--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/linux/ppdev.h

/* * linux/drivers/char/ppdev.h * * User-space parallel port device driver (header file). * * Copyright (C) 1998-9 Tim Waugh <> * * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version * 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. * * Added PPGETTIME/PPSETTIME, Fred Barnes, 1999 * Added PPGETMODES/PPGETMODE/PPGETPHASE, Fred Barnes <>, 03/01/2001 */ #define PP_MAJOR 99 #define PP_IOCTL 'p' /* Set mode for read/write (e.g. IEEE1284_MODE_EPP) */ #define PPSETMODE _IOW(PP_IOCTL, 0x80, int) /* Read status */ #define PPRSTATUS _IOR(PP_IOCTL, 0x81, unsigned char) #define PPWSTATUS OBSOLETE__IOW(PP_IOCTL, 0x82, unsigned char) /* Read/write control */ #define PPRCONTROL _IOR(PP_IOCTL, 0x83, unsigned char) #define PPWCONTROL _IOW(PP_IOCTL, 0x84, unsigned char) struct ppdev_frob_struct { unsigned char mask; unsigned char val; }; #define PPFCONTROL _IOW(PP_IOCTL, 0x8e, struct ppdev_frob_struct) /* Read/write data */ #define PPRDATA _IOR(PP_IOCTL, 0x85, unsigned char) #define PPWDATA _IOW(PP_IOCTL, 0x86, unsigned char) /* Read/write econtrol (not used) */ #define PPRECONTROL OBSOLETE__IOR(PP_IOCTL, 0x87, unsigned char) #define PPWECONTROL OBSOLETE__IOW(PP_IOCTL, 0x88, unsigned char) /* Read/write FIFO (not used) */ #define PPRFIFO OBSOLETE__IOR(PP_IOCTL, 0x89, unsigned char) #define PPWFIFO OBSOLETE__IOW(PP_IOCTL, 0x8a, unsigned char) /* Claim the port to start using it */ #define PPCLAIM _IO(PP_IOCTL, 0x8b) /* Release the port when you aren't using it */ #define PPRELEASE _IO(PP_IOCTL, 0x8c) /* Yield the port (release it if another driver is waiting, * then reclaim) */ #define PPYIELD _IO(PP_IOCTL, 0x8d) /* Register device exclusively (must be before PPCLAIM). */ #define PPEXCL _IO(PP_IOCTL, 0x8f) /* Data line direction: non-zero for input mode. */ #define PPDATADIR _IOW(PP_IOCTL, 0x90, int) /* Negotiate a particular IEEE 1284 mode. */ #define PPNEGOT _IOW(PP_IOCTL, 0x91, int) /* Set control lines when an interrupt occurs. */ #define PPWCTLONIRQ _IOW(PP_IOCTL, 0x92, unsigned char) /* Clear (and return) interrupt count. */ #define PPCLRIRQ _IOR(PP_IOCTL, 0x93, int) /* Set the IEEE 1284 phase that we're in (e.g. IEEE1284_PH_FWD_IDLE) */ #define PPSETPHASE _IOW(PP_IOCTL, 0x94, int) /* Set and get port timeout (struct timeval's) */ #define PPGETTIME _IOR(PP_IOCTL, 0x95, struct timeval) #define PPSETTIME _IOW(PP_IOCTL, 0x96, struct timeval) /* Get available modes (what the hardware can do) */ #define PPGETMODES _IOR(PP_IOCTL, 0x97, unsigned int) /* Get the current mode and phaze */ #define PPGETMODE _IOR(PP_IOCTL, 0x98, int) #define PPGETPHASE _IOR(PP_IOCTL, 0x99, int) /* get/set flags */ #define PPGETFLAGS _IOR(PP_IOCTL, 0x9a, int) #define PPSETFLAGS _IOW(PP_IOCTL, 0x9b, int) /* flags visible to the world */ #define PP_FASTWRITE (1<<2) #define PP_FASTREAD (1<<3) #define PP_W91284PIC (1<<4) /* only masks user-visible flags */ #define PP_FLAGMASK (PP_FASTWRITE | PP_FASTREAD | PP_W91284PIC)