--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/php5/Zend/zend_compile.h

/* +----------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Zend Engine | +----------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Copyright (c) 1998-2006 Zend Technologies Ltd. ( | +----------------------------------------------------------------------+ | This source file is subject to version 2.00 of the Zend license, | | that is bundled with this package in the file LICENSE, and is | | available through the world-wide-web at the following url: | | | | If you did not receive a copy of the Zend license and are unable to | | obtain it through the world-wide-web, please send a note to | | so we can mail you a copy immediately. | +----------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Authors: Andi Gutmans <> | | Zeev Suraski <> | +----------------------------------------------------------------------+ */ /* $Id: zend_compile.h,v 1.316.2.6 2006/01/04 23:53:04 andi Exp $ */ #ifndef ZEND_COMPILE_H #define ZEND_COMPILE_H #include "zend.h" #ifdef HAVE_STDARG_H # include <stdarg.h> #endif #include "zend_llist.h" #define DEBUG_ZEND 0 #define FREE_PNODE(znode) zval_dtor(&znode->u.constant); #define SET_UNUSED(op) (op).op_type = IS_UNUSED #define INC_BPC(op_array) if (CG(interactive)) { ((op_array)->backpatch_count++); } #define DEC_BPC(op_array) if (CG(interactive)) { ((op_array)->backpatch_count--); } #define HANDLE_INTERACTIVE() if (CG(interactive)) { execute_new_code(TSRMLS_C); } #define RESET_DOC_COMMENT() \ { \ if (CG(doc_comment)) { \ efree(CG(doc_comment)); \ CG(doc_comment) = NULL; \ } \ CG(doc_comment_len) = 0; \ } typedef struct _zend_op_array zend_op_array; typedef struct _zend_op zend_op; typedef struct _znode { int op_type; union { zval constant; zend_uint var; zend_uint opline_num; /* Needs to be signed */ zend_op_array *op_array; zend_op *jmp_addr; struct { zend_uint var; /* dummy */ zend_uint type; } EA; } u; } znode; typedef struct _zend_execute_data zend_execute_data; #define ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS zend_execute_data *execute_data TSRMLS_DC #define ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS_PASSTHRU execute_data TSRMLS_CC typedef int (*opcode_handler_t) (ZEND_OPCODE_HANDLER_ARGS); extern ZEND_API opcode_handler_t *zend_opcode_handlers; struct _zend_op { opcode_handler_t handler; znode result; znode op1; znode op2; ulong extended_value; uint lineno; zend_uchar opcode; }; typedef struct _zend_brk_cont_element { int cont; int brk; int parent; } zend_brk_cont_element; typedef struct _zend_try_catch_element { zend_uint try_op; zend_uint catch_op; /* ketchup! */ } zend_try_catch_element; /* method flags (types) */ #define ZEND_ACC_STATIC 0x01 #define ZEND_ACC_ABSTRACT 0x02 #define ZEND_ACC_FINAL 0x04 #define ZEND_ACC_IMPLEMENTED_ABSTRACT 0x08 /* class flags (types) */ /* ZEND_ACC_IMPLICIT_ABSTRACT_CLASS is used for abstract classes (since it is set by any abstract method even interfaces MAY have it set, too). */ /* ZEND_ACC_EXPLICIT_ABSTRACT_CLASS denotes that a class was explicitly defined as abstract by using the keyword. */ #define ZEND_ACC_IMPLICIT_ABSTRACT_CLASS 0x10 #define ZEND_ACC_EXPLICIT_ABSTRACT_CLASS 0x20 #define ZEND_ACC_FINAL_CLASS 0x40 #define ZEND_ACC_INTERFACE 0x80 /* method flags (visibility) */ /* The order of those must be kept - public < protected < private */ #define ZEND_ACC_PUBLIC 0x100 #define ZEND_ACC_PROTECTED 0x200 #define ZEND_ACC_PRIVATE 0x400 #define ZEND_ACC_PPP_MASK (ZEND_ACC_PUBLIC | ZEND_ACC_PROTECTED | ZEND_ACC_PRIVATE) #define ZEND_ACC_CHANGED 0x800 #define ZEND_ACC_IMPLICIT_PUBLIC 0x1000 /* method flags (special method detection) */ #define ZEND_ACC_CTOR 0x2000 #define ZEND_ACC_DTOR 0x4000 #define ZEND_ACC_CLONE 0x8000 /* method flag (bc only), any method that has this flag can be used statically and non statically. */ #define ZEND_ACC_ALLOW_STATIC 0x10000 /* shadow of parent's private method/property */ #define ZEND_ACC_SHADOW 0x20000 char *zend_visibility_string(zend_uint fn_flags); typedef struct _zend_property_info { zend_uint flags; char *name; int name_length; ulong h; char *doc_comment; int doc_comment_len; } zend_property_info; typedef struct _zend_arg_info { char *name; zend_uint name_len; char *class_name; zend_uint class_name_len; zend_bool array_type_hint; zend_bool allow_null; zend_bool pass_by_reference; zend_bool return_reference; int required_num_args; } zend_arg_info; typedef struct _zend_compiled_variable { char *name; int name_len; ulong hash_value; } zend_compiled_variable; struct _zend_op_array { /* Common elements */ zend_uchar type; char *function_name; zend_class_entry *scope; zend_uint fn_flags; union _zend_function *prototype; zend_uint num_args; zend_uint required_num_args; zend_arg_info *arg_info; zend_bool pass_rest_by_reference; unsigned char return_reference; /* END of common elements */ zend_uint *refcount; zend_op *opcodes; zend_uint last, size; zend_compiled_variable *vars; int last_var, size_var; zend_uint T; zend_brk_cont_element *brk_cont_array; zend_uint last_brk_cont; zend_uint current_brk_cont; zend_try_catch_element *try_catch_array; int last_try_catch; /* static variables support */ HashTable *static_variables; zend_op *start_op; int backpatch_count; zend_bool done_pass_two; zend_bool uses_this; char *filename; zend_uint line_start; zend_uint line_end; char *doc_comment; zend_uint doc_comment_len; void *reserved[ZEND_MAX_RESERVED_RESOURCES]; }; #define ZEND_RETURN_VALUE 0 #define ZEND_RETURN_REFERENCE 1 typedef struct _zend_internal_function { /* Common elements */ zend_uchar type; char *function_name; zend_class_entry *scope; zend_uint fn_flags; union _zend_function *prototype; zend_uint num_args; zend_uint required_num_args; zend_arg_info *arg_info; zend_bool pass_rest_by_reference; unsigned char return_reference; /* END of common elements */ void (*handler)(INTERNAL_FUNCTION_PARAMETERS); } zend_internal_function; #define ZEND_FN_SCOPE_NAME(function) ((function) && (function)->common.scope ? (function)->common.scope->name : "") typedef union _zend_function { zend_uchar type; /* MUST be the first element of this struct! */ struct { zend_uchar type; /* never used */ char *function_name; zend_class_entry *scope; zend_uint fn_flags; union _zend_function *prototype; zend_uint num_args; zend_uint required_num_args; zend_arg_info *arg_info; zend_bool pass_rest_by_reference; unsigned char return_reference; } common; zend_op_array op_array; zend_internal_function internal_function; } zend_function; typedef struct _zend_function_state { HashTable *function_symbol_table; zend_function *function; void *reserved[ZEND_MAX_RESERVED_RESOURCES]; } zend_function_state; typedef struct _zend_switch_entry { znode cond; int default_case; int control_var; } zend_switch_entry; typedef struct _list_llist_element { znode var; zend_llist dimensions; znode value; } list_llist_element; union _temp_variable; struct _zend_execute_data { struct _zend_op *opline; zend_function_state function_state; zend_function *fbc; /* Function Being Called */ zend_op_array *op_array; zval *object; union _temp_variable *Ts; zval ***CVs; zend_bool original_in_execution; HashTable *symbol_table; struct _zend_execute_data *prev_execute_data; zval *old_error_reporting; }; #define EX(element) execute_data.element #define IS_CONST (1<<0) #define IS_TMP_VAR (1<<1) #define IS_VAR (1<<2) #define IS_UNUSED (1<<3) /* Unused variable */ #define IS_CV (1<<4) /* Compiled variable */ #define EXT_TYPE_UNUSED (1<<0) #include "zend_globals.h" BEGIN_EXTERN_C() void init_compiler(TSRMLS_D); void shutdown_compiler(TSRMLS_D); void zend_init_compiler_data_structures(TSRMLS_D); extern ZEND_API zend_op_array *(*zend_compile_file)(zend_file_handle *file_handle, int type TSRMLS_DC); ZEND_API int lex_scan(zval *zendlval TSRMLS_DC); void startup_scanner(TSRMLS_D); void shutdown_scanner(TSRMLS_D); ZEND_API char *zend_set_compiled_filename(char *new_compiled_filename TSRMLS_DC); ZEND_API void zend_restore_compiled_filename(char *original_compiled_filename TSRMLS_DC); ZEND_API char *zend_get_compiled_filename(TSRMLS_D); ZEND_API int zend_get_compiled_lineno(TSRMLS_D); ZEND_API int zend_get_scanned_file_offset(TSRMLS_D); ZEND_API char* zend_get_compiled_variable_name(zend_op_array *op_array, zend_uint var, int* name_len); #ifdef ZTS const char *zend_get_zendtext(TSRMLS_D); int zend_get_zendleng(TSRMLS_D); #endif /* parser-driven code generators */ void zend_do_binary_op(zend_uchar op, znode *result, znode *op1, znode *op2 TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_unary_op(zend_uchar op, znode *result, znode *op1 TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_binary_assign_op(zend_uchar op, znode *result, znode *op1, znode *op2 TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_assign(znode *result, znode *variable, znode *value TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_assign_ref(znode *result, znode *lvar, znode *rvar TSRMLS_DC); void fetch_simple_variable(znode *result, znode *varname, int bp TSRMLS_DC); void fetch_simple_variable_ex(znode *result, znode *varname, int bp, zend_uchar op TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_indirect_references(znode *result, znode *num_references, znode *variable TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_fetch_static_variable(znode *varname, znode *static_assignment, int fetch_type TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_fetch_global_variable(znode *varname, znode *static_assignment, int fetch_type TSRMLS_DC); void fetch_array_begin(znode *result, znode *varname, znode *first_dim TSRMLS_DC); void fetch_array_dim(znode *result, znode *parent, znode *dim TSRMLS_DC); void fetch_string_offset(znode *result, znode *parent, znode *offset TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_fetch_static_member(znode *result, znode *class_znode TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_print(znode *result, znode *arg TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_echo(znode *arg TSRMLS_DC); typedef int (*unary_op_type)(zval *, zval *); ZEND_API unary_op_type get_unary_op(int opcode); ZEND_API void *get_binary_op(int opcode); void zend_do_while_cond(znode *expr, znode *close_bracket_token TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_while_end(znode *while_token, znode *close_bracket_token TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_do_while_begin(TSRMLS_D); void zend_do_do_while_end(znode *do_token, znode *expr_open_bracket, znode *expr TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_if_cond(znode *cond, znode *closing_bracket_token TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_if_after_statement(znode *closing_bracket_token, unsigned char initialize TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_if_end(TSRMLS_D); void zend_do_for_cond(znode *expr, znode *second_semicolon_token TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_for_before_statement(znode *cond_start, znode *second_semicolon_token TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_for_end(znode *second_semicolon_token TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_pre_incdec(znode *result, znode *op1, zend_uchar op TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_post_incdec(znode *result, znode *op1, zend_uchar op TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_begin_variable_parse(TSRMLS_D); void zend_do_end_variable_parse(int type, int arg_offset TSRMLS_DC); void zend_check_writable_variable(znode *variable); void zend_do_free(znode *op1 TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_init_string(znode *result TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_add_char(znode *result, znode *op1, znode *op2 TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_add_string(znode *result, znode *op1, znode *op2 TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_add_variable(znode *result, znode *op1, znode *op2 TSRMLS_DC); int zend_do_verify_access_types(znode *current_access_type, znode *new_modifier); void zend_do_begin_function_declaration(znode *function_token, znode *function_name, int is_method, int return_reference, znode *fn_flags_znode TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_end_function_declaration(znode *function_token TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_receive_arg(zend_uchar op, znode *var, znode *offset, znode *initialization, znode *class_type, znode *varname, zend_bool pass_by_reference TSRMLS_DC); int zend_do_begin_function_call(znode *function_name TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_begin_method_call(znode *left_bracket TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_clone(znode *result, znode *expr TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_begin_dynamic_function_call(znode *function_name TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_fetch_class(znode *result, znode *class_name TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_fetch_class_name(znode *result, znode *class_entry, znode *class_name TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_begin_class_member_function_call(znode *class_name, znode *method_name TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_end_function_call(znode *function_name, znode *result, znode *argument_list, int is_method, int is_dynamic_fcall TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_return(znode *expr, int do_end_vparse TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_handle_exception(TSRMLS_D); void zend_do_try(znode *try_token TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_begin_catch(znode *try_token, znode *catch_class, znode *catch_var, zend_bool first_catch TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_end_catch(znode *try_token TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_throw(znode *expr TSRMLS_DC); ZEND_API int do_bind_function(zend_op *opline, HashTable *function_table, zend_bool compile_time); ZEND_API zend_class_entry *do_bind_class(zend_op *opline, HashTable *class_table, zend_bool compile_time TSRMLS_DC); ZEND_API zend_class_entry *do_bind_inherited_class(zend_op *opline, HashTable *class_table, zend_class_entry *parent_ce, zend_bool compile_time TSRMLS_DC); ZEND_API void zend_do_inherit_interfaces(zend_class_entry *ce, zend_class_entry *iface TSRMLS_DC); ZEND_API void zend_do_implement_interface(zend_class_entry *ce, zend_class_entry *iface TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_implements_interface(znode *interface_znode TSRMLS_DC); ZEND_API void zend_do_inheritance(zend_class_entry *ce, zend_class_entry *parent_ce TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_early_binding(TSRMLS_D); void zend_do_pass_param(znode *param, zend_uchar op, int offset TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_boolean_or_begin(znode *expr1, znode *op_token TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_boolean_or_end(znode *result, znode *expr1, znode *expr2, znode *op_token TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_boolean_and_begin(znode *expr1, znode *op_token TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_boolean_and_end(znode *result, znode *expr1, znode *expr2, znode *op_token TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_brk_cont(zend_uchar op, znode *expr TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_switch_cond(znode *cond TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_switch_end(znode *case_list TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_case_before_statement(znode *case_list, znode *case_token, znode *case_expr TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_case_after_statement(znode *result, znode *case_token TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_default_before_statement(znode *case_list, znode *default_token TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_begin_class_declaration(znode *class_token, znode *class_name, znode *parent_class_name TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_end_class_declaration(znode *class_token, znode *parent_token TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_declare_property(znode *var_name, znode *value, zend_uint access_type TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_declare_implicit_property(TSRMLS_D); void zend_do_declare_class_constant(znode *var_name, znode *value TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_fetch_property(znode *result, znode *object, znode *property TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_push_object(znode *object TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_pop_object(znode *object TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_begin_new_object(znode *new_token, znode *class_type TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_end_new_object(znode *result, znode *new_token, znode *argument_list TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_fetch_constant(znode *result, znode *constant_container, znode *constant_name, int mode TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_shell_exec(znode *result, znode *cmd TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_init_array(znode *result, znode *expr, znode *offset, zend_bool is_ref TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_add_array_element(znode *result, znode *expr, znode *offset, zend_bool is_ref TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_add_static_array_element(znode *result, znode *offset, znode *expr); void zend_do_list_init(TSRMLS_D); void zend_do_list_end(znode *result, znode *expr TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_add_list_element(znode *element TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_new_list_begin(TSRMLS_D); void zend_do_new_list_end(TSRMLS_D); void zend_do_cast(znode *result, znode *expr, int type TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_include_or_eval(int type, znode *result, znode *op1 TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_unset(znode *variable TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_isset_or_isempty(int type, znode *result, znode *variable TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_instanceof(znode *result, znode *expr, znode *class_znode, int type TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_foreach_begin(znode *foreach_token, znode *open_brackets_token, znode *array, int variable TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_foreach_fetch(znode *foreach_token, znode *open_brackets_token, znode *as_token TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_foreach_cont(znode *foreach_token, znode *as_token, znode *value, znode *key TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_foreach_end(znode *foreach_token, znode *as_token TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_declare_begin(TSRMLS_D); void zend_do_declare_stmt(znode *var, znode *val TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_declare_end(znode *declare_token TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_end_heredoc(TSRMLS_D); void zend_do_exit(znode *result, znode *message TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_begin_silence(znode *strudel_token TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_end_silence(znode *strudel_token TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_begin_qm_op(znode *cond, znode *qm_token TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_qm_true(znode *true_value, znode *qm_token, znode *colon_token TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_qm_false(znode *result, znode *false_value, znode *qm_token, znode *colon_token TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_extended_info(TSRMLS_D); void zend_do_extended_fcall_begin(TSRMLS_D); void zend_do_extended_fcall_end(TSRMLS_D); void zend_do_ticks(TSRMLS_D); void zend_do_abstract_method(znode *function_name, znode *modifiers, znode *body TSRMLS_DC); ZEND_API void function_add_ref(zend_function *function); #define INITIAL_OP_ARRAY_SIZE 64 /* helper functions in zend_language_scanner.l */ ZEND_API zend_op_array *compile_file(zend_file_handle *file_handle, int type TSRMLS_DC); ZEND_API zend_op_array *compile_string(zval *source_string, char *filename TSRMLS_DC); ZEND_API zend_op_array *compile_filename(int type, zval *filename TSRMLS_DC); ZEND_API int zend_execute_scripts(int type TSRMLS_DC, zval **retval, int file_count, ...); ZEND_API int open_file_for_scanning(zend_file_handle *file_handle TSRMLS_DC); ZEND_API void init_op_array(zend_op_array *op_array, zend_uchar type, int initial_ops_size TSRMLS_DC); ZEND_API void destroy_op_array(zend_op_array *op_array TSRMLS_DC); ZEND_API void zend_destroy_file_handle(zend_file_handle *file_handle TSRMLS_DC); ZEND_API void zend_file_handle_dtor(zend_file_handle *fh); ZEND_API int zend_cleanup_class_data(zend_class_entry **pce TSRMLS_DC); ZEND_API int zend_cleanup_function_data(zend_function *function TSRMLS_DC); ZEND_API void destroy_zend_function(zend_function *function TSRMLS_DC); ZEND_API void zend_function_dtor(zend_function *function); ZEND_API void destroy_zend_class(zend_class_entry **pce); void zend_class_add_ref(zend_class_entry **ce); ZEND_API void zend_mangle_property_name(char **dest, int *dest_length, char *src1, int src1_length, char *src2, int src2_length, int internal); ZEND_API void zend_unmangle_property_name(char *mangled_property, char **prop_name, char **class_name); ZEND_API void zend_unmangle_property_name_ex(char *mangled_property, int mangled_property_len, char **prop_name, char **class_name); #define ZEND_FUNCTION_DTOR (void (*)(void *)) zend_function_dtor #define ZEND_CLASS_DTOR (void (*)(void *)) destroy_zend_class zend_op *get_next_op(zend_op_array *op_array TSRMLS_DC); void init_op(zend_op *op TSRMLS_DC); int get_next_op_number(zend_op_array *op_array); int print_class(zend_class_entry *class_entry TSRMLS_DC); void print_op_array(zend_op_array *op_array, int optimizations); int pass_two(zend_op_array *op_array TSRMLS_DC); zend_brk_cont_element *get_next_brk_cont_element(zend_op_array *op_array); void zend_do_first_catch(znode *open_parentheses TSRMLS_DC); void zend_initialize_try_catch_element(znode *try_token TSRMLS_DC); void zend_do_mark_last_catch(znode *first_catch, znode *last_additional_catch TSRMLS_DC); ZEND_API zend_bool zend_is_compiling(TSRMLS_D); ZEND_API char *zend_make_compiled_string_description(char *name TSRMLS_DC); ZEND_API void zend_initialize_class_data(zend_class_entry *ce, zend_bool nullify_handlers TSRMLS_DC); int zend_get_class_fetch_type(char *class_name, uint class_name_len); typedef zend_bool (*zend_auto_global_callback)(char *name, uint name_len TSRMLS_DC); typedef struct _zend_auto_global { char *name; uint name_len; zend_auto_global_callback auto_global_callback; zend_bool armed; } zend_auto_global; void zend_auto_global_dtor(zend_auto_global *auto_global); ZEND_API int zend_register_auto_global(char *name, uint name_len, zend_auto_global_callback auto_global_callback TSRMLS_DC); ZEND_API zend_bool zend_is_auto_global(char *name, uint name_len TSRMLS_DC); ZEND_API int zend_auto_global_disable_jit(char *varname, zend_uint varname_length TSRMLS_DC); int zendlex(znode *zendlval TSRMLS_DC); /* BEGIN: OPCODES */ #include "zend_vm_opcodes.h" #define ZEND_OP_DATA 137 /* END: OPCODES */ /* global/local fetches */ #define ZEND_FETCH_GLOBAL 0 #define ZEND_FETCH_LOCAL 1 #define ZEND_FETCH_STATIC 2 #define ZEND_FETCH_STATIC_MEMBER 3 #define ZEND_FETCH_GLOBAL_LOCK 4 /* class fetches */ #define ZEND_FETCH_CLASS_DEFAULT 0 #define ZEND_FETCH_CLASS_SELF 1 #define ZEND_FETCH_CLASS_PARENT 2 #define ZEND_FETCH_CLASS_MAIN 3 #define ZEND_FETCH_CLASS_GLOBAL 4 #define ZEND_FETCH_CLASS_AUTO 5 #define ZEND_FETCH_CLASS_INTERFACE 6 #define ZEND_FETCH_CLASS_NO_AUTOLOAD 0x80 /* variable parsing type (compile-time) */ #define ZEND_PARSED_MEMBER (1<<0) #define ZEND_PARSED_METHOD_CALL (1<<1) #define ZEND_PARSED_STATIC_MEMBER (1<<2) #define ZEND_PARSED_FUNCTION_CALL (1<<3) #define ZEND_PARSED_VARIABLE (1<<4) #define ZEND_PARSED_REFERENCE_VARIABLE (1<<5) /* unset types */ #define ZEND_UNSET_REG 0 /* var status for backpatching */ #define BP_VAR_R 0 #define BP_VAR_W 1 #define BP_VAR_RW 2 #define BP_VAR_IS 3 #define BP_VAR_NA 4 /* if not applicable */ #define BP_VAR_FUNC_ARG 5 #define BP_VAR_UNSET 6 #define ZEND_INTERNAL_FUNCTION 1 #define ZEND_USER_FUNCTION 2 #define ZEND_OVERLOADED_FUNCTION 3 #define ZEND_EVAL_CODE 4 #define ZEND_OVERLOADED_FUNCTION_TEMPORARY 5 #define ZEND_INTERNAL_CLASS 1 #define ZEND_USER_CLASS 2 #define ZEND_EVAL (1<<0) #define ZEND_INCLUDE (1<<1) #define ZEND_INCLUDE_ONCE (1<<2) #define ZEND_REQUIRE (1<<3) #define ZEND_REQUIRE_ONCE (1<<4) #define ZEND_ISSET (1<<0) #define ZEND_ISEMPTY (1<<1) #define ZEND_CT (1<<0) #define ZEND_RT (1<<1) #define ZEND_HANDLE_FILENAME 0 #define ZEND_HANDLE_FD 1 #define ZEND_HANDLE_FP 2 #define ZEND_HANDLE_STDIOSTREAM 3 #define ZEND_HANDLE_FSTREAM 4 #define ZEND_HANDLE_STREAM 5 #define ZEND_FETCH_STANDARD 0 #define ZEND_FETCH_ADD_LOCK 1 #define ZEND_FE_FETCH_BYREF 1 #define ZEND_FE_FETCH_WITH_KEY 2 #define ZEND_MEMBER_FUNC_CALL 1<<0 #define ZEND_ARG_SEND_BY_REF (1<<0) #define ZEND_ARG_COMPILE_TIME_BOUND (1<<1) #define ZEND_ARG_SEND_FUNCTION (1<<2) #define ZEND_SEND_BY_VAL 0 #define ZEND_SEND_BY_REF 1 #define ZEND_SEND_PREFER_REF 2 /* Lost In Stupid Parentheses */ #define ARG_SHOULD_BE_SENT_BY_REF(zf, arg_num) \ ( \ zf \ && ((zend_function *) zf)->common.arg_info \ && \ ( \ ( \ arg_num<=((zend_function *) zf)->common.num_args \ && ((zend_function *) zf)->common.arg_info[arg_num-1].pass_by_reference == ZEND_SEND_BY_REF \ ) \ || ( \ arg_num>((zend_function *) zf)->common.num_args \ && ((zend_function *) zf)->common.pass_rest_by_reference == ZEND_SEND_BY_REF \ ) \ ) \ ) #define ARG_MAY_BE_SENT_BY_REF(zf, arg_num) \ ( \ zf \ && ((zend_function *) zf)->common.arg_info \ && \ ( \ ( \ arg_num<=((zend_function *) zf)->common.num_args \ && ((zend_function *) zf)->common.arg_info[arg_num-1].pass_by_reference == ZEND_SEND_PREFER_REF \ ) \ || ( \ arg_num>((zend_function *) zf)->common.num_args \ && ((zend_function *) zf)->common.pass_rest_by_reference == ZEND_SEND_PREFER_REF \ ) \ ) \ ) #define ZEND_RETURN_VAL 0 #define ZEND_RETURN_REF 1 #define ZEND_RETURNS_FUNCTION 1<<0 END_EXTERN_C() #define ZEND_CLONE_FUNC_NAME "__clone" #define ZEND_CONSTRUCTOR_FUNC_NAME "__construct" #define ZEND_DESTRUCTOR_FUNC_NAME "__destruct" #define ZEND_GET_FUNC_NAME "__get" #define ZEND_SET_FUNC_NAME "__set" #define ZEND_UNSET_FUNC_NAME "__unset" #define ZEND_ISSET_FUNC_NAME "__isset" #define ZEND_CALL_FUNC_NAME "__call" #define ZEND_AUTOLOAD_FUNC_NAME "__autoload" #endif /* ZEND_COMPILE_H */ /* * Local variables: * tab-width: 4 * c-basic-offset: 4 * indent-tabs-mode: t * End: */