--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/linux/minix_fs.h

#ifndef _LINUX_MINIX_FS_H #define _LINUX_MINIX_FS_H /* * The minix filesystem constants/structures */ /* * Thanks to Kees J Bot for sending me the definitions of the new * minix filesystem (aka V2) with bigger inodes and 32-bit block * pointers. */ #define MINIX_ROOT_INO 1 /* Not the same as the bogus LINK_MAX in <linux/limits.h>. Oh well. */ #define MINIX_LINK_MAX 250 #define MINIX2_LINK_MAX 65530 #define MINIX_I_MAP_SLOTS 8 #define MINIX_Z_MAP_SLOTS 64 #define MINIX_SUPER_MAGIC 0x137F /* original minix fs */ #define MINIX_SUPER_MAGIC2 0x138F /* minix fs, 30 char names */ #define MINIX2_SUPER_MAGIC 0x2468 /* minix V2 fs */ #define MINIX2_SUPER_MAGIC2 0x2478 /* minix V2 fs, 30 char names */ #define MINIX_VALID_FS 0x0001 /* Clean fs. */ #define MINIX_ERROR_FS 0x0002 /* fs has errors. */ #define MINIX_INODES_PER_BLOCK ((BLOCK_SIZE)/(sizeof (struct minix_inode))) #define MINIX2_INODES_PER_BLOCK ((BLOCK_SIZE)/(sizeof (struct minix2_inode))) /* * This is the original minix inode layout on disk. * Note the 8-bit gid and atime and ctime. */ struct minix_inode { __u16 i_mode; __u16 i_uid; __u32 i_size; __u32 i_time; __u8 i_gid; __u8 i_nlinks; __u16 i_zone[9]; }; /* * The new minix inode has all the time entries, as well as * long block numbers and a third indirect block (7+1+1+1 * instead of 7+1+1). Also, some previously 8-bit values are * now 16-bit. The inode is now 64 bytes instead of 32. */ struct minix2_inode { __u16 i_mode; __u16 i_nlinks; __u16 i_uid; __u16 i_gid; __u32 i_size; __u32 i_atime; __u32 i_mtime; __u32 i_ctime; __u32 i_zone[10]; }; /* * minix super-block data on disk */ struct minix_super_block { __u16 s_ninodes; __u16 s_nzones; __u16 s_imap_blocks; __u16 s_zmap_blocks; __u16 s_firstdatazone; __u16 s_log_zone_size; __u32 s_max_size; __u16 s_magic; __u16 s_state; __u32 s_zones; }; struct minix_dir_entry { __u16 inode; char name[0]; }; #endif