--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/linux/netfilter_bridge/ebt_ulog.h

#ifndef _EBT_ULOG_H #define _EBT_ULOG_H #define EBT_ULOG_DEFAULT_NLGROUP 0 #define EBT_ULOG_DEFAULT_QTHRESHOLD 1 #define EBT_ULOG_MAXNLGROUPS 32 /* hardcoded netlink max */ #define EBT_ULOG_PREFIX_LEN 32 #define EBT_ULOG_MAX_QLEN 50 #define EBT_ULOG_WATCHER "ulog" #define EBT_ULOG_VERSION 1 struct ebt_ulog_info { uint32_t nlgroup; unsigned int cprange; unsigned int qthreshold; char prefix[EBT_ULOG_PREFIX_LEN]; }; typedef struct ebt_ulog_packet_msg { int version; char indev[IFNAMSIZ]; char outdev[IFNAMSIZ]; char physindev[IFNAMSIZ]; char physoutdev[IFNAMSIZ]; char prefix[EBT_ULOG_PREFIX_LEN]; struct timeval stamp; unsigned long mark; unsigned int hook; size_t data_len; /* The complete packet, including Ethernet header and perhaps * the VLAN header is appended */ unsigned char data[0] __attribute__ ((aligned (__alignof__(struct ebt_ulog_info)))); } ebt_ulog_packet_msg_t; #endif /* _EBT_ULOG_H */