--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/linux/spi/flash.h

#ifndef LINUX_SPI_FLASH_H #define LINUX_SPI_FLASH_H struct mtd_partition; /** * struct flash_platform_data: board-specific flash data * @name: optional flash device name (eg, as used with mtdparts=) * @parts: optional array of mtd_partitions for static partitioning * @nr_parts: number of mtd_partitions for static partitoning * @type: optional flash device type (e.g. m25p80 vs m25p64), for use * with chips that can't be queried for JEDEC or other IDs * * Board init code (in arch/.../mach-xxx/board-yyy.c files) can * provide information about SPI flash parts (such as DataFlash) to * help set up the device and its appropriate default partitioning. * * Note that for DataFlash, sizes for pages, blocks, and sectors are * rarely powers of two; and partitions should be sector-aligned. */ struct flash_platform_data { char *name; struct mtd_partition *parts; unsigned int nr_parts; char *type; /* we'll likely add more ... use JEDEC IDs, etc */ }; #endif