--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/linux/netpoll.h

/* * Common code for low-level network console, dump, and debugger code * * Derived from netconsole, kgdb-over-ethernet, and netdump patches */ #ifndef _LINUX_NETPOLL_H #define _LINUX_NETPOLL_H #include <linux/netdevice.h> #include <linux/interrupt.h> #include <linux/rcupdate.h> #include <linux/list.h> struct netpoll; struct netpoll { struct net_device *dev; char dev_name[16], *name; void (*rx_hook)(struct netpoll *, int, char *, int); void (*drop)(struct sk_buff *skb); u32 local_ip, remote_ip; u16 local_port, remote_port; unsigned char local_mac[6], remote_mac[6]; }; struct netpoll_info { spinlock_t poll_lock; int poll_owner; int tries; int rx_flags; spinlock_t rx_lock; struct netpoll *rx_np; /* netpoll that registered an rx_hook */ }; void netpoll_poll(struct netpoll *np); void netpoll_send_udp(struct netpoll *np, const char *msg, int len); int netpoll_parse_options(struct netpoll *np, char *opt); int netpoll_setup(struct netpoll *np); int netpoll_trap(void); void netpoll_set_trap(int trap); void netpoll_cleanup(struct netpoll *np); int __netpoll_rx(struct sk_buff *skb); void netpoll_queue(struct sk_buff *skb); #ifdef CONFIG_NETPOLL static inline int netpoll_rx(struct sk_buff *skb) { struct netpoll_info *npinfo = skb->dev->npinfo; unsigned long flags; int ret = 0; if (!npinfo || (!npinfo->rx_np && !npinfo->rx_flags)) return 0; spin_lock_irqsave(&npinfo->rx_lock, flags); /* check rx_flags again with the lock held */ if (npinfo->rx_flags && __netpoll_rx(skb)) ret = 1; spin_unlock_irqrestore(&npinfo->rx_lock, flags); return ret; } static inline void *netpoll_poll_lock(struct net_device *dev) { rcu_read_lock(); /* deal with race on ->npinfo */ if (dev->npinfo) { spin_lock(&dev->npinfo->poll_lock); dev->npinfo->poll_owner = smp_processor_id(); return dev->npinfo; } return NULL; } static inline void netpoll_poll_unlock(void *have) { struct netpoll_info *npi = have; if (npi) { npi->poll_owner = -1; spin_unlock(&npi->poll_lock); } rcu_read_unlock(); } #else #define netpoll_rx(a) 0 #define netpoll_poll_lock(a) NULL #define netpoll_poll_unlock(a) #endif #endif