--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/linux/qnx4_fs.h

/* * Name : qnx4_fs.h * Author : Richard Frowijn * Function : qnx4 global filesystem definitions * Version : 1.0.2 * Last modified : 2000-01-31 * * History : 23-03-1998 created */ #ifndef _LINUX_QNX4_FS_H #define _LINUX_QNX4_FS_H #include <linux/qnxtypes.h> #define QNX4_ROOT_INO 1 #define QNX4_MAX_XTNTS_PER_XBLK 60 /* for di_status */ #define QNX4_FILE_USED 0x01 #define QNX4_FILE_MODIFIED 0x02 #define QNX4_FILE_BUSY 0x04 #define QNX4_FILE_LINK 0x08 #define QNX4_FILE_INODE 0x10 #define QNX4_FILE_FSYSCLEAN 0x20 #define QNX4_I_MAP_SLOTS 8 #define QNX4_Z_MAP_SLOTS 64 #define QNX4_SUPER_MAGIC 0x002f /* qnx4 fs detection */ #define QNX4_VALID_FS 0x0001 /* Clean fs. */ #define QNX4_ERROR_FS 0x0002 /* fs has errors. */ #define QNX4_BLOCK_SIZE 0x200 /* blocksize of 512 bytes */ #define QNX4_BLOCK_SIZE_BITS 9 /* blocksize shift */ #define QNX4_DIR_ENTRY_SIZE 0x040 /* dir entry size of 64 bytes */ #define QNX4_DIR_ENTRY_SIZE_BITS 6 /* dir entry size shift */ #define QNX4_XBLK_ENTRY_SIZE 0x200 /* xblk entry size */ #define QNX4_INODES_PER_BLOCK 0x08 /* 512 / 64 */ /* for filenames */ #define QNX4_SHORT_NAME_MAX 16 #define QNX4_NAME_MAX 48 /* * This is the original qnx4 inode layout on disk. */ struct qnx4_inode_entry { char di_fname[QNX4_SHORT_NAME_MAX]; qnx4_off_t di_size; qnx4_xtnt_t di_first_xtnt; __le32 di_xblk; __le32 di_ftime; __le32 di_mtime; __le32 di_atime; __le32 di_ctime; qnx4_nxtnt_t di_num_xtnts; qnx4_mode_t di_mode; qnx4_muid_t di_uid; qnx4_mgid_t di_gid; qnx4_nlink_t di_nlink; __u8 di_zero[4]; qnx4_ftype_t di_type; __u8 di_status; }; struct qnx4_link_info { char dl_fname[QNX4_NAME_MAX]; __le32 dl_inode_blk; __u8 dl_inode_ndx; __u8 dl_spare[10]; __u8 dl_status; }; struct qnx4_xblk { __le32 xblk_next_xblk; __le32 xblk_prev_xblk; __u8 xblk_num_xtnts; __u8 xblk_spare[3]; __le32 xblk_num_blocks; qnx4_xtnt_t xblk_xtnts[QNX4_MAX_XTNTS_PER_XBLK]; char xblk_signature[8]; qnx4_xtnt_t xblk_first_xtnt; }; struct qnx4_super_block { struct qnx4_inode_entry RootDir; struct qnx4_inode_entry Inode; struct qnx4_inode_entry Boot; struct qnx4_inode_entry AltBoot; }; #ifdef __KERNEL__ #define QNX4_DEBUG 0 #if QNX4_DEBUG #define QNX4DEBUG(X) printk X #else #define QNX4DEBUG(X) (void) 0 #endif struct qnx4_sb_info { struct buffer_head *sb_buf; /* superblock buffer */ struct qnx4_super_block *sb; /* our superblock */ unsigned int Version; /* may be useful */ struct qnx4_inode_entry *BitMap; /* useful */ }; struct qnx4_inode_info { struct qnx4_inode_entry raw; loff_t mmu_private; struct inode vfs_inode; }; extern struct dentry *qnx4_lookup(struct inode *dir, struct dentry *dentry, struct nameidata *nd); extern unsigned long qnx4_count_free_blocks(struct super_block *sb); extern unsigned long qnx4_block_map(struct inode *inode, long iblock); extern struct buffer_head *qnx4_bread(struct inode *, int, int); extern struct inode_operations qnx4_file_inode_operations; extern struct inode_operations qnx4_dir_inode_operations; extern struct file_operations qnx4_file_operations; extern struct file_operations qnx4_dir_operations; extern int qnx4_is_free(struct super_block *sb, long block); extern int qnx4_set_bitmap(struct super_block *sb, long block, int busy); extern int qnx4_create(struct inode *inode, struct dentry *dentry, int mode, struct nameidata *nd); extern void qnx4_truncate(struct inode *inode); extern void qnx4_free_inode(struct inode *inode); extern int qnx4_unlink(struct inode *dir, struct dentry *dentry); extern int qnx4_rmdir(struct inode *dir, struct dentry *dentry); extern int qnx4_sync_file(struct file *file, struct dentry *dentry, int); extern int qnx4_sync_inode(struct inode *inode); static inline struct qnx4_sb_info *qnx4_sb(struct super_block *sb) { return sb->s_fs_info; } static inline struct qnx4_inode_info *qnx4_i(struct inode *inode) { return container_of(inode, struct qnx4_inode_info, vfs_inode); } static inline struct qnx4_inode_entry *qnx4_raw_inode(struct inode *inode) { return &qnx4_i(inode)->raw; } #endif /* __KERNEL__ */ #endif