--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/php5/Zend/zend_extensions.h

/* +----------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Zend Engine | +----------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Copyright (c) 1998-2006 Zend Technologies Ltd. ( | +----------------------------------------------------------------------+ | This source file is subject to version 2.00 of the Zend license, | | that is bundled with this package in the file LICENSE, and is | | available through the world-wide-web at the following url: | | | | If you did not receive a copy of the Zend license and are unable to | | obtain it through the world-wide-web, please send a note to | | so we can mail you a copy immediately. | +----------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Authors: Andi Gutmans <> | | Zeev Suraski <> | +----------------------------------------------------------------------+ */ /* $Id: zend_extensions.h,v 2006/01/04 23:53:04 andi Exp $ */ #ifndef ZEND_EXTENSIONS_H #define ZEND_EXTENSIONS_H #include "zend_compile.h" /* The first number is the engine version and the rest is the date. * This way engine 2 API no. is always greater than engine 1 API no.. */ #define ZEND_EXTENSION_API_NO 220051025 typedef struct _zend_extension_version_info { int zend_extension_api_no; char *required_zend_version; unsigned char thread_safe; unsigned char debug; } zend_extension_version_info; typedef struct _zend_extension zend_extension; /* Typedef's for zend_extension function pointers */ typedef int (*startup_func_t)(zend_extension *extension); typedef void (*shutdown_func_t)(zend_extension *extension); typedef void (*activate_func_t)(void); typedef void (*deactivate_func_t)(void); typedef void (*message_handler_func_t)(int message, void *arg); typedef void (*op_array_handler_func_t)(zend_op_array *op_array); typedef void (*statement_handler_func_t)(zend_op_array *op_array); typedef void (*fcall_begin_handler_func_t)(zend_op_array *op_array); typedef void (*fcall_end_handler_func_t)(zend_op_array *op_array); typedef void (*op_array_ctor_func_t)(zend_op_array *op_array); typedef void (*op_array_dtor_func_t)(zend_op_array *op_array); struct _zend_extension { char *name; char *version; char *author; char *URL; char *copyright; startup_func_t startup; shutdown_func_t shutdown; activate_func_t activate; deactivate_func_t deactivate; message_handler_func_t message_handler; op_array_handler_func_t op_array_handler; statement_handler_func_t statement_handler; fcall_begin_handler_func_t fcall_begin_handler; fcall_end_handler_func_t fcall_end_handler; op_array_ctor_func_t op_array_ctor; op_array_dtor_func_t op_array_dtor; int (*api_no_check)(int api_no); void *reserved2; void *reserved3; void *reserved4; void *reserved5; void *reserved6; void *reserved7; void *reserved8; DL_HANDLE handle; int resource_number; }; BEGIN_EXTERN_C() ZEND_API int zend_get_resource_handle(zend_extension *extension); ZEND_API void zend_extension_dispatch_message(int message, void *arg); END_EXTERN_C() #define ZEND_EXTMSG_NEW_EXTENSION 1 #define ZEND_EXTENSION() \ ZEND_EXT_API zend_extension_version_info extension_version_info = { ZEND_EXTENSION_API_NO, ZEND_VERSION, ZTS_V, ZEND_DEBUG } #define STANDARD_ZEND_EXTENSION_PROPERTIES NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, -1 #define COMPAT_ZEND_EXTENSION_PROPERTIES NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, -1 ZEND_API extern zend_llist zend_extensions; void zend_extension_dtor(zend_extension *extension); void zend_append_version_info(zend_extension *extension); int zend_startup_extensions_mechanism(void); int zend_startup_extensions(void); void zend_shutdown_extensions(TSRMLS_D); BEGIN_EXTERN_C() ZEND_API int zend_load_extension(char *path); ZEND_API int zend_register_extension(zend_extension *new_extension, DL_HANDLE handle); ZEND_API zend_extension *zend_get_extension(char *extension_name); END_EXTERN_C() #endif /* ZEND_EXTENSIONS_H */ /* * Local variables: * tab-width: 4 * c-basic-offset: 4 * indent-tabs-mode: t * End: */