--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/libxml2/libxml/catalog.h

/** * Summary: interfaces to the Catalog handling system * Description: the catalog module implements the support for * XML Catalogs and SGML catalogs * * SGML Open Technical Resolution TR9401:1997. * * * XML Catalogs Working Draft 06 August 2001 * * * Copy: See Copyright for the status of this software. * * Author: Daniel Veillard */ #ifndef __XML_CATALOG_H__ #define __XML_CATALOG_H__ #include <stdio.h> #include <libxml/xmlversion.h> #include <libxml/xmlstring.h> #include <libxml/tree.h> #ifdef LIBXML_CATALOG_ENABLED #ifdef __cplusplus extern "C" { #endif /** * XML_CATALOGS_NAMESPACE: * * The namespace for the XML Catalogs elements. */ #define XML_CATALOGS_NAMESPACE \ (const xmlChar *) "urn:oasis:names:tc:entity:xmlns:xml:catalog" /** * XML_CATALOG_PI: * * The specific XML Catalog Processing Instuction name. */ #define XML_CATALOG_PI \ (const xmlChar *) "oasis-xml-catalog" /* * The API is voluntarily limited to general cataloging. */ typedef enum { XML_CATA_PREFER_NONE = 0, XML_CATA_PREFER_PUBLIC = 1, XML_CATA_PREFER_SYSTEM } xmlCatalogPrefer; typedef enum { XML_CATA_ALLOW_NONE = 0, XML_CATA_ALLOW_GLOBAL = 1, XML_CATA_ALLOW_DOCUMENT = 2, XML_CATA_ALLOW_ALL = 3 } xmlCatalogAllow; typedef struct _xmlCatalog xmlCatalog; typedef xmlCatalog *xmlCatalogPtr; /* * Operations on a given catalog. */ XMLPUBFUN xmlCatalogPtr XMLCALL xmlNewCatalog (int sgml); XMLPUBFUN xmlCatalogPtr XMLCALL xmlLoadACatalog (const char *filename); XMLPUBFUN xmlCatalogPtr XMLCALL xmlLoadSGMLSuperCatalog (const char *filename); XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlConvertSGMLCatalog (xmlCatalogPtr catal); XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlACatalogAdd (xmlCatalogPtr catal, const xmlChar *type, const xmlChar *orig, const xmlChar *replace); XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlACatalogRemove (xmlCatalogPtr catal, const xmlChar *value); XMLPUBFUN xmlChar * XMLCALL xmlACatalogResolve (xmlCatalogPtr catal, const xmlChar *pubID, const xmlChar *sysID); XMLPUBFUN xmlChar * XMLCALL xmlACatalogResolveSystem(xmlCatalogPtr catal, const xmlChar *sysID); XMLPUBFUN xmlChar * XMLCALL xmlACatalogResolvePublic(xmlCatalogPtr catal, const xmlChar *pubID); XMLPUBFUN xmlChar * XMLCALL xmlACatalogResolveURI (xmlCatalogPtr catal, const xmlChar *URI); #ifdef LIBXML_OUTPUT_ENABLED XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlACatalogDump (xmlCatalogPtr catal, FILE *out); #endif /* LIBXML_OUTPUT_ENABLED */ XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlFreeCatalog (xmlCatalogPtr catal); XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlCatalogIsEmpty (xmlCatalogPtr catal); /* * Global operations. */ XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlInitializeCatalog (void); XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlLoadCatalog (const char *filename); XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlLoadCatalogs (const char *paths); XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlCatalogCleanup (void); #ifdef LIBXML_OUTPUT_ENABLED XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlCatalogDump (FILE *out); #endif /* LIBXML_OUTPUT_ENABLED */ XMLPUBFUN xmlChar * XMLCALL xmlCatalogResolve (const xmlChar *pubID, const xmlChar *sysID); XMLPUBFUN xmlChar * XMLCALL xmlCatalogResolveSystem (const xmlChar *sysID); XMLPUBFUN xmlChar * XMLCALL xmlCatalogResolvePublic (const xmlChar *pubID); XMLPUBFUN xmlChar * XMLCALL xmlCatalogResolveURI (const xmlChar *URI); XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlCatalogAdd (const xmlChar *type, const xmlChar *orig, const xmlChar *replace); XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlCatalogRemove (const xmlChar *value); XMLPUBFUN xmlDocPtr XMLCALL xmlParseCatalogFile (const char *filename); XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlCatalogConvert (void); /* * Strictly minimal interfaces for per-document catalogs used * by the parser. */ XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlCatalogFreeLocal (void *catalogs); XMLPUBFUN void * XMLCALL xmlCatalogAddLocal (void *catalogs, const xmlChar *URL); XMLPUBFUN xmlChar * XMLCALL xmlCatalogLocalResolve (void *catalogs, const xmlChar *pubID, const xmlChar *sysID); XMLPUBFUN xmlChar * XMLCALL xmlCatalogLocalResolveURI(void *catalogs, const xmlChar *URI); /* * Preference settings. */ XMLPUBFUN int XMLCALL xmlCatalogSetDebug (int level); XMLPUBFUN xmlCatalogPrefer XMLCALL xmlCatalogSetDefaultPrefer(xmlCatalogPrefer prefer); XMLPUBFUN void XMLCALL xmlCatalogSetDefaults (xmlCatalogAllow allow); XMLPUBFUN xmlCatalogAllow XMLCALL xmlCatalogGetDefaults (void); /* DEPRECATED interfaces */ XMLPUBFUN const xmlChar * XMLCALL xmlCatalogGetSystem (const xmlChar *sysID); XMLPUBFUN const xmlChar * XMLCALL xmlCatalogGetPublic (const xmlChar *pubID); #ifdef __cplusplus } #endif #endif /* LIBXML_CATALOG_ENABLED */ #endif /* __XML_CATALOG_H__ */