--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/openssl/x509v3.h

/* x509v3.h */ /* Written by Dr Stephen N Henson ( for the OpenSSL * project 1999. */ /* ==================================================================== * Copyright (c) 1999-2004 The OpenSSL Project. All rights reserved. * * Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without * modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions * are met: * * 1. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright * notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer. * * 2. Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright * notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in * the documentation and/or other materials provided with the * distribution. * * 3. All advertising materials mentioning features or use of this * software must display the following acknowledgment: * "This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project * for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. (" * * 4. The names "OpenSSL Toolkit" and "OpenSSL Project" must not be used to * endorse or promote products derived from this software without * prior written permission. For written permission, please contact * * * 5. Products derived from this software may not be called "OpenSSL" * nor may "OpenSSL" appear in their names without prior written * permission of the OpenSSL Project. * * 6. Redistributions of any form whatsoever must retain the following * acknowledgment: * "This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project * for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit (" * * THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED BY THE OpenSSL PROJECT ``AS IS'' AND ANY * EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE * IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR * PURPOSE ARE DISCLAIMED. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE OpenSSL PROJECT OR * ITS CONTRIBUTORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, * SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING, BUT * NOT LIMITED TO, PROCUREMENT OF SUBSTITUTE GOODS OR SERVICES; * LOSS OF USE, DATA, OR PROFITS; OR BUSINESS INTERRUPTION) * HOWEVER CAUSED AND ON ANY THEORY OF LIABILITY, WHETHER IN CONTRACT, * STRICT LIABILITY, OR TORT (INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE) * ARISING IN ANY WAY OUT OF THE USE OF THIS SOFTWARE, EVEN IF ADVISED * OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE. * ==================================================================== * * This product includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young * ( This product includes software written by Tim * Hudson ( * */ #ifndef HEADER_X509V3_H #define HEADER_X509V3_H #include <openssl/bio.h> #include <openssl/x509.h> #include <openssl/conf.h> #ifdef __cplusplus extern "C" { #endif /* Forward reference */ struct v3_ext_method; struct v3_ext_ctx; /* Useful typedefs */ typedef void * (*X509V3_EXT_NEW)(void); typedef void (*X509V3_EXT_FREE)(void *); typedef void * (*X509V3_EXT_D2I)(void *, const unsigned char ** , long); typedef int (*X509V3_EXT_I2D)(void *, unsigned char **); typedef STACK_OF(CONF_VALUE) * (*X509V3_EXT_I2V)(struct v3_ext_method *method, void *ext, STACK_OF(CONF_VALUE) *extlist); typedef void * (*X509V3_EXT_V2I)(struct v3_ext_method *method, struct v3_ext_ctx *ctx, STACK_OF(CONF_VALUE) *values); typedef char * (*X509V3_EXT_I2S)(struct v3_ext_method *method, void *ext); typedef void * (*X509V3_EXT_S2I)(struct v3_ext_method *method, struct v3_ext_ctx *ctx, const char *str); typedef int (*X509V3_EXT_I2R)(struct v3_ext_method *method, void *ext, BIO *out, int indent); typedef void * (*X509V3_EXT_R2I)(struct v3_ext_method *method, struct v3_ext_ctx *ctx, const char *str); /* V3 extension structure */ struct v3_ext_method { int ext_nid; int ext_flags; /* If this is set the following four fields are ignored */ ASN1_ITEM_EXP *it; /* Old style ASN1 calls */ X509V3_EXT_NEW ext_new; X509V3_EXT_FREE ext_free; X509V3_EXT_D2I d2i; X509V3_EXT_I2D i2d; /* The following pair is used for string extensions */ X509V3_EXT_I2S i2s; X509V3_EXT_S2I s2i; /* The following pair is used for multi-valued extensions */ X509V3_EXT_I2V i2v; X509V3_EXT_V2I v2i; /* The following are used for raw extensions */ X509V3_EXT_I2R i2r; X509V3_EXT_R2I r2i; void *usr_data; /* Any extension specific data */ }; typedef struct X509V3_CONF_METHOD_st { char * (*get_string)(void *db, char *section, char *value); STACK_OF(CONF_VALUE) * (*get_section)(void *db, char *section); void (*free_string)(void *db, char * string); void (*free_section)(void *db, STACK_OF(CONF_VALUE) *section); } X509V3_CONF_METHOD; /* Context specific info */ struct v3_ext_ctx { #define CTX_TEST 0x1 int flags; X509 *issuer_cert; X509 *subject_cert; X509_REQ *subject_req; X509_CRL *crl; X509V3_CONF_METHOD *db_meth; void *db; /* Maybe more here */ }; typedef struct v3_ext_method X509V3_EXT_METHOD; DECLARE_STACK_OF(X509V3_EXT_METHOD) /* ext_flags values */ #define X509V3_EXT_DYNAMIC 0x1 #define X509V3_EXT_CTX_DEP 0x2 #define X509V3_EXT_MULTILINE 0x4 typedef BIT_STRING_BITNAME ENUMERATED_NAMES; typedef struct BASIC_CONSTRAINTS_st { int ca; ASN1_INTEGER *pathlen; } BASIC_CONSTRAINTS; typedef struct PKEY_USAGE_PERIOD_st { ASN1_GENERALIZEDTIME *notBefore; ASN1_GENERALIZEDTIME *notAfter; } PKEY_USAGE_PERIOD; typedef struct otherName_st { ASN1_OBJECT *type_id; ASN1_TYPE *value; } OTHERNAME; typedef struct EDIPartyName_st { ASN1_STRING *nameAssigner; ASN1_STRING *partyName; } EDIPARTYNAME; typedef struct GENERAL_NAME_st { #define GEN_OTHERNAME 0 #define GEN_EMAIL 1 #define GEN_DNS 2 #define GEN_X400 3 #define GEN_DIRNAME 4 #define GEN_EDIPARTY 5 #define GEN_URI 6 #define GEN_IPADD 7 #define GEN_RID 8 int type; union { char *ptr; OTHERNAME *otherName; /* otherName */ ASN1_IA5STRING *rfc822Name; ASN1_IA5STRING *dNSName; ASN1_TYPE *x400Address; X509_NAME *directoryName; EDIPARTYNAME *ediPartyName; ASN1_IA5STRING *uniformResourceIdentifier; ASN1_OCTET_STRING *iPAddress; ASN1_OBJECT *registeredID; /* Old names */ ASN1_OCTET_STRING *ip; /* iPAddress */ X509_NAME *dirn; /* dirn */ ASN1_IA5STRING *ia5;/* rfc822Name, dNSName, uniformResourceIdentifier */ ASN1_OBJECT *rid; /* registeredID */ ASN1_TYPE *other; /* x400Address */ } d; } GENERAL_NAME; typedef STACK_OF(GENERAL_NAME) GENERAL_NAMES; typedef struct ACCESS_DESCRIPTION_st { ASN1_OBJECT *method; GENERAL_NAME *location; } ACCESS_DESCRIPTION; typedef STACK_OF(ACCESS_DESCRIPTION) AUTHORITY_INFO_ACCESS; typedef STACK_OF(ASN1_OBJECT) EXTENDED_KEY_USAGE; DECLARE_STACK_OF(GENERAL_NAME) DECLARE_ASN1_SET_OF(GENERAL_NAME) DECLARE_STACK_OF(ACCESS_DESCRIPTION) DECLARE_ASN1_SET_OF(ACCESS_DESCRIPTION) typedef struct DIST_POINT_NAME_st { int type; union { GENERAL_NAMES *fullname; STACK_OF(X509_NAME_ENTRY) *relativename; } name; } DIST_POINT_NAME; typedef struct DIST_POINT_st { DIST_POINT_NAME *distpoint; ASN1_BIT_STRING *reasons; GENERAL_NAMES *CRLissuer; } DIST_POINT; typedef STACK_OF(DIST_POINT) CRL_DIST_POINTS; DECLARE_STACK_OF(DIST_POINT) DECLARE_ASN1_SET_OF(DIST_POINT) typedef struct AUTHORITY_KEYID_st { ASN1_OCTET_STRING *keyid; GENERAL_NAMES *issuer; ASN1_INTEGER *serial; } AUTHORITY_KEYID; /* Strong extranet structures */ typedef struct SXNET_ID_st { ASN1_INTEGER *zone; ASN1_OCTET_STRING *user; } SXNETID; DECLARE_STACK_OF(SXNETID) DECLARE_ASN1_SET_OF(SXNETID) typedef struct SXNET_st { ASN1_INTEGER *version; STACK_OF(SXNETID) *ids; } SXNET; typedef struct NOTICEREF_st { ASN1_STRING *organization; STACK_OF(ASN1_INTEGER) *noticenos; } NOTICEREF; typedef struct USERNOTICE_st { NOTICEREF *noticeref; ASN1_STRING *exptext; } USERNOTICE; typedef struct POLICYQUALINFO_st { ASN1_OBJECT *pqualid; union { ASN1_IA5STRING *cpsuri; USERNOTICE *usernotice; ASN1_TYPE *other; } d; } POLICYQUALINFO; DECLARE_STACK_OF(POLICYQUALINFO) DECLARE_ASN1_SET_OF(POLICYQUALINFO) typedef struct POLICYINFO_st { ASN1_OBJECT *policyid; STACK_OF(POLICYQUALINFO) *qualifiers; } POLICYINFO; typedef STACK_OF(POLICYINFO) CERTIFICATEPOLICIES; DECLARE_STACK_OF(POLICYINFO) DECLARE_ASN1_SET_OF(POLICYINFO) typedef struct POLICY_MAPPING_st { ASN1_OBJECT *issuerDomainPolicy; ASN1_OBJECT *subjectDomainPolicy; } POLICY_MAPPING; DECLARE_STACK_OF(POLICY_MAPPING) typedef STACK_OF(POLICY_MAPPING) POLICY_MAPPINGS; typedef struct GENERAL_SUBTREE_st { GENERAL_NAME *base; ASN1_INTEGER *minimum; ASN1_INTEGER *maximum; } GENERAL_SUBTREE; DECLARE_STACK_OF(GENERAL_SUBTREE) typedef struct NAME_CONSTRAINTS_st { STACK_OF(GENERAL_SUBTREE) *permittedSubtrees; STACK_OF(GENERAL_SUBTREE) *excludedSubtrees; } NAME_CONSTRAINTS; typedef struct POLICY_CONSTRAINTS_st { ASN1_INTEGER *requireExplicitPolicy; ASN1_INTEGER *inhibitPolicyMapping; } POLICY_CONSTRAINTS; /* Proxy certificate structures, see RFC 3820 */ typedef struct PROXY_POLICY_st { ASN1_OBJECT *policyLanguage; ASN1_OCTET_STRING *policy; } PROXY_POLICY; typedef struct PROXY_CERT_INFO_EXTENSION_st { ASN1_INTEGER *pcPathLengthConstraint; PROXY_POLICY *proxyPolicy; } PROXY_CERT_INFO_EXTENSION; DECLARE_ASN1_FUNCTIONS(PROXY_POLICY) DECLARE_ASN1_FUNCTIONS(PROXY_CERT_INFO_EXTENSION) #define X509V3_conf_err(val) ERR_add_error_data(6, "section:", val->section, \ ",name:", val->name, ",value:", val->value); #define X509V3_set_ctx_test(ctx) \ X509V3_set_ctx(ctx, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, CTX_TEST) #define X509V3_set_ctx_nodb(ctx) (ctx)->db = NULL; #define EXT_BITSTRING(nid, table) { nid, 0, ASN1_ITEM_ref(ASN1_BIT_STRING), \ 0,0,0,0, \ 0,0, \ (X509V3_EXT_I2V)i2v_ASN1_BIT_STRING, \ (X509V3_EXT_V2I)v2i_ASN1_BIT_STRING, \ NULL, NULL, \ table} #define EXT_IA5STRING(nid) { nid, 0, ASN1_ITEM_ref(ASN1_IA5STRING), \ 0,0,0,0, \ (X509V3_EXT_I2S)i2s_ASN1_IA5STRING, \ (X509V3_EXT_S2I)s2i_ASN1_IA5STRING, \ 0,0,0,0, \ NULL} #define EXT_END { -1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0} /* X509_PURPOSE stuff */ #define EXFLAG_BCONS 0x1 #define EXFLAG_KUSAGE 0x2 #define EXFLAG_XKUSAGE 0x4 #define EXFLAG_NSCERT 0x8 #define EXFLAG_CA 0x10 #define EXFLAG_SS 0x20 #define EXFLAG_V1 0x40 #define EXFLAG_INVALID 0x80 #define EXFLAG_SET 0x100 #define EXFLAG_CRITICAL 0x200 #define EXFLAG_PROXY 0x400 #define EXFLAG_INVALID_POLICY 0x400 #define KU_DIGITAL_SIGNATURE 0x0080 #define KU_NON_REPUDIATION 0x0040 #define KU_KEY_ENCIPHERMENT 0x0020 #define KU_DATA_ENCIPHERMENT 0x0010 #define KU_KEY_AGREEMENT 0x0008 #define KU_KEY_CERT_SIGN 0x0004 #define KU_CRL_SIGN 0x0002 #define KU_ENCIPHER_ONLY 0x0001 #define KU_DECIPHER_ONLY 0x8000 #define NS_SSL_CLIENT 0x80 #define NS_SSL_SERVER 0x40 #define NS_SMIME 0x20 #define NS_OBJSIGN 0x10 #define NS_SSL_CA 0x04 #define NS_SMIME_CA 0x02 #define NS_OBJSIGN_CA 0x01 #define NS_ANY_CA (NS_SSL_CA|NS_SMIME_CA|NS_OBJSIGN_CA) #define XKU_SSL_SERVER 0x1 #define XKU_SSL_CLIENT 0x2 #define XKU_SMIME 0x4 #define XKU_CODE_SIGN 0x8 #define XKU_SGC 0x10 #define XKU_OCSP_SIGN 0x20 #define XKU_TIMESTAMP 0x40 #define XKU_DVCS 0x80 #define X509_PURPOSE_DYNAMIC 0x1 #define X509_PURPOSE_DYNAMIC_NAME 0x2 typedef struct x509_purpose_st { int purpose; int trust; /* Default trust ID */ int flags; int (*check_purpose)(const struct x509_purpose_st *, const X509 *, int); char *name; char *sname; void *usr_data; } X509_PURPOSE; #define X509_PURPOSE_SSL_CLIENT 1 #define X509_PURPOSE_SSL_SERVER 2 #define X509_PURPOSE_NS_SSL_SERVER 3 #define X509_PURPOSE_SMIME_SIGN 4 #define X509_PURPOSE_SMIME_ENCRYPT 5 #define X509_PURPOSE_CRL_SIGN 6 #define X509_PURPOSE_ANY 7 #define X509_PURPOSE_OCSP_HELPER 8 #define X509_PURPOSE_MIN 1 #define X509_PURPOSE_MAX 8 /* Flags for X509V3_EXT_print() */ #define X509V3_EXT_UNKNOWN_MASK (0xfL << 16) /* Return error for unknown extensions */ #define X509V3_EXT_DEFAULT 0 /* Print error for unknown extensions */ #define X509V3_EXT_ERROR_UNKNOWN (1L << 16) /* ASN1 parse unknown extensions */ #define X509V3_EXT_PARSE_UNKNOWN (2L << 16) /* BIO_dump unknown extensions */ #define X509V3_EXT_DUMP_UNKNOWN (3L << 16) /* Flags for X509V3_add1_i2d */ #define X509V3_ADD_OP_MASK 0xfL #define X509V3_ADD_DEFAULT 0L #define X509V3_ADD_APPEND 1L #define X509V3_ADD_REPLACE 2L #define X509V3_ADD_REPLACE_EXISTING 3L #define X509V3_ADD_KEEP_EXISTING 4L #define X509V3_ADD_DELETE 5L #define X509V3_ADD_SILENT 0x10 DECLARE_STACK_OF(X509_PURPOSE) DECLARE_ASN1_FUNCTIONS(BASIC_CONSTRAINTS) DECLARE_ASN1_FUNCTIONS(SXNET) DECLARE_ASN1_FUNCTIONS(SXNETID) int SXNET_add_id_asc(SXNET **psx, char *zone, char *user, int userlen); int SXNET_add_id_ulong(SXNET **psx, unsigned long lzone, char *user, int userlen); int SXNET_add_id_INTEGER(SXNET **psx, ASN1_INTEGER *izone, char *user, int userlen); ASN1_OCTET_STRING *SXNET_get_id_asc(SXNET *sx, char *zone); ASN1_OCTET_STRING *SXNET_get_id_ulong(SXNET *sx, unsigned long lzone); ASN1_OCTET_STRING *SXNET_get_id_INTEGER(SXNET *sx, ASN1_INTEGER *zone); DECLARE_ASN1_FUNCTIONS(AUTHORITY_KEYID) DECLARE_ASN1_FUNCTIONS(PKEY_USAGE_PERIOD) DECLARE_ASN1_FUNCTIONS(GENERAL_NAME) ASN1_BIT_STRING *v2i_ASN1_BIT_STRING(X509V3_EXT_METHOD *method, X509V3_CTX *ctx, STACK_OF(CONF_VALUE) *nval); STACK_OF(CONF_VALUE) *i2v_ASN1_BIT_STRING(X509V3_EXT_METHOD *method, ASN1_BIT_STRING *bits, STACK_OF(CONF_VALUE) *extlist); STACK_OF(CONF_VALUE) *i2v_GENERAL_NAME(X509V3_EXT_METHOD *method, GENERAL_NAME *gen, STACK_OF(CONF_VALUE) *ret); int GENERAL_NAME_print(BIO *out, GENERAL_NAME *gen); DECLARE_ASN1_FUNCTIONS(GENERAL_NAMES) STACK_OF(CONF_VALUE) *i2v_GENERAL_NAMES(X509V3_EXT_METHOD *method, GENERAL_NAMES *gen, STACK_OF(CONF_VALUE) *extlist); GENERAL_NAMES *v2i_GENERAL_NAMES(X509V3_EXT_METHOD *method, X509V3_CTX *ctx, STACK_OF(CONF_VALUE) *nval); DECLARE_ASN1_FUNCTIONS(OTHERNAME) DECLARE_ASN1_FUNCTIONS(EDIPARTYNAME) char *i2s_ASN1_OCTET_STRING(X509V3_EXT_METHOD *method, ASN1_OCTET_STRING *ia5); ASN1_OCTET_STRING *s2i_ASN1_OCTET_STRING(X509V3_EXT_METHOD *method, X509V3_CTX *ctx, char *str); DECLARE_ASN1_FUNCTIONS(EXTENDED_KEY_USAGE) int i2a_ACCESS_DESCRIPTION(BIO *bp, ACCESS_DESCRIPTION* a); DECLARE_ASN1_FUNCTIONS(CERTIFICATEPOLICIES) DECLARE_ASN1_FUNCTIONS(POLICYINFO) DECLARE_ASN1_FUNCTIONS(POLICYQUALINFO) DECLARE_ASN1_FUNCTIONS(USERNOTICE) DECLARE_ASN1_FUNCTIONS(NOTICEREF) DECLARE_ASN1_FUNCTIONS(CRL_DIST_POINTS) DECLARE_ASN1_FUNCTIONS(DIST_POINT) DECLARE_ASN1_FUNCTIONS(DIST_POINT_NAME) DECLARE_ASN1_FUNCTIONS(ACCESS_DESCRIPTION) DECLARE_ASN1_FUNCTIONS(AUTHORITY_INFO_ACCESS) DECLARE_ASN1_ITEM(POLICY_MAPPING) DECLARE_ASN1_ALLOC_FUNCTIONS(POLICY_MAPPING) DECLARE_ASN1_ITEM(POLICY_MAPPINGS) DECLARE_ASN1_ITEM(GENERAL_SUBTREE) DECLARE_ASN1_ALLOC_FUNCTIONS(GENERAL_SUBTREE) DECLARE_ASN1_ITEM(NAME_CONSTRAINTS) DECLARE_ASN1_ALLOC_FUNCTIONS(NAME_CONSTRAINTS) DECLARE_ASN1_ALLOC_FUNCTIONS(POLICY_CONSTRAINTS) DECLARE_ASN1_ITEM(POLICY_CONSTRAINTS) #ifdef HEADER_CONF_H GENERAL_NAME *v2i_GENERAL_NAME(X509V3_EXT_METHOD *method, X509V3_CTX *ctx, CONF_VALUE *cnf); GENERAL_NAME *v2i_GENERAL_NAME_ex(GENERAL_NAME *out, X509V3_EXT_METHOD *method, X509V3_CTX *ctx, CONF_VALUE *cnf, int is_nc); void X509V3_conf_free(CONF_VALUE *val); X509_EXTENSION *X509V3_EXT_nconf_nid(CONF *conf, X509V3_CTX *ctx, int ext_nid, char *value); X509_EXTENSION *X509V3_EXT_nconf(CONF *conf, X509V3_CTX *ctx, char *name, char *value); int X509V3_EXT_add_nconf_sk(CONF *conf, X509V3_CTX *ctx, char *section, STACK_OF(X509_EXTENSION) **sk); int X509V3_EXT_add_nconf(CONF *conf, X509V3_CTX *ctx, char *section, X509 *cert); int X509V3_EXT_REQ_add_nconf(CONF *conf, X509V3_CTX *ctx, char *section, X509_REQ *req); int X509V3_EXT_CRL_add_nconf(CONF *conf, X509V3_CTX *ctx, char *section, X509_CRL *crl); X509_EXTENSION *X509V3_EXT_conf_nid(LHASH *conf, X509V3_CTX *ctx, int ext_nid, char *value); X509_EXTENSION *X509V3_EXT_conf(LHASH *conf, X509V3_CTX *ctx, char *name, char *value); int X509V3_EXT_add_conf(LHASH *conf, X509V3_CTX *ctx, char *section, X509 *cert); int X509V3_EXT_REQ_add_conf(LHASH *conf, X509V3_CTX *ctx, char *section, X509_REQ *req); int X509V3_EXT_CRL_add_conf(LHASH *conf, X509V3_CTX *ctx, char *section, X509_CRL *crl); int X509V3_add_value_bool_nf(char *name, int asn1_bool, STACK_OF(CONF_VALUE) **extlist); int X509V3_get_value_bool(CONF_VALUE *value, int *asn1_bool); int X509V3_get_value_int(CONF_VALUE *value, ASN1_INTEGER **aint); void X509V3_set_nconf(X509V3_CTX *ctx, CONF *conf); void X509V3_set_conf_lhash(X509V3_CTX *ctx, LHASH *lhash); #endif char * X509V3_get_string(X509V3_CTX *ctx, char *name, char *section); STACK_OF(CONF_VALUE) * X509V3_get_section(X509V3_CTX *ctx, char *section); void X509V3_string_free(X509V3_CTX *ctx, char *str); void X509V3_section_free( X509V3_CTX *ctx, STACK_OF(CONF_VALUE) *section); void X509V3_set_ctx(X509V3_CTX *ctx, X509 *issuer, X509 *subject, X509_REQ *req, X509_CRL *crl, int flags); int X509V3_add_value(const char *name, const char *value, STACK_OF(CONF_VALUE) **extlist); int X509V3_add_value_uchar(const char *name, const unsigned char *value, STACK_OF(CONF_VALUE) **extlist); int X509V3_add_value_bool(const char *name, int asn1_bool, STACK_OF(CONF_VALUE) **extlist); int X509V3_add_value_int(const char *name, ASN1_INTEGER *aint, STACK_OF(CONF_VALUE) **extlist); char * i2s_ASN1_INTEGER(X509V3_EXT_METHOD *meth, ASN1_INTEGER *aint); ASN1_INTEGER * s2i_ASN1_INTEGER(X509V3_EXT_METHOD *meth, char *value); char * i2s_ASN1_ENUMERATED(X509V3_EXT_METHOD *meth, ASN1_ENUMERATED *aint); char * i2s_ASN1_ENUMERATED_TABLE(X509V3_EXT_METHOD *meth, ASN1_ENUMERATED *aint); int X509V3_EXT_add(X509V3_EXT_METHOD *ext); int X509V3_EXT_add_list(X509V3_EXT_METHOD *extlist); int X509V3_EXT_add_alias(int nid_to, int nid_from); void X509V3_EXT_cleanup(void); X509V3_EXT_METHOD *X509V3_EXT_get(X509_EXTENSION *ext); X509V3_EXT_METHOD *X509V3_EXT_get_nid(int nid); int X509V3_add_standard_extensions(void); STACK_OF(CONF_VALUE) *X509V3_parse_list(const char *line); void *X509V3_EXT_d2i(X509_EXTENSION *ext); void *X509V3_get_d2i(STACK_OF(X509_EXTENSION) *x, int nid, int *crit, int *idx); X509_EXTENSION *X509V3_EXT_i2d(int ext_nid, int crit, void *ext_struc); int X509V3_add1_i2d(STACK_OF(X509_EXTENSION) **x, int nid, void *value, int crit, unsigned long flags); char *hex_to_string(unsigned char *buffer, long len); unsigned char *string_to_hex(char *str, long *len); int name_cmp(const char *name, const char *cmp); void X509V3_EXT_val_prn(BIO *out, STACK_OF(CONF_VALUE) *val, int indent, int ml); int X509V3_EXT_print(BIO *out, X509_EXTENSION *ext, unsigned long flag, int indent); int X509V3_EXT_print_fp(FILE *out, X509_EXTENSION *ext, int flag, int indent); int X509V3_extensions_print(BIO *out, char *title, STACK_OF(X509_EXTENSION) *exts, unsigned long flag, int indent); int X509_check_ca(X509 *x); int X509_check_purpose(X509 *x, int id, int ca); int X509_supported_extension(X509_EXTENSION *ex); int X509_PURPOSE_set(int *p, int purpose); int X509_check_issued(X509 *issuer, X509 *subject); int X509_PURPOSE_get_count(void); X509_PURPOSE * X509_PURPOSE_get0(int idx); int X509_PURPOSE_get_by_sname(char *sname); int X509_PURPOSE_get_by_id(int id); int X509_PURPOSE_add(int id, int trust, int flags, int (*ck)(const X509_PURPOSE *, const X509 *, int), char *name, char *sname, void *arg); char *X509_PURPOSE_get0_name(X509_PURPOSE *xp); char *X509_PURPOSE_get0_sname(X509_PURPOSE *xp); int X509_PURPOSE_get_trust(X509_PURPOSE *xp); void X509_PURPOSE_cleanup(void); int X509_PURPOSE_get_id(X509_PURPOSE *); STACK *X509_get1_email(X509 *x); STACK *X509_REQ_get1_email(X509_REQ *x); void X509_email_free(STACK *sk); ASN1_OCTET_STRING *a2i_IPADDRESS(const char *ipasc); ASN1_OCTET_STRING *a2i_IPADDRESS_NC(const char *ipasc); int X509V3_NAME_from_section(X509_NAME *nm, STACK_OF(CONF_VALUE)*dn_sk, unsigned long chtype); void X509_POLICY_NODE_print(BIO *out, X509_POLICY_NODE *node, int indent); /* BEGIN ERROR CODES */ /* The following lines are auto generated by the script Any changes * made after this point may be overwritten when the script is next run. */ void ERR_load_X509V3_strings(void); /* Error codes for the X509V3 functions. */ /* Function codes. */ #define X509V3_F_COPY_EMAIL 122 #define X509V3_F_COPY_ISSUER 123 #define X509V3_F_DO_DIRNAME 144 #define X509V3_F_DO_EXT_CONF 124 #define X509V3_F_DO_EXT_I2D 135 #define X509V3_F_DO_EXT_NCONF 151 #define X509V3_F_DO_I2V_NAME_CONSTRAINTS 148 #define X509V3_F_HEX_TO_STRING 111 #define X509V3_F_I2S_ASN1_ENUMERATED 121 #define X509V3_F_I2S_ASN1_IA5STRING 149 #define X509V3_F_I2S_ASN1_INTEGER 120 #define X509V3_F_I2V_AUTHORITY_INFO_ACCESS 138 #define X509V3_F_NOTICE_SECTION 132 #define X509V3_F_NREF_NOS 133 #define X509V3_F_POLICY_SECTION 131 #define X509V3_F_PROCESS_PCI_VALUE 150 #define X509V3_F_R2I_CERTPOL 130 #define X509V3_F_R2I_PCI 149 #define X509V3_F_S2I_ASN1_IA5STRING 100 #define X509V3_F_S2I_ASN1_INTEGER 108 #define X509V3_F_S2I_ASN1_OCTET_STRING 112 #define X509V3_F_S2I_ASN1_SKEY_ID 114 #define X509V3_F_S2I_SKEY_ID 115 #define X509V3_F_STRING_TO_HEX 113 #define X509V3_F_SXNET_ADD_ID_ASC 125 #define X509V3_F_SXNET_ADD_ID_INTEGER 126 #define X509V3_F_SXNET_ADD_ID_ULONG 127 #define X509V3_F_SXNET_GET_ID_ASC 128 #define X509V3_F_SXNET_GET_ID_ULONG 129 #define X509V3_F_V2I_ASN1_BIT_STRING 101 #define X509V3_F_V2I_AUTHORITY_INFO_ACCESS 139 #define X509V3_F_V2I_AUTHORITY_KEYID 119 #define X509V3_F_V2I_BASIC_CONSTRAINTS 102 #define X509V3_F_V2I_CRLD 134 #define X509V3_F_V2I_EXTENDED_KEY_USAGE 103 #define X509V3_F_V2I_GENERAL_NAMES 118 #define X509V3_F_V2I_GENERAL_NAME_EX 117 #define X509V3_F_V2I_ISSUER_ALT 153 #define X509V3_F_V2I_NAME_CONSTRAINTS 147 #define X509V3_F_V2I_POLICY_CONSTRAINTS 146 #define X509V3_F_V2I_POLICY_MAPPINGS 145 #define X509V3_F_V2I_SUBJECT_ALT 154 #define X509V3_F_V3_GENERIC_EXTENSION 116 #define X509V3_F_X509V3_ADD1_I2D 140 #define X509V3_F_X509V3_ADD_VALUE 105 #define X509V3_F_X509V3_EXT_ADD 104 #define X509V3_F_X509V3_EXT_ADD_ALIAS 106 #define X509V3_F_X509V3_EXT_CONF 107 #define X509V3_F_X509V3_EXT_I2D 136 #define X509V3_F_X509V3_EXT_NCONF 152 #define X509V3_F_X509V3_GET_SECTION 142 #define X509V3_F_X509V3_GET_STRING 143 #define X509V3_F_X509V3_GET_VALUE_BOOL 110 #define X509V3_F_X509V3_PARSE_LIST 109 #define X509V3_F_X509_PURPOSE_ADD 137 #define X509V3_F_X509_PURPOSE_SET 141 /* Reason codes. */ #define X509V3_R_BAD_IP_ADDRESS 118 #define X509V3_R_BAD_OBJECT 119 #define X509V3_R_BN_DEC2BN_ERROR 100 #define X509V3_R_BN_TO_ASN1_INTEGER_ERROR 101 #define X509V3_R_DIRNAME_ERROR 149 #define X509V3_R_DUPLICATE_ZONE_ID 133 #define X509V3_R_ERROR_CONVERTING_ZONE 131 #define X509V3_R_ERROR_CREATING_EXTENSION 144 #define X509V3_R_ERROR_IN_EXTENSION 128 #define X509V3_R_EXPECTED_A_SECTION_NAME 137 #define X509V3_R_EXTENSION_EXISTS 145 #define X509V3_R_EXTENSION_NAME_ERROR 115 #define X509V3_R_EXTENSION_NOT_FOUND 102 #define X509V3_R_EXTENSION_SETTING_NOT_SUPPORTED 103 #define X509V3_R_EXTENSION_VALUE_ERROR 116 #define X509V3_R_ILLEGAL_EMPTY_EXTENSION 151 #define X509V3_R_ILLEGAL_HEX_DIGIT 113 #define X509V3_R_INCORRECT_POLICY_SYNTAX_TAG 152 #define X509V3_R_INVALID_BOOLEAN_STRING 104 #define X509V3_R_INVALID_EXTENSION_STRING 105 #define X509V3_R_INVALID_NAME 106 #define X509V3_R_INVALID_NULL_ARGUMENT 107 #define X509V3_R_INVALID_NULL_NAME 108 #define X509V3_R_INVALID_NULL_VALUE 109 #define X509V3_R_INVALID_NUMBER 140 #define X509V3_R_INVALID_NUMBERS 141 #define X509V3_R_INVALID_OBJECT_IDENTIFIER 110 #define X509V3_R_INVALID_OPTION 138 #define X509V3_R_INVALID_POLICY_IDENTIFIER 134 #define X509V3_R_INVALID_PROXY_POLICY_SETTING 153 #define X509V3_R_INVALID_PURPOSE 146 #define X509V3_R_INVALID_SECTION 135 #define X509V3_R_INVALID_SYNTAX 143 #define X509V3_R_ISSUER_DECODE_ERROR 126 #define X509V3_R_MISSING_VALUE 124 #define X509V3_R_NEED_ORGANIZATION_AND_NUMBERS 142 #define X509V3_R_NO_CONFIG_DATABASE 136 #define X509V3_R_NO_ISSUER_CERTIFICATE 121 #define X509V3_R_NO_ISSUER_DETAILS 127 #define X509V3_R_NO_POLICY_IDENTIFIER 139 #define X509V3_R_NO_PROXY_CERT_POLICY_LANGUAGE_DEFINED 154 #define X509V3_R_NO_PUBLIC_KEY 114 #define X509V3_R_NO_SUBJECT_DETAILS 125 #define X509V3_R_ODD_NUMBER_OF_DIGITS 112 #define X509V3_R_OPERATION_NOT_DEFINED 148 #define X509V3_R_OTHERNAME_ERROR 147 #define X509V3_R_POLICY_LANGUAGE_ALREADTY_DEFINED 155 #define X509V3_R_POLICY_PATH_LENGTH 156 #define X509V3_R_POLICY_PATH_LENGTH_ALREADTY_DEFINED 157 #define X509V3_R_POLICY_SYNTAX_NOT_CURRENTLY_SUPPORTED 158 #define X509V3_R_POLICY_WHEN_PROXY_LANGUAGE_REQUIRES_NO_POLICY 159 #define X509V3_R_SECTION_NOT_FOUND 150 #define X509V3_R_UNABLE_TO_GET_ISSUER_DETAILS 122 #define X509V3_R_UNABLE_TO_GET_ISSUER_KEYID 123 #define X509V3_R_UNKNOWN_BIT_STRING_ARGUMENT 111 #define X509V3_R_UNKNOWN_EXTENSION 129 #define X509V3_R_UNKNOWN_EXTENSION_NAME 130 #define X509V3_R_UNKNOWN_OPTION 120 #define X509V3_R_UNSUPPORTED_OPTION 117 #define X509V3_R_USER_TOO_LONG 132 #ifdef __cplusplus } #endif #endif