--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/linux/serialP.h

/* * Private header file for the (dumb) serial driver * * Copyright (C) 1997 by Theodore Ts'o. * * Redistribution of this file is permitted under the terms of the GNU * Public License (GPL) */ #ifndef _LINUX_SERIALP_H #define _LINUX_SERIALP_H /* * This is our internal structure for each serial port's state. * * Many fields are paralleled by the structure used by the serial_struct * structure. * * For definitions of the flags field, see tty.h */ #include <linux/config.h> #include <linux/termios.h> #include <linux/workqueue.h> #include <linux/interrupt.h> #include <linux/circ_buf.h> #include <linux/wait.h> struct serial_state { int magic; int baud_base; unsigned long port; int irq; int flags; int hub6; int type; int line; int revision; /* Chip revision (950) */ int xmit_fifo_size; int custom_divisor; int count; u8 *iomem_base; u16 iomem_reg_shift; unsigned short close_delay; unsigned short closing_wait; /* time to wait before closing */ struct async_icount icount; int io_type; struct async_struct *info; struct pci_dev *dev; }; struct async_struct { int magic; unsigned long port; int hub6; int flags; int xmit_fifo_size; struct serial_state *state; struct tty_struct *tty; int read_status_mask; int ignore_status_mask; int timeout; int quot; int x_char; /* xon/xoff character */ int close_delay; unsigned short closing_wait; unsigned short closing_wait2; /* obsolete */ int IER; /* Interrupt Enable Register */ int MCR; /* Modem control register */ int LCR; /* Line control register */ int ACR; /* 16950 Additional Control Reg. */ unsigned long event; unsigned long last_active; int line; int blocked_open; /* # of blocked opens */ struct circ_buf xmit; spinlock_t xmit_lock; u8 *iomem_base; u16 iomem_reg_shift; int io_type; struct work_struct work; struct tasklet_struct tlet; #ifdef DECLARE_WAITQUEUE wait_queue_head_t open_wait; wait_queue_head_t close_wait; wait_queue_head_t delta_msr_wait; #else struct wait_queue *open_wait; struct wait_queue *close_wait; struct wait_queue *delta_msr_wait; #endif struct async_struct *next_port; /* For the linked list */ struct async_struct *prev_port; }; #define CONFIGURED_SERIAL_PORT(info) ((info)->port || ((info)->iomem_base)) #define SERIAL_MAGIC 0x5301 #define SSTATE_MAGIC 0x5302 /* * Events are used to schedule things to happen at timer-interrupt * time, instead of at rs interrupt time. */ #define RS_EVENT_WRITE_WAKEUP 0 /* * Multiport serial configuration structure --- internal structure */ struct rs_multiport_struct { int port1; unsigned char mask1, match1; int port2; unsigned char mask2, match2; int port3; unsigned char mask3, match3; int port4; unsigned char mask4, match4; int port_monitor; }; #if defined(__alpha__) && !defined(CONFIG_PCI) /* * Digital did something really horribly wrong with the OUT1 and OUT2 * lines on at least some ALPHA's. The failure mode is that if either * is cleared, the machine locks up with endless interrupts. * * This is still used by arch/mips/au1000/common/serial.c for some weird * reason (mips != alpha!) */ #define ALPHA_KLUDGE_MCR (UART_MCR_OUT2 | UART_MCR_OUT1) #elif defined(CONFIG_SBC8560) /* * WindRiver did something similarly broken on their SBC8560 board. The * UART tristates its IRQ output while OUT2 is clear, but they pulled * the interrupt line _up_ instead of down, so if we register the IRQ * while the UART is in that state, we die in an IRQ storm. */ #define ALPHA_KLUDGE_MCR (UART_MCR_OUT2) #else #define ALPHA_KLUDGE_MCR 0 #endif #endif /* _LINUX_SERIAL_H */