--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/mysql/mysql_com.h

/* Copyright (C) 2000 MySQL AB This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; version 2 of the License. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA */ /* ** Common definition between mysql server & client */ #ifndef _mysql_com_h #define _mysql_com_h #define NAME_LEN 64 /* Field/table name length */ #define HOSTNAME_LENGTH 60 #define USERNAME_LENGTH 16 #define SERVER_VERSION_LENGTH 60 #define SQLSTATE_LENGTH 5 /* USER_HOST_BUFF_SIZE -- length of string buffer, that is enough to contain username and hostname parts of the user identifier with trailing zero in MySQL standard format: user_name_part@host_name_part\0 */ #define USER_HOST_BUFF_SIZE HOSTNAME_LENGTH + USERNAME_LENGTH + 2 #define LOCAL_HOST "localhost" #define LOCAL_HOST_NAMEDPIPE "." #if defined(__WIN__) && !defined( _CUSTOMCONFIG_) #define MYSQL_NAMEDPIPE "MySQL" #define MYSQL_SERVICENAME "MySQL" #endif /* __WIN__ */ /* You should add new commands to the end of this list, otherwise old servers won't be able to handle them as 'unsupported'. */ enum enum_server_command { COM_SLEEP, COM_QUIT, COM_INIT_DB, COM_QUERY, COM_FIELD_LIST, COM_CREATE_DB, COM_DROP_DB, COM_REFRESH, COM_SHUTDOWN, COM_STATISTICS, COM_PROCESS_INFO, COM_CONNECT, COM_PROCESS_KILL, COM_DEBUG, COM_PING, COM_TIME, COM_DELAYED_INSERT, COM_CHANGE_USER, COM_BINLOG_DUMP, COM_TABLE_DUMP, COM_CONNECT_OUT, COM_REGISTER_SLAVE, COM_STMT_PREPARE, COM_STMT_EXECUTE, COM_STMT_SEND_LONG_DATA, COM_STMT_CLOSE, COM_STMT_RESET, COM_SET_OPTION, COM_STMT_FETCH, /* don't forget to update const char *command_name[] in */ /* Must be last */ COM_END }; /* Length of random string sent by server on handshake; this is also length of obfuscated password, recieved from client */ #define SCRAMBLE_LENGTH 20 #define SCRAMBLE_LENGTH_323 8 /* length of password stored in the db: new passwords are preceeded with '*' */ #define SCRAMBLED_PASSWORD_CHAR_LENGTH (SCRAMBLE_LENGTH*2+1) #define SCRAMBLED_PASSWORD_CHAR_LENGTH_323 (SCRAMBLE_LENGTH_323*2) #define NOT_NULL_FLAG 1 /* Field can't be NULL */ #define PRI_KEY_FLAG 2 /* Field is part of a primary key */ #define UNIQUE_KEY_FLAG 4 /* Field is part of a unique key */ #define MULTIPLE_KEY_FLAG 8 /* Field is part of a key */ #define BLOB_FLAG 16 /* Field is a blob */ #define UNSIGNED_FLAG 32 /* Field is unsigned */ #define ZEROFILL_FLAG 64 /* Field is zerofill */ #define BINARY_FLAG 128 /* Field is binary */ /* The following are only sent to new clients */ #define ENUM_FLAG 256 /* field is an enum */ #define AUTO_INCREMENT_FLAG 512 /* field is a autoincrement field */ #define TIMESTAMP_FLAG 1024 /* Field is a timestamp */ #define SET_FLAG 2048 /* field is a set */ #define NO_DEFAULT_VALUE_FLAG 4096 /* Field doesn't have default value */ #define NUM_FLAG 32768 /* Field is num (for clients) */ #define PART_KEY_FLAG 16384 /* Intern; Part of some key */ #define GROUP_FLAG 32768 /* Intern: Group field */ #define UNIQUE_FLAG 65536 /* Intern: Used by sql_yacc */ #define BINCMP_FLAG 131072 /* Intern: Used by sql_yacc */ #define REFRESH_GRANT 1 /* Refresh grant tables */ #define REFRESH_LOG 2 /* Start on new log file */ #define REFRESH_TABLES 4 /* close all tables */ #define REFRESH_HOSTS 8 /* Flush host cache */ #define REFRESH_STATUS 16 /* Flush status variables */ #define REFRESH_THREADS 32 /* Flush thread cache */ #define REFRESH_SLAVE 64 /* Reset master info and restart slave thread */ #define REFRESH_MASTER 128 /* Remove all bin logs in the index and truncate the index */ /* The following can't be set with mysql_refresh() */ #define REFRESH_READ_LOCK 16384 /* Lock tables for read */ #define REFRESH_FAST 32768 /* Intern flag */ /* RESET (remove all queries) from query cache */ #define REFRESH_QUERY_CACHE 65536 #define REFRESH_QUERY_CACHE_FREE 0x20000L /* pack query cache */ #define REFRESH_DES_KEY_FILE 0x40000L #define REFRESH_USER_RESOURCES 0x80000L #define CLIENT_LONG_PASSWORD 1 /* new more secure passwords */ #define CLIENT_FOUND_ROWS 2 /* Found instead of affected rows */ #define CLIENT_LONG_FLAG 4 /* Get all column flags */ #define CLIENT_CONNECT_WITH_DB 8 /* One can specify db on connect */ #define CLIENT_NO_SCHEMA 16 /* Don't allow database.table.column */ #define CLIENT_COMPRESS 32 /* Can use compression protocol */ #define CLIENT_ODBC 64 /* Odbc client */ #define CLIENT_LOCAL_FILES 128 /* Can use LOAD DATA LOCAL */ #define CLIENT_IGNORE_SPACE 256 /* Ignore spaces before '(' */ #define CLIENT_PROTOCOL_41 512 /* New 4.1 protocol */ #define CLIENT_INTERACTIVE 1024 /* This is an interactive client */ #define CLIENT_SSL 2048 /* Switch to SSL after handshake */ #define CLIENT_IGNORE_SIGPIPE 4096 /* IGNORE sigpipes */ #define CLIENT_TRANSACTIONS 8192 /* Client knows about transactions */ #define CLIENT_RESERVED 16384 /* Old flag for 4.1 protocol */ #define CLIENT_SECURE_CONNECTION 32768 /* New 4.1 authentication */ #define CLIENT_MULTI_STATEMENTS (1UL << 16) /* Enable/disable multi-stmt support */ #define CLIENT_MULTI_RESULTS (1UL << 17) /* Enable/disable multi-results */ #define CLIENT_SSL_VERIFY_SERVER_CERT (1UL << 30) #define CLIENT_REMEMBER_OPTIONS (1UL << 31) #define SERVER_STATUS_IN_TRANS 1 /* Transaction has started */ #define SERVER_STATUS_AUTOCOMMIT 2 /* Server in auto_commit mode */ #define SERVER_MORE_RESULTS_EXISTS 8 /* Multi query - next query exists */ #define SERVER_QUERY_NO_GOOD_INDEX_USED 16 #define SERVER_QUERY_NO_INDEX_USED 32 /* The server was able to fulfill the clients request and opened a read-only non-scrollable cursor for a query. This flag comes in reply to COM_STMT_EXECUTE and COM_STMT_FETCH commands. */ #define SERVER_STATUS_CURSOR_EXISTS 64 /* This flag is sent when a read-only cursor is exhausted, in reply to COM_STMT_FETCH command. */ #define SERVER_STATUS_LAST_ROW_SENT 128 #define SERVER_STATUS_DB_DROPPED 256 /* A database was dropped */ #define SERVER_STATUS_NO_BACKSLASH_ESCAPES 512 #define MYSQL_ERRMSG_SIZE 512 #define NET_READ_TIMEOUT 30 /* Timeout on read */ #define NET_WRITE_TIMEOUT 60 /* Timeout on write */ #define NET_WAIT_TIMEOUT 8*60*60 /* Wait for new query */ #define ONLY_KILL_QUERY 1 struct st_vio; /* Only C */ typedef struct st_vio Vio; #define MAX_TINYINT_WIDTH 3 /* Max width for a TINY w.o. sign */ #define MAX_SMALLINT_WIDTH 5 /* Max width for a SHORT w.o. sign */ #define MAX_MEDIUMINT_WIDTH 8 /* Max width for a INT24 w.o. sign */ #define MAX_INT_WIDTH 10 /* Max width for a LONG w.o. sign */ #define MAX_BIGINT_WIDTH 20 /* Max width for a LONGLONG */ #define MAX_CHAR_WIDTH 255 /* Max length for a CHAR colum */ #define MAX_BLOB_WIDTH 8192 /* Default width for blob */ typedef struct st_net { #if !defined(CHECK_EMBEDDED_DIFFERENCES) || !defined(EMBEDDED_LIBRARY) Vio* vio; unsigned char *buff,*buff_end,*write_pos,*read_pos; my_socket fd; /* For Perl DBI/dbd */ unsigned long max_packet,max_packet_size; unsigned int pkt_nr,compress_pkt_nr; unsigned int write_timeout, read_timeout, retry_count; int fcntl; my_bool compress; /* The following variable is set if we are doing several queries in one command ( as in LOAD TABLE ... FROM MASTER ), and do not want to confuse the client with OK at the wrong time */ unsigned long remain_in_buf,length, buf_length, where_b; unsigned int *return_status; unsigned char reading_or_writing; char save_char; my_bool no_send_ok; /* For SPs and other things that do multiple stmts */ my_bool no_send_eof; /* For SPs' first version read-only cursors */ /* Set if OK packet is already sent, and we do not need to send error messages */ my_bool no_send_error; /* Pointer to query object in query cache, do not equal NULL (0) for queries in cache that have not stored its results yet */ #endif char last_error[MYSQL_ERRMSG_SIZE], sqlstate[SQLSTATE_LENGTH+1]; unsigned int last_errno; unsigned char error; /* 'query_cache_query' should be accessed only via query cache functions and methods to maintain proper locking. */ gptr query_cache_query; my_bool report_error; /* We should report error (we have unreported error) */ my_bool return_errno; } NET; #define packet_error (~(unsigned long) 0) enum enum_field_types { MYSQL_TYPE_DECIMAL, MYSQL_TYPE_TINY, MYSQL_TYPE_SHORT, MYSQL_TYPE_LONG, MYSQL_TYPE_FLOAT, MYSQL_TYPE_DOUBLE, MYSQL_TYPE_NULL, MYSQL_TYPE_TIMESTAMP, MYSQL_TYPE_LONGLONG,MYSQL_TYPE_INT24, MYSQL_TYPE_DATE, MYSQL_TYPE_TIME, MYSQL_TYPE_DATETIME, MYSQL_TYPE_YEAR, MYSQL_TYPE_NEWDATE, MYSQL_TYPE_VARCHAR, MYSQL_TYPE_BIT, MYSQL_TYPE_NEWDECIMAL=246, MYSQL_TYPE_ENUM=247, MYSQL_TYPE_SET=248, MYSQL_TYPE_TINY_BLOB=249, MYSQL_TYPE_MEDIUM_BLOB=250, MYSQL_TYPE_LONG_BLOB=251, MYSQL_TYPE_BLOB=252, MYSQL_TYPE_VAR_STRING=253, MYSQL_TYPE_STRING=254, MYSQL_TYPE_GEOMETRY=255 }; /* For backward compatibility */ #define CLIENT_MULTI_QUERIES CLIENT_MULTI_STATEMENTS #define FIELD_TYPE_DECIMAL MYSQL_TYPE_DECIMAL #define FIELD_TYPE_NEWDECIMAL MYSQL_TYPE_NEWDECIMAL #define FIELD_TYPE_TINY MYSQL_TYPE_TINY #define FIELD_TYPE_SHORT MYSQL_TYPE_SHORT #define FIELD_TYPE_LONG MYSQL_TYPE_LONG #define FIELD_TYPE_FLOAT MYSQL_TYPE_FLOAT #define FIELD_TYPE_DOUBLE MYSQL_TYPE_DOUBLE #define FIELD_TYPE_NULL MYSQL_TYPE_NULL #define FIELD_TYPE_TIMESTAMP MYSQL_TYPE_TIMESTAMP #define FIELD_TYPE_LONGLONG MYSQL_TYPE_LONGLONG #define FIELD_TYPE_INT24 MYSQL_TYPE_INT24 #define FIELD_TYPE_DATE MYSQL_TYPE_DATE #define FIELD_TYPE_TIME MYSQL_TYPE_TIME #define FIELD_TYPE_DATETIME MYSQL_TYPE_DATETIME #define FIELD_TYPE_YEAR MYSQL_TYPE_YEAR #define FIELD_TYPE_NEWDATE MYSQL_TYPE_NEWDATE #define FIELD_TYPE_ENUM MYSQL_TYPE_ENUM #define FIELD_TYPE_SET MYSQL_TYPE_SET #define FIELD_TYPE_TINY_BLOB MYSQL_TYPE_TINY_BLOB #define FIELD_TYPE_MEDIUM_BLOB MYSQL_TYPE_MEDIUM_BLOB #define FIELD_TYPE_LONG_BLOB MYSQL_TYPE_LONG_BLOB #define FIELD_TYPE_BLOB MYSQL_TYPE_BLOB #define FIELD_TYPE_VAR_STRING MYSQL_TYPE_VAR_STRING #define FIELD_TYPE_STRING MYSQL_TYPE_STRING #define FIELD_TYPE_CHAR MYSQL_TYPE_TINY #define FIELD_TYPE_INTERVAL MYSQL_TYPE_ENUM #define FIELD_TYPE_GEOMETRY MYSQL_TYPE_GEOMETRY #define FIELD_TYPE_BIT MYSQL_TYPE_BIT /* Shutdown/kill enums and constants */ /* Bits for THD::killable. */ #define MYSQL_SHUTDOWN_KILLABLE_CONNECT (unsigned char)(1 << 0) #define MYSQL_SHUTDOWN_KILLABLE_TRANS (unsigned char)(1 << 1) #define MYSQL_SHUTDOWN_KILLABLE_LOCK_TABLE (unsigned char)(1 << 2) #define MYSQL_SHUTDOWN_KILLABLE_UPDATE (unsigned char)(1 << 3) enum mysql_enum_shutdown_level { /* We want levels to be in growing order of hardness (because we use number comparisons). Note that DEFAULT does not respect the growing property, but it's ok. */ SHUTDOWN_DEFAULT = 0, /* wait for existing connections to finish */ SHUTDOWN_WAIT_CONNECTIONS= MYSQL_SHUTDOWN_KILLABLE_CONNECT, /* wait for existing trans to finish */ SHUTDOWN_WAIT_TRANSACTIONS= MYSQL_SHUTDOWN_KILLABLE_TRANS, /* wait for existing updates to finish (=> no partial MyISAM update) */ SHUTDOWN_WAIT_UPDATES= MYSQL_SHUTDOWN_KILLABLE_UPDATE, /* flush InnoDB buffers and other storage engines' buffers*/ SHUTDOWN_WAIT_ALL_BUFFERS= (MYSQL_SHUTDOWN_KILLABLE_UPDATE << 1), /* don't flush InnoDB buffers, flush other storage engines' buffers*/ SHUTDOWN_WAIT_CRITICAL_BUFFERS= (MYSQL_SHUTDOWN_KILLABLE_UPDATE << 1) + 1, /* Now the 2 levels of the KILL command */ #if MYSQL_VERSION_ID >= 50000 KILL_QUERY= 254, #endif KILL_CONNECTION= 255 }; enum enum_cursor_type { CURSOR_TYPE_NO_CURSOR= 0, CURSOR_TYPE_READ_ONLY= 1, CURSOR_TYPE_FOR_UPDATE= 2, CURSOR_TYPE_SCROLLABLE= 4 }; /* options for mysql_set_option */ enum enum_mysql_set_option { MYSQL_OPTION_MULTI_STATEMENTS_ON, MYSQL_OPTION_MULTI_STATEMENTS_OFF }; #define net_new_transaction(net) ((net)->pkt_nr=0) #ifdef __cplusplus extern "C" { #endif my_bool my_net_init(NET *net, Vio* vio); void my_net_local_init(NET *net); void net_end(NET *net); void net_clear(NET *net); my_bool net_realloc(NET *net, unsigned long length); my_bool net_flush(NET *net); my_bool my_net_write(NET *net,const char *packet,unsigned long len); my_bool net_write_command(NET *net,unsigned char command, const char *header, unsigned long head_len, const char *packet, unsigned long len); int net_real_write(NET *net,const char *packet,unsigned long len); unsigned long my_net_read(NET *net); /* The following function is not meant for normal usage Currently it's used internally by manager.c */ struct sockaddr; int my_connect(my_socket s, const struct sockaddr *name, unsigned int namelen, unsigned int timeout); struct rand_struct { unsigned long seed1,seed2,max_value; double max_value_dbl; }; #ifdef __cplusplus } #endif /* The following is for user defined functions */ enum Item_result {STRING_RESULT=0, REAL_RESULT, INT_RESULT, ROW_RESULT, DECIMAL_RESULT}; typedef struct st_udf_args { unsigned int arg_count; /* Number of arguments */ enum Item_result *arg_type; /* Pointer to item_results */ char **args; /* Pointer to argument */ unsigned long *lengths; /* Length of string arguments */ char *maybe_null; /* Set to 1 for all maybe_null args */ char **attributes; /* Pointer to attribute name */ unsigned long *attribute_lengths; /* Length of attribute arguments */ } UDF_ARGS; /* This holds information about the result */ typedef struct st_udf_init { my_bool maybe_null; /* 1 if function can return NULL */ unsigned int decimals; /* for real functions */ unsigned long max_length; /* For string functions */ char *ptr; /* free pointer for function data */ my_bool const_item; /* 0 if result is independent of arguments */ } UDF_INIT; /* Constants when using compression */ #define NET_HEADER_SIZE 4 /* standard header size */ #define COMP_HEADER_SIZE 3 /* compression header extra size */ /* Prototypes to password functions */ #ifdef __cplusplus extern "C" { #endif /* These functions are used for authentication by client and server and implemented in sql/password.c */ void randominit(struct rand_struct *, unsigned long seed1, unsigned long seed2); double my_rnd(struct rand_struct *); void create_random_string(char *to, unsigned int length, struct rand_struct *rand_st); void hash_password(unsigned long *to, const char *password, unsigned int password_len); void make_scrambled_password_323(char *to, const char *password); void scramble_323(char *to, const char *message, const char *password); my_bool check_scramble_323(const char *, const char *message, unsigned long *salt); void get_salt_from_password_323(unsigned long *res, const char *password); void make_password_from_salt_323(char *to, const unsigned long *salt); void make_scrambled_password(char *to, const char *password); void scramble(char *to, const char *message, const char *password); my_bool check_scramble(const char *reply, const char *message, const unsigned char *hash_stage2); void get_salt_from_password(unsigned char *res, const char *password); void make_password_from_salt(char *to, const unsigned char *hash_stage2); char *octet2hex(char *to, const char *str, unsigned int len); /* end of password.c */ char *get_tty_password(char *opt_message); const char *mysql_errno_to_sqlstate(unsigned int mysql_errno); /* Some other useful functions */ my_bool my_init(void); extern int modify_defaults_file(const char *file_location, const char *option, const char *option_value, const char *section_name, int remove_option); int load_defaults(const char *conf_file, const char **groups, int *argc, char ***argv); my_bool my_thread_init(void); void my_thread_end(void); #ifdef _global_h ulong STDCALL net_field_length(uchar **packet); my_ulonglong net_field_length_ll(uchar **packet); char *net_store_length(char *pkg, ulonglong length); #endif #ifdef __cplusplus } #endif #define NULL_LENGTH ((unsigned long) ~0) /* For net_store_length */ #define MYSQL_STMT_HEADER 4 #define MYSQL_LONG_DATA_HEADER 6 #endif