED XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlInitializePredefinedEntities (void); #endif /* LIBXML_LEGACY_ENABLED */ XMLPUBFUN xmlEntityPtr XMLCALL xmlAddDocEntity (xmlDocPtr doc, const xmlChar *name, int type, const xmlChar *ExternalID, const xmlChar *SystemID, const xmlChar *content); XMLPUBFUN xmlEntityPtr XMLCALL xmlAddDtdEntity (xmlDocPtr doc, const xmlChar *name, int type, const xmlChar *ExternalID, const xmlChar *SystemID, const xmlChar *content); XMLPUBFUN xmlEntityPtr XMLCALL xmlGetPredefinedEntity (const xmlChar *name); XMLPUBFUN xmlEntityPtr XMLCALL xmlGetDocEntity (xmlDocPtr doc, const xmlChar *name); XMLPUBFUN xmlEntityPtr XMLCALL xmlGetDtdEntity (xmlDocPtr doc, const xmlChar *name); XMLPUBFUN xmlEntityPtr XMLCALL xmlGetParameterEntity (xmlDocPtr doc, const xmlChar *name); #ifdef LIBXML_LEGACY_ENABLED XMLPUBFUN const xmlChar * XMLCALL xmlEncodeEntities (xmlDocPtr doc, const xmlChar *input); #endif /* LIBXML_LEGACY_ENABLED */ XMLPUBFUN xmlChar * XMLCALL xmlEncodeEntitiesReentrant(xmlDocPtr doc, const xmlChar *input); XMLPUBFUN xmlChar * XMLCALL xmlEncodeSpecialChars (xmlDocPtr doc, const xmlChar *input); XMLPUBFUN xmlEntitiesTablePtr XMLCALL xmlCreateEntitiesTable (void); #ifdef LIBXML_TREE_ENABLED XMLPUBFUN xmlEntitiesTablePtr XMLCALL xmlCopyEntitiesTable (xmlEntitiesTablePtr table); #endif /* LIBXML_TREE_ENABLED */ XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlFreeEntitiesTable (xmlEntitiesTablePtr table); #ifdef LIBXML_OUTPUT_ENABLED XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlDumpEntitiesTable (xmlBufferPtr buf, xmlEntitiesTablePtr table); XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlDumpEntityDecl (xmlBufferPtr buf, xmlEntityPtr ent); #endif /* LIBXML_OUTPUT_ENABLED */ #ifdef LIBXML_LEGACY_ENABLED XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlCleanupPredefinedEntities(void); #endif /* LIBXML_LEGACY_ENABLED */ #ifdef __cplusplus } #endif # endif /* __XML_ENTITIES_H__ */