--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/linux/inet_diag.h

#ifndef _INET_DIAG_H_ #define _INET_DIAG_H_ 1 /* Just some random number */ #define TCPDIAG_GETSOCK 18 #define DCCPDIAG_GETSOCK 19 #define INET_DIAG_GETSOCK_MAX 24 /* Socket identity */ struct inet_diag_sockid { __u16 idiag_sport; __u16 idiag_dport; __u32 idiag_src[4]; __u32 idiag_dst[4]; __u32 idiag_if; __u32 idiag_cookie[2]; #define INET_DIAG_NOCOOKIE (~0U) }; /* Request structure */ struct inet_diag_req { __u8 idiag_family; /* Family of addresses. */ __u8 idiag_src_len; __u8 idiag_dst_len; __u8 idiag_ext; /* Query extended information */ struct inet_diag_sockid id; __u32 idiag_states; /* States to dump */ __u32 idiag_dbs; /* Tables to dump (NI) */ }; enum { INET_DIAG_REQ_NONE, INET_DIAG_REQ_BYTECODE, }; #define INET_DIAG_REQ_MAX INET_DIAG_REQ_BYTECODE /* Bytecode is sequence of 4 byte commands followed by variable arguments. * All the commands identified by "code" are conditional jumps forward: * to offset cc+"yes" or to offset cc+"no". "yes" is supposed to be * length of the command and its arguments. */ struct inet_diag_bc_op { unsigned char code; unsigned char yes; unsigned short no; }; enum { INET_DIAG_BC_NOP, INET_DIAG_BC_JMP, INET_DIAG_BC_S_GE, INET_DIAG_BC_S_LE, INET_DIAG_BC_D_GE, INET_DIAG_BC_D_LE, INET_DIAG_BC_AUTO, INET_DIAG_BC_S_COND, INET_DIAG_BC_D_COND, }; struct inet_diag_hostcond { __u8 family; __u8 prefix_len; int port; __u32 addr[0]; }; /* Base info structure. It contains socket identity (addrs/ports/cookie) * and, alas, the information shown by netstat. */ struct inet_diag_msg { __u8 idiag_family; __u8 idiag_state; __u8 idiag_timer; __u8 idiag_retrans; struct inet_diag_sockid id; __u32 idiag_expires; __u32 idiag_rqueue; __u32 idiag_wqueue; __u32 idiag_uid; __u32 idiag_inode; }; /* Extensions */ enum { INET_DIAG_NONE, INET_DIAG_MEMINFO, INET_DIAG_INFO, INET_DIAG_VEGASINFO, INET_DIAG_CONG, }; #define INET_DIAG_MAX INET_DIAG_CONG /* INET_DIAG_MEM */ struct inet_diag_meminfo { __u32 idiag_rmem; __u32 idiag_wmem; __u32 idiag_fmem; __u32 idiag_tmem; }; /* INET_DIAG_VEGASINFO */ struct tcpvegas_info { __u32 tcpv_enabled; __u32 tcpv_rttcnt; __u32 tcpv_rtt; __u32 tcpv_minrtt; }; #ifdef __KERNEL__ struct sock; struct inet_hashinfo; struct inet_diag_handler { struct inet_hashinfo *idiag_hashinfo; void (*idiag_get_info)(struct sock *sk, struct inet_diag_msg *r, void *info); __u16 idiag_info_size; __u16 idiag_type; }; extern int inet_diag_register(const struct inet_diag_handler *handler); extern void inet_diag_unregister(const struct inet_diag_handler *handler); #endif /* __KERNEL__ */ #endif /* _INET_DIAG_H_ */