--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/linux/atalk.h

#ifndef __LINUX_ATALK_H__ #define __LINUX_ATALK_H__ #include <asm/byteorder.h> /* * AppleTalk networking structures * * The following are directly referenced from the University Of Michigan * netatalk for compatibility reasons. */ #define ATPORT_FIRST 1 #define ATPORT_RESERVED 128 #define ATPORT_LAST 254 /* 254 is only legal on localtalk */ #define ATADDR_ANYNET (__u16)0 #define ATADDR_ANYNODE (__u8)0 #define ATADDR_ANYPORT (__u8)0 #define ATADDR_BCAST (__u8)255 #define DDP_MAXSZ 587 #define DDP_MAXHOPS 15 /* 4 bits of hop counter */ #define SIOCATALKDIFADDR (SIOCPROTOPRIVATE + 0) struct atalk_addr { __be16 s_net; __u8 s_node; }; struct sockaddr_at { sa_family_t sat_family; __u8 sat_port; struct atalk_addr sat_addr; char sat_zero[8]; }; struct atalk_netrange { __u8 nr_phase; __be16 nr_firstnet; __be16 nr_lastnet; }; #ifdef __KERNEL__ #include <net/sock.h> struct atalk_route { struct net_device *dev; struct atalk_addr target; struct atalk_addr gateway; int flags; struct atalk_route *next; }; /** * struct atalk_iface - AppleTalk Interface * @dev - Network device associated with this interface * @address - Our address * @status - What are we doing? * @nets - Associated direct netrange * @next - next element in the list of interfaces */ struct atalk_iface { struct net_device *dev; struct atalk_addr address; int status; #define ATIF_PROBE 1 /* Probing for an address */ #define ATIF_PROBE_FAIL 2 /* Probe collided */ struct atalk_netrange nets; struct atalk_iface *next; }; struct atalk_sock { /* struct sock has to be the first member of atalk_sock */ struct sock sk; __be16 dest_net; __be16 src_net; unsigned char dest_node; unsigned char src_node; unsigned char dest_port; unsigned char src_port; }; static inline struct atalk_sock *at_sk(struct sock *sk) { return (struct atalk_sock *)sk; } #include <asm/byteorder.h> struct ddpehdr { #ifdef __LITTLE_ENDIAN_BITFIELD __u16 deh_len:10, deh_hops:4, deh_pad:2; #else __u16 deh_pad:2, deh_hops:4, deh_len:10; #endif __be16 deh_sum; __be16 deh_dnet; __be16 deh_snet; __u8 deh_dnode; __u8 deh_snode; __u8 deh_dport; __u8 deh_sport; /* And netatalk apps expect to stick the type in themselves */ }; static __inline__ struct ddpehdr *ddp_hdr(struct sk_buff *skb) { return (struct ddpehdr *)skb->h.raw; } /* * Don't drop the struct into the struct above. You'll get some * surprise padding. */ struct ddpebits { #ifdef __LITTLE_ENDIAN_BITFIELD __u16 deh_len:10, deh_hops:4, deh_pad:2; #else __u16 deh_pad:2, deh_hops:4, deh_len:10; #endif }; /* Short form header */ struct ddpshdr { #ifdef __LITTLE_ENDIAN_BITFIELD __u16 dsh_len:10, dsh_pad:6; #else __u16 dsh_pad:6, dsh_len:10; #endif __u8 dsh_dport; __u8 dsh_sport; /* And netatalk apps expect to stick the type in themselves */ }; /* AppleTalk AARP headers */ struct elapaarp { __be16 hw_type; #define AARP_HW_TYPE_ETHERNET 1 #define AARP_HW_TYPE_TOKENRING 2 __be16 pa_type; __u8 hw_len; __u8 pa_len; #define AARP_PA_ALEN 4 __be16 function; #define AARP_REQUEST 1 #define AARP_REPLY 2 #define AARP_PROBE 3 __u8 hw_src[ETH_ALEN]; __u8 pa_src_zero; __be16 pa_src_net; __u8 pa_src_node; __u8 hw_dst[ETH_ALEN]; __u8 pa_dst_zero; __be16 pa_dst_net; __u8 pa_dst_node; } __attribute__ ((packed)); static __inline__ struct elapaarp *aarp_hdr(struct sk_buff *skb) { return (struct elapaarp *)skb->h.raw; } /* Not specified - how long till we drop a resolved entry */ #define AARP_EXPIRY_TIME (5 * 60 * HZ) /* Size of hash table */ #define AARP_HASH_SIZE 16 /* Fast retransmission timer when resolving */ #define AARP_TICK_TIME (HZ / 5) /* Send 10 requests then give up (2 seconds) */ #define AARP_RETRANSMIT_LIMIT 10 /* * Some value bigger than total retransmit time + a bit for last reply to * appear and to stop continual requests */ #define AARP_RESOLVE_TIME (10 * HZ) extern struct datalink_proto *ddp_dl, *aarp_dl; extern void aarp_proto_init(void); /* Inter module exports */ /* Give a device find its atif control structure */ static inline struct atalk_iface *atalk_find_dev(struct net_device *dev) { return dev->atalk_ptr; } extern struct atalk_addr *atalk_find_dev_addr(struct net_device *dev); extern struct net_device *atrtr_get_dev(struct atalk_addr *sa); extern int aarp_send_ddp(struct net_device *dev, struct sk_buff *skb, struct atalk_addr *sa, void *hwaddr); extern void aarp_device_down(struct net_device *dev); extern void aarp_probe_network(struct atalk_iface *atif); extern int aarp_proxy_probe_network(struct atalk_iface *atif, struct atalk_addr *sa); extern void aarp_proxy_remove(struct net_device *dev, struct atalk_addr *sa); extern void aarp_cleanup_module(void); extern struct hlist_head atalk_sockets; extern rwlock_t atalk_sockets_lock; extern struct atalk_route *atalk_routes; extern rwlock_t atalk_routes_lock; extern struct atalk_iface *atalk_interfaces; extern rwlock_t atalk_interfaces_lock; extern struct atalk_route atrtr_default; extern struct file_operations atalk_seq_arp_fops; extern int sysctl_aarp_expiry_time; extern int sysctl_aarp_tick_time; extern int sysctl_aarp_retransmit_limit; extern int sysctl_aarp_resolve_time; #ifdef CONFIG_SYSCTL extern void atalk_register_sysctl(void); extern void atalk_unregister_sysctl(void); #else #define atalk_register_sysctl() do { } while(0) #define atalk_unregister_sysctl() do { } while(0) #endif #ifdef CONFIG_PROC_FS extern int atalk_proc_init(void); extern void atalk_proc_exit(void); #else #define atalk_proc_init() ({ 0; }) #define atalk_proc_exit() do { } while(0) #endif /* CONFIG_PROC_FS */ #endif /* __KERNEL__ */ #endif /* __LINUX_ATALK_H__ */