--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/linux/netfilter_ipv4/ip_conntrack_helper.h

/* IP connection tracking helpers. */ #ifndef _IP_CONNTRACK_HELPER_H #define _IP_CONNTRACK_HELPER_H #include <linux/netfilter_ipv4/ip_conntrack.h> struct module; struct ip_conntrack_helper { struct list_head list; /* Internal use. */ const char *name; /* name of the module */ struct module *me; /* pointer to self */ unsigned int max_expected; /* Maximum number of concurrent * expected connections */ unsigned int timeout; /* timeout for expecteds */ /* Mask of things we will help (compared against server response) */ struct ip_conntrack_tuple tuple; struct ip_conntrack_tuple mask; /* Function to call when data passes; return verdict, or -1 to invalidate. */ int (*help)(struct sk_buff **pskb, struct ip_conntrack *ct, enum ip_conntrack_info conntrackinfo); int (*to_nfattr)(struct sk_buff *skb, const struct ip_conntrack *ct); }; extern int ip_conntrack_helper_register(struct ip_conntrack_helper *); extern void ip_conntrack_helper_unregister(struct ip_conntrack_helper *); /* Allocate space for an expectation: this is mandatory before calling ip_conntrack_expect_related. You will have to call put afterwards. */ extern struct ip_conntrack_expect * ip_conntrack_expect_alloc(struct ip_conntrack *master); extern void ip_conntrack_expect_put(struct ip_conntrack_expect *exp); /* Add an expected connection: can have more than one per connection */ extern int ip_conntrack_expect_related(struct ip_conntrack_expect *exp); extern void ip_conntrack_unexpect_related(struct ip_conntrack_expect *exp); #endif /*_IP_CONNTRACK_HELPER_H*/