--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/pbmfont.h

/* pbmfont.h - header file for font routines in libpbm */ struct glyph { int width, height; int x, y; int xadd; const char* bmap; }; struct font { int maxwidth, maxheight; int x, y; struct glyph* glyph[256]; /* for compatibility with old pbmtext routines */ /* oldfont is 0 if the font is BDF derived */ bit** oldfont; int fcols, frows; }; struct font* pbm_defaultfont(const char* const which); struct font* pbm_dissectfont ARGS(( bit** font, int frows, int fcols )); struct font* pbm_loadfont(const char * const filename); struct font* pbm_loadpbmfont(const char * const filename); struct font* pbm_loadbdffont(const char * const filename); void pbm_dumpfont ARGS(( struct font* fn )); int mk_argvn ARGS(( char* s, char* vec[], int max ));