--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/linux/pid.h

#ifndef _LINUX_PID_H #define _LINUX_PID_H enum pid_type { PIDTYPE_PID, PIDTYPE_TGID, PIDTYPE_PGID, PIDTYPE_SID, PIDTYPE_MAX }; struct pid { /* Try to keep pid_chain in the same cacheline as nr for find_pid */ int nr; struct hlist_node pid_chain; /* list of pids with the same nr, only one of them is in the hash */ struct list_head pid_list; }; #define pid_task(elem, type) \ list_entry(elem, struct task_struct, pids[type].pid_list) /* * attach_pid() and detach_pid() must be called with the tasklist_lock * write-held. */ extern int FASTCALL(attach_pid(struct task_struct *task, enum pid_type type, int nr)); extern void FASTCALL(detach_pid(struct task_struct *task, enum pid_type)); /* * look up a PID in the hash table. Must be called with the tasklist_lock * held. */ extern struct pid *FASTCALL(find_pid(enum pid_type, int)); extern int alloc_pidmap(void); extern void FASTCALL(free_pidmap(int)); extern void switch_exec_pids(struct task_struct *leader, struct task_struct *thread); #define do_each_task_pid(who, type, task) \ if ((task = find_task_by_pid_type(type, who))) { \ prefetch((task)->pids[type]; \ do { #define while_each_task_pid(who, type, task) \ } while (task = pid_task((task)->pids[type],\ type), \ prefetch((task)->pids[type], \ hlist_unhashed(&(task)->pids[type].pid_chain)); \ } \ #endif /* _LINUX_PID_H */