--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/php5/Zend/zend_globals.h

/* +----------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Zend Engine | +----------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Copyright (c) 1998-2006 Zend Technologies Ltd. ( | +----------------------------------------------------------------------+ | This source file is subject to version 2.00 of the Zend license, | | that is bundled with this package in the file LICENSE, and is | | available through the world-wide-web at the following url: | | | | If you did not receive a copy of the Zend license and are unable to | | obtain it through the world-wide-web, please send a note to | | so we can mail you a copy immediately. | +----------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Authors: Andi Gutmans <> | | Zeev Suraski <> | +----------------------------------------------------------------------+ */ /* $Id: zend_globals.h,v 2006/01/04 23:53:04 andi Exp $ */ #ifndef ZEND_GLOBALS_H #define ZEND_GLOBALS_H #include <setjmp.h> #include "zend_globals_macros.h" #include "zend_stack.h" #include "zend_ptr_stack.h" #include "zend_hash.h" #include "zend_llist.h" #include "zend_fast_cache.h" #include "zend_objects.h" #include "zend_objects_API.h" #include "zend_modules.h" #ifdef ZEND_MULTIBYTE #include "zend_multibyte.h" #endif /* ZEND_MULTIBYTE */ /* Define ZTS if you want a thread-safe Zend */ /*#undef ZTS*/ #ifdef ZTS BEGIN_EXTERN_C() ZEND_API extern int compiler_globals_id; ZEND_API extern int executor_globals_id; ZEND_API extern int alloc_globals_id; END_EXTERN_C() #endif #define SYMTABLE_CACHE_SIZE 32 #include "zend_compile.h" /* excpt.h on Digital Unix 4.0 defines function_table */ #undef function_table typedef struct _zend_declarables { zval ticks; } zend_declarables; struct _zend_compiler_globals { zend_stack bp_stack; zend_stack switch_cond_stack; zend_stack foreach_copy_stack; zend_stack object_stack; zend_stack declare_stack; zend_class_entry *active_class_entry; /* variables for list() compilation */ zend_llist list_llist; zend_llist dimension_llist; zend_stack list_stack; zend_stack function_call_stack; char *compiled_filename; int zend_lineno; int comment_start_line; char *heredoc; int heredoc_len; zend_op_array *active_op_array; HashTable *function_table; /* function symbol table */ HashTable *class_table; /* class table */ HashTable filenames_table; HashTable *auto_globals; zend_bool in_compilation; zend_bool short_tags; zend_bool asp_tags; zend_bool allow_call_time_pass_reference; zend_declarables declarables; /* For extensions support */ zend_bool extended_info; /* generate extension information for debugger/profiler */ zend_bool handle_op_arrays; /* run op_arrays through op_array handlers */ zend_bool unclean_shutdown; zend_bool ini_parser_unbuffered_errors; zend_llist open_files; long catch_begin; struct _zend_ini_parser_param *ini_parser_param; int interactive; zend_uint start_lineno; zend_bool increment_lineno; znode implementing_class; zend_uint access_type; char *doc_comment; zend_uint doc_comment_len; #ifdef ZEND_MULTIBYTE zend_encoding **script_encoding_list; int script_encoding_list_size; zend_bool detect_unicode; zend_encoding *internal_encoding; /* multibyte utility functions */ zend_encoding_detector encoding_detector; zend_encoding_converter encoding_converter; zend_encoding_oddlen encoding_oddlen; #endif /* ZEND_MULTIBYTE */ #ifdef ZTS HashTable **static_members; int last_static_member; #endif }; struct _zend_executor_globals { zval **return_value_ptr_ptr; zval uninitialized_zval; zval *uninitialized_zval_ptr; zval error_zval; zval *error_zval_ptr; zend_function_state *function_state_ptr; zend_ptr_stack arg_types_stack; /* symbol table cache */ HashTable *symtable_cache[SYMTABLE_CACHE_SIZE]; HashTable **symtable_cache_limit; HashTable **symtable_cache_ptr; zend_op **opline_ptr; HashTable *active_symbol_table; HashTable symbol_table; /* main symbol table */ HashTable included_files; /* files already included */ jmp_buf bailout; int error_reporting; int orig_error_reporting; int exit_status; zend_op_array *active_op_array; HashTable *function_table; /* function symbol table */ HashTable *class_table; /* class table */ HashTable *zend_constants; /* constants table */ zend_class_entry *scope; zval *This; long precision; int ticks_count; zend_bool in_execution; HashTable *in_autoload; zend_function *autoload_func; zend_bool bailout_set; zend_bool full_tables_cleanup; zend_bool ze1_compatibility_mode; /* for extended information support */ zend_bool no_extensions; #ifdef ZEND_WIN32 zend_bool timed_out; #endif HashTable regular_list; HashTable persistent_list; zend_ptr_stack argument_stack; int user_error_handler_error_reporting; zval *user_error_handler; zval *user_exception_handler; zend_stack user_error_handlers_error_reporting; zend_ptr_stack user_error_handlers; zend_ptr_stack user_exception_handlers; /* timeout support */ int timeout_seconds; int lambda_count; HashTable *ini_directives; zend_objects_store objects_store; zval *exception; zend_op *opline_before_exception; struct _zend_execute_data *current_execute_data; struct _zend_module_entry *current_module; zend_property_info std_property_info; void *reserved[ZEND_MAX_RESERVED_RESOURCES]; }; #include "zend_mm.h" struct _zend_alloc_globals { zend_mem_header *head; /* standard list */ void *cache[MAX_CACHED_MEMORY][MAX_CACHED_ENTRIES]; unsigned int cache_count[MAX_CACHED_MEMORY]; void *fast_cache_list_head[MAX_FAST_CACHE_TYPES]; #ifdef ZEND_WIN32 HANDLE memory_heap; #endif #if ZEND_DEBUG /* for performance tuning */ int cache_stats[MAX_CACHED_MEMORY][2]; int fast_cache_stats[MAX_FAST_CACHE_TYPES][2]; #endif #if MEMORY_LIMIT unsigned int memory_limit; unsigned int allocated_memory; unsigned int allocated_memory_peak; unsigned char memory_exhausted; #endif #ifdef ZEND_MM zend_mm_heap mm_heap; #endif }; struct _zend_scanner_globals { zend_file_handle *yy_in; zend_file_handle *yy_out; int yy_leng; char *yy_text; struct yy_buffer_state *current_buffer; char *c_buf_p; int init; int start; int lineno; char _yy_hold_char; int yy_n_chars; int _yy_did_buffer_switch_on_eof; int _yy_last_accepting_state; /* Must be of the same type as yy_state_type, * if for whatever reason it's no longer int! */ char *_yy_last_accepting_cpos; int _yy_more_flag; int _yy_more_len; int yy_start_stack_ptr; int yy_start_stack_depth; int *yy_start_stack; #ifdef ZEND_MULTIBYTE /* original (unfiltered) script */ char *script_org; int script_org_size; /* filtered script */ char *script_filtered; int script_filtered_size; /* input/ouput filters */ zend_encoding_filter input_filter; zend_encoding_filter output_filter; zend_encoding *script_encoding; zend_encoding *internal_encoding; #endif /* ZEND_MULTIBYTE */ }; #endif /* ZEND_GLOBALS_H */ /* * Local variables: * tab-width: 4 * c-basic-offset: 4 * indent-tabs-mode: t * End: */