--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/mpfr.h

/* mpfr.h -- Include file for mpfr. Copyright 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 Free Software Foundation, Inc. This file is part of the MPFR Library. The MPFR Library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. The MPFR Library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Lesser General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License along with the MPFR Library; see the file COPYING.LIB. If not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA. */ #ifndef __MPFR_H #define __MPFR_H /* check if stdio.h is included */ #if defined (FILE) || defined (H_STDIO) || defined (_H_STDIO) \ || defined (_STDIO_H) || defined (_STDIO_H_) || defined (__STDIO_H__) \ || defined (_STDIO_INCLUDED) || defined (__dj_include_stdio_h_) #define _MPFR_H_HAVE_FILE 1 #endif /* Definition of rounding modes */ #define GMP_RNDN 0 #define GMP_RNDZ 1 #define GMP_RNDU 2 #define GMP_RNDD 3 /* Definition of exponent limits */ #define MPFR_EMAX_DEFAULT ((mp_exp_t) (((unsigned long) 1 << 31) - 1)) #define MPFR_EMIN_DEFAULT (-(MPFR_EMAX_DEFAULT)) #define MPFR_EMIN_MIN MPFR_EMIN_DEFAULT #define MPFR_EMIN_MAX MPFR_EMAX_DEFAULT #define MPFR_EMAX_MIN MPFR_EMIN_DEFAULT #define MPFR_EMAX_MAX MPFR_EMAX_DEFAULT /* Flags */ #define MPFR_FLAGS_UNDERFLOW 1 #define MPFR_FLAGS_OVERFLOW 2 #define MPFR_FLAGS_NAN 4 #define MPFR_FLAGS_INEXACT 8 #define MPFR_FLAGS_ALL 15 /* Definitions of types and their semantics */ typedef unsigned long int mp_prec_t; /* easy to change if necessary */ #define MPFR_PREC_MIN 2 #define MPFR_PREC_MAX (ULONG_MAX >> 1) /* Limit mainly due to the multiplication code. */ typedef int mp_rnd_t; typedef struct { mp_prec_t _mpfr_prec; /* WARNING : for the mpfr type, the precision */ /* should be understood as the number of BITS,*/ /* not the number of mp_limb_t's. This means */ /* that the corresponding number of allocated limbs is >= ceil(_mp_prec/BITS_PER_MP_LIMB) */ mp_size_t _mpfr_size; /* MPFR_ABSSIZE(.) is the number of allocated limbs the field _mp_d points to. The sign is that of _mpfr_size. The number 0 is such that _mp_d[k-1]=0 where k = ceil(_mp_prec/BITS_PER_MP_LIMB) */ mp_exp_t _mpfr_exp; mp_limb_t *_mpfr_d; } __mpfr_struct; /* The number represented is sign(_mpfr_size)*(_mpfr_d[k-1]/B+_mpfr_d[k-2]/B^2+...+_mpfr_d[0]/B^k)*2^_mpfr_exp where k=ceil(_mp_prec/BITS_PER_MP_LIMB) and B=2^BITS_PER_MP_LIMB. For the msb (most significant bit) normalized representation, we must have _mpfr_d[k-1]>=B/2, unless the number is zero (in that case its sign is still given by sign(_mpfr_size)). We must also have the last k*BITS_PER_MP_LIMB-_mp_prec bits set to zero. */ typedef __mpfr_struct mpfr_t[1]; typedef __mpfr_struct *mpfr_ptr; typedef __gmp_const __mpfr_struct *mpfr_srcptr; #define MPFR_SIGN(x) (((x)->_mpfr_size >> 31) ? -1 : 1) /* Prototypes */ #ifndef _PROTO #if defined (__STDC__) || defined (__cplusplus) #define _PROTO(x) x #else #define _PROTO(x) () #endif #endif /* _PROTO will be renamed __GMP_PROTO in gmp 4.1 */ #ifndef __GMP_PROTO #define __GMP_PROTO(x) _PROTO(x) #endif #if defined (__cplusplus) extern "C" { #endif extern unsigned int __mpfr_flags; extern mp_exp_t __mpfr_emin; extern mp_exp_t __mpfr_emax; mp_exp_t mpfr_get_emin _PROTO ((void)); int mpfr_set_emin _PROTO ((mp_exp_t)); mp_exp_t mpfr_get_emax _PROTO ((void)); int mpfr_set_emax _PROTO ((mp_exp_t)); void mpfr_clear_flags _PROTO ((void)); void mpfr_clear_underflow _PROTO ((void)); void mpfr_clear_overflow _PROTO ((void)); void mpfr_clear_nanflag _PROTO ((void)); void mpfr_clear_inexflag _PROTO ((void)); int mpfr_check_range _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_underflow_p _PROTO ((void)); int mpfr_overflow_p _PROTO ((void)); int mpfr_nanflag_p _PROTO ((void)); int mpfr_inexflag_p _PROTO ((void)); void mpfr_init2 _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mp_prec_t)); void mpfr_init _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr)); int mpfr_round_prec _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mp_rnd_t, mp_prec_t)); int mpfr_can_round _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mp_exp_t, mp_rnd_t, mp_rnd_t, mp_prec_t)); int mpfr_set_d _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, double, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_set_z _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); void mpfr_set_nan _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr)); void mpfr_set_inf _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, int)); mp_exp_t mpfr_get_z_exp _PROTO ((mpz_ptr, mpfr_srcptr)); int mpfr_set_q _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpq_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); double mpfr_get_d1 _PROTO ((mpfr_srcptr)); double mpfr_get_d _PROTO ((mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_set_f _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpf_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_set_si _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, long, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_set_ui _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, unsigned long, mp_rnd_t)); void mpfr_print_binary _PROTO ((mpfr_srcptr)); void mpfr_random _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr)); void mpfr_random2 _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mp_size_t, mp_exp_t)); void mpfr_urandomb _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, gmp_randstate_t)); void mpfr_clear _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr)); void mpfr_set_str_raw _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, char *)); int mpfr_set_str _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, __gmp_const char *, int, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_init_set_str _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, char *, int, mp_rnd_t)); char* mpfr_get_str _PROTO ((char *, mp_exp_t *, int, size_t, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); #ifdef _MPFR_H_HAVE_FILE size_t mpfr_inp_str _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, FILE *, int, mp_rnd_t)); size_t mpfr_out_str _PROTO ((FILE *, int, size_t, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); #endif int mpfr_mul _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_pow_ui _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, unsigned long int, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_ui_pow_ui _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, unsigned long int, unsigned long int, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_div _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); void mpfr_agm _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_sqrt _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_sqrt_ui _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, unsigned long, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_add _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_add_ui _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, unsigned long, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_sub_ui _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, unsigned long, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_add_one_ulp _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_sub _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_ui_sub _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, unsigned long, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); void mpfr_reldiff _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); void mpfr_const_pi _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mp_rnd_t)); void mpfr_const_log2 _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_const_euler _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_log _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_exp _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_exp2 _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_sin _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_sin_cos _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_cos _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_tan _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_mul_ui _PROTO((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, unsigned long int, mp_rnd_t)); void mpfr_set_machine_rnd_mode _PROTO ((mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_cmp_ui_2exp _PROTO ((mpfr_srcptr, unsigned long int, int)); int mpfr_cmp_si_2exp _PROTO ((mpfr_srcptr, long int, int)); int mpfr_mul_2exp _PROTO((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, unsigned long int, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_div_2exp _PROTO((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, unsigned long int, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_mul_2ui _PROTO((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, unsigned long int, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_div_2ui _PROTO((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, unsigned long int, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_mul_2si _PROTO((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, long int, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_div_2si _PROTO((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, long int, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_set_prec _PROTO((mpfr_ptr, mp_prec_t)); void mpfr_set_prec_raw _PROTO((mpfr_ptr, mp_prec_t)); void mpfr_set_default_prec _PROTO((mp_prec_t)); mp_prec_t mpfr_get_default_prec _PROTO((void)); extern mp_prec_t __mpfr_default_fp_bit_precision; extern mp_rnd_t __gmp_default_rounding_mode; char * mpfr_print_rnd_mode _PROTO((mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_neg _PROTO((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_sub_one_ulp _PROTO((mpfr_ptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_div_ui _PROTO((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, unsigned long int, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_ui_div _PROTO((mpfr_ptr, unsigned long int, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); mp_prec_t mpfr_get_prec _PROTO((mpfr_srcptr)); void mpfr_set_default_rounding_mode _PROTO((mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_eq _PROTO((mpfr_srcptr, mpfr_srcptr, unsigned long)); int mpfr_rint _PROTO((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_round _PROTO((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr)); int mpfr_trunc _PROTO((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr)); int mpfr_ceil _PROTO((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr)); int mpfr_floor _PROTO((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr)); void mpfr_extract _PROTO((mpz_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, unsigned int)); void mpfr_swap _PROTO((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_ptr)); void mpfr_dump _PROTO((mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_set4 _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t, int)); int mpfr_cmp3 _PROTO ((mpfr_srcptr, mpfr_srcptr, int)); int mpfr_nan_p _PROTO((mpfr_srcptr)); int mpfr_inf_p _PROTO((mpfr_srcptr)); int mpfr_number_p _PROTO((mpfr_srcptr)); int mpfr_acos _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_asin _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_atan _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_sinh _PROTO((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_tanh _PROTO((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_factorial _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, unsigned long int, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_ui_pow _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, unsigned long int, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_atanh _PROTO((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_acosh _PROTO((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_asinh _PROTO((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_cosh _PROTO((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_sinh _PROTO((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_tanh _PROTO((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_asin _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_atan _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_fac_ui _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, unsigned long int, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_fma _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_hypot _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_pow _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr,mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_pow_si _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, long int, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_isinteger _PROTO ((mpfr_srcptr)); int mpfr_log2 _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_log10 _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_log1p _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_expm1 _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_cbrt _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_min _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_max _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_dim _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_copysign _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpfr_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_mul_z _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpz_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_div_z _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpz_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_add_z _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpz_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_sub_z _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpz_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_mul_q _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpq_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_div_q _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpq_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_add_q _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpq_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); int mpfr_sub_q _PROTO ((mpfr_ptr, mpfr_srcptr, mpq_srcptr, mp_rnd_t)); #if defined (__cplusplus) } #endif /* prevent from using mpfr_get_e{min,max} as lvalues */ #define mpfr_get_emin() (__mpfr_emin + 0) #define mpfr_get_emax() (__mpfr_emax + 0) #define mpfr_clear_flags() \ ((void) (__mpfr_flags = 0)) #define mpfr_clear_underflow() \ ((void) (__mpfr_flags &= MPFR_FLAGS_ALL ^ MPFR_FLAGS_UNDERFLOW)) #define mpfr_clear_overflow() \ ((void) (__mpfr_flags &= MPFR_FLAGS_ALL ^ MPFR_FLAGS_OVERFLOW)) #define mpfr_clear_nanflag() \ ((void) (__mpfr_flags &= MPFR_FLAGS_ALL ^ MPFR_FLAGS_NAN)) #define mpfr_clear_inexflag() \ ((void) (__mpfr_flags &= MPFR_FLAGS_ALL ^ MPFR_FLAGS_INEXACT)) #define mpfr_underflow_p() \ ((int) (__mpfr_flags & MPFR_FLAGS_UNDERFLOW)) #define mpfr_overflow_p() \ ((int) (__mpfr_flags & MPFR_FLAGS_OVERFLOW)) #define mpfr_nanflag_p() \ ((int) (__mpfr_flags & MPFR_FLAGS_NAN)) #define mpfr_inexflag_p() \ ((int) (__mpfr_flags & MPFR_FLAGS_INEXACT)) #define mpfr_round(a,b) mpfr_rint((a), (b), GMP_RNDN) #define mpfr_trunc(a,b) mpfr_rint((a), (b), GMP_RNDZ) #define mpfr_ceil(a,b) mpfr_rint((a), (b), GMP_RNDU) #define mpfr_floor(a,b) mpfr_rint((a), (b), GMP_RNDD) #define mpfr_cmp_ui(b,i) mpfr_cmp_ui_2exp((b),(i),0) #define mpfr_cmp_si(b,i) mpfr_cmp_si_2exp((b),(i),0) #define mpfr_set(a,b,r) mpfr_set4(a,b,r,MPFR_SIGN(b)) #define mpfr_abs(a,b,r) mpfr_set4(a,b,r,1) #define mpfr_cmp(b, c) mpfr_cmp3(b, c, 1) #define mpfr_sgn(x) mpfr_cmp_ui(x,0) #define mpfr_mul_2exp(y,x,n,r) mpfr_mul_2ui((y),(x),(n),(r)) #define mpfr_div_2exp(y,x,n,r) mpfr_div_2ui((y),(x),(n),(r)) #define mpfr_init_set_si(x, i, rnd) \ ( mpfr_init(x), mpfr_set_si((x), (i), (rnd)) ) #define mpfr_init_set_ui(x, i, rnd) \ ( mpfr_init(x), mpfr_set_ui((x), (i), (rnd)) ) #define mpfr_init_set_d(x, d, rnd) \ ( mpfr_init(x), mpfr_set_d((x), (d), (rnd)) ) #define mpfr_init_set_z(x, i, rnd) \ ( mpfr_init(x), mpfr_set_z((x), (i), (rnd)) ) #define mpfr_init_set_q(x, i, rnd) \ ( mpfr_init(x), mpfr_set_q((x), (i), (rnd)) ) #define mpfr_init_set(x, y, rnd) \ ( mpfr_init(x), mpfr_set((x), (y), (rnd)) ) #define mpfr_init_set_f(x, y, rnd) \ ( mpfr_init(x), mpfr_set_f((x), (y), (rnd)) ) #endif