--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/linux/notifier.h

/* * Routines to manage notifier chains for passing status changes to any * interested routines. We need this instead of hard coded call lists so * that modules can poke their nose into the innards. The network devices * needed them so here they are for the rest of you. * * Alan Cox <> */ #ifndef _LINUX_NOTIFIER_H #define _LINUX_NOTIFIER_H #include <linux/errno.h> struct notifier_block { int (*notifier_call)(struct notifier_block *self, unsigned long, void *); struct notifier_block *next; int priority; }; #ifdef __KERNEL__ extern int notifier_chain_register(struct notifier_block **list, struct notifier_block *n); extern int notifier_chain_unregister(struct notifier_block **nl, struct notifier_block *n); extern int notifier_call_chain(struct notifier_block **n, unsigned long val, void *v); #define NOTIFY_DONE 0x0000 /* Don't care */ #define NOTIFY_OK 0x0001 /* Suits me */ #define NOTIFY_STOP_MASK 0x8000 /* Don't call further */ #define NOTIFY_BAD (NOTIFY_STOP_MASK|0x0002) /* Bad/Veto action */ /* * Clean way to return from the notifier and stop further calls. */ #define NOTIFY_STOP (NOTIFY_OK|NOTIFY_STOP_MASK) /* * Declared notifiers so far. I can imagine quite a few more chains * over time (eg laptop power reset chains, reboot chain (to clean * device units up), device [un]mount chain, module load/unload chain, * low memory chain, screenblank chain (for plug in modular screenblankers) * VC switch chains (for loadable kernel svgalib VC switch helpers) etc... */ /* netdevice notifier chain */ #define NETDEV_UP 0x0001 /* For now you can't veto a device up/down */ #define NETDEV_DOWN 0x0002 #define NETDEV_REBOOT 0x0003 /* Tell a protocol stack a network interface detected a hardware crash and restarted - we can use this eg to kick tcp sessions once done */ #define NETDEV_CHANGE 0x0004 /* Notify device state change */ #define NETDEV_REGISTER 0x0005 #define NETDEV_UNREGISTER 0x0006 #define NETDEV_CHANGEMTU 0x0007 #define NETDEV_CHANGEADDR 0x0008 #define NETDEV_GOING_DOWN 0x0009 #define NETDEV_CHANGENAME 0x000A #define NETDEV_FEAT_CHANGE 0x000B #define SYS_DOWN 0x0001 /* Notify of system down */ #define SYS_RESTART SYS_DOWN #define SYS_HALT 0x0002 /* Notify of system halt */ #define SYS_POWER_OFF 0x0003 /* Notify of system power off */ #define NETLINK_URELEASE 0x0001 /* Unicast netlink socket released */ #define CPU_ONLINE 0x0002 /* CPU (unsigned)v is up */ #define CPU_UP_PREPARE 0x0003 /* CPU (unsigned)v coming up */ #define CPU_UP_CANCELED 0x0004 /* CPU (unsigned)v NOT coming up */ #define CPU_DOWN_PREPARE 0x0005 /* CPU (unsigned)v going down */ #define CPU_DOWN_FAILED 0x0006 /* CPU (unsigned)v NOT going down */ #define CPU_DEAD 0x0007 /* CPU (unsigned)v dead */ #endif /* __KERNEL__ */ #endif /* _LINUX_NOTIFIER_H */