--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/php5/main/php_network.h

/* +----------------------------------------------------------------------+ | PHP Version 5 | +----------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Copyright (c) 1997-2006 The PHP Group | +----------------------------------------------------------------------+ | This source file is subject to version 3.01 of the PHP license, | | that is bundled with this package in the file LICENSE, and is | | available through the world-wide-web at the following url: | | | | If you did not receive a copy of the PHP license and are unable to | | obtain it through the world-wide-web, please send a note to | | so we can mail you a copy immediately. | +----------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Author: Stig Venaas <> | +----------------------------------------------------------------------+ */ /* $Id: php_network.h,v 2006/01/01 12:50:17 sniper Exp $ */ #ifndef _PHP_NETWORK_H #define _PHP_NETWORK_H #ifdef PHP_WIN32 # ifndef WINNT # define WINNT 1 # endif # undef FD_SETSIZE # include "arpa/inet.h" /* Apache folks decided that strtoul was evil and redefined * it to something that breaks the windows headers */ # undef strtoul /* defines socklen_t and some IPV6 stuff */ # include <ws2tcpip.h> # if HAVE_WSPIAPI_H /* getaddrinfo */ # include <wspiapi.h> # endif #else # undef closesocket # define closesocket close #endif #ifndef HAVE_SHUTDOWN #undef shutdown #define shutdown(s,n) /* nothing */ #endif #ifdef PHP_WIN32 #define EWOULDBLOCK WSAEWOULDBLOCK #define EINPROGRESS WSAEWOULDBLOCK # define fsync _commit # define ftruncate(a, b) chsize(a, b) #endif /* defined(PHP_WIN32) */ #ifdef PHP_WIN32 #define php_socket_errno() WSAGetLastError() #else #define php_socket_errno() errno #endif /* like strerror, but caller must efree the returned string, * unless buf is not NULL. * Also works sensibly for win32 */ BEGIN_EXTERN_C() PHPAPI char *php_socket_strerror(long err, char *buf, size_t bufsize); END_EXTERN_C() #ifdef HAVE_NETINET_IN_H # include <netinet/in.h> #endif #ifdef HAVE_SYS_SOCKET_H #include <sys/socket.h> #endif /* These are here, rather than with the win32 counterparts above, * since <sys/socket.h> defines them. */ #ifndef SHUT_RD # define SHUT_RD 0 # define SHUT_WR 1 # define SHUT_RDWR 2 #endif #ifdef HAVE_SYS_TIME_H #include <sys/time.h> #endif #ifdef HAVE_STDDEF_H #include <stddef.h> #endif #ifdef PHP_WIN32 typedef SOCKET php_socket_t; #else typedef int php_socket_t; #endif #ifdef PHP_WIN32 # define SOCK_ERR INVALID_SOCKET # define SOCK_CONN_ERR SOCKET_ERROR # define SOCK_RECV_ERR SOCKET_ERROR #else # define SOCK_ERR -1 # define SOCK_CONN_ERR -1 # define SOCK_RECV_ERR -1 #endif /* uncomment this to debug poll(2) emulation on systems that have poll(2) */ /* #define PHP_USE_POLL_2_EMULATION 1 */ #if defined(HAVE_SYS_POLL_H) && defined(HAVE_POLL) # include <sys/poll.h> typedef struct pollfd php_pollfd; #else typedef struct _php_pollfd { php_socket_t fd; short events; short revents; } php_pollfd; PHPAPI int php_poll2(php_pollfd *ufds, unsigned int nfds, int timeout); # define POLLIN 0x0001 /* There is data to read */ # define POLLPRI 0x0002 /* There is urgent data to read */ # define POLLOUT 0x0004 /* Writing now will not block */ # define POLLERR 0x0008 /* Error condition */ # define POLLHUP 0x0010 /* Hung up */ # define POLLNVAL 0x0020 /* Invalid request: fd not open */ # ifndef PHP_USE_POLL_2_EMULATION # define PHP_USE_POLL_2_EMULATION 1 # endif #endif #define PHP_POLLREADABLE (POLLIN|POLLERR|POLLHUP) #ifndef PHP_USE_POLL_2_EMULATION # define php_poll2(ufds, nfds, timeout) poll(ufds, nfds, timeout) #endif /* timeval-to-timeout (for poll(2)) */ static inline int php_tvtoto(struct timeval *timeouttv) { if (timeouttv) { return (timeouttv->tv_sec * 1000) + (timeouttv->tv_usec / 1000); } return -1; } /* hybrid select(2)/poll(2) for a single descriptor. * timeouttv follows same rules as select(2), but is reduced to millisecond accuracy. * Returns 0 on timeout, -1 on error, or the event mask (ala poll(2)). */ static inline int php_pollfd_for(php_socket_t fd, int events, struct timeval *timeouttv) { php_pollfd p; int n; p.fd = fd; = events; p.revents = 0; n = php_poll2(&p, 1, php_tvtoto(timeouttv)); if (n > 0) { return p.revents; } return n; } static inline int php_pollfd_for_ms(php_socket_t fd, int events, int timeout) { php_pollfd p; int n; p.fd = fd; = events; p.revents = 0; n = php_poll2(&p, 1, timeout); if (n > 0) { return p.revents; } return n; } /* emit warning and suggestion for unsafe select(2) usage */ PHPAPI void _php_emit_fd_setsize_warning(int max_fd); #ifdef PHP_WIN32 /* it is safe to FD_SET too many fd's under win32; the macro will simply ignore * descriptors that go beyond the default FD_SETSIZE */ # define PHP_SAFE_FD_SET(fd, set) FD_SET(fd, set) # define PHP_SAFE_FD_ISSET(fd, set) FD_ISSET(fd, set) # define PHP_SAFE_MAX_FD(m, n) do { if (n + 1 >= FD_SETSIZE) { _php_emit_fd_setsize_warning(n); }} while(0) #else # define PHP_SAFE_FD_SET(fd, set) do { if (fd < FD_SETSIZE) FD_SET(fd, set); } while(0) # define PHP_SAFE_FD_ISSET(fd, set) ((fd < FD_SETSIZE) && FD_ISSET(fd, set)) # define PHP_SAFE_MAX_FD(m, n) do { if (m >= FD_SETSIZE) { _php_emit_fd_setsize_warning(m); m = FD_SETSIZE - 1; }} while(0) #endif #define PHP_SOCK_CHUNK_SIZE 8192 #ifdef HAVE_SOCKADDR_STORAGE typedef struct sockaddr_storage php_sockaddr_storage; #else typedef struct { #ifdef HAVE_SOCKADDR_SA_LEN unsigned char ss_len; unsigned char ss_family; #else unsigned short ss_family; #endif char info[126]; } php_sockaddr_storage; #endif BEGIN_EXTERN_C() PHPAPI php_socket_t php_network_connect_socket_to_host(const char *host, unsigned short port, int socktype, int asynchronous, struct timeval *timeout, char **error_string, int *error_code, char *bindto, unsigned short bindport TSRMLS_DC); PHPAPI int php_network_connect_socket(php_socket_t sockfd, const struct sockaddr *addr, socklen_t addrlen, int asynchronous, struct timeval *timeout, char **error_string, int *error_code); #define php_connect_nonb(sock, addr, addrlen, timeout) \ php_network_connect_socket((sock), (addr), (addrlen), 0, (timeout), NULL, NULL) PHPAPI php_socket_t php_network_bind_socket_to_local_addr(const char *host, unsigned port, int socktype, char **error_string, int *error_code TSRMLS_DC); PHPAPI php_socket_t php_network_accept_incoming(php_socket_t srvsock, char **textaddr, long *textaddrlen, struct sockaddr **addr, socklen_t *addrlen, struct timeval *timeout, char **error_string, int *error_code TSRMLS_DC); PHPAPI int php_network_get_sock_name(php_socket_t sock, char **textaddr, long *textaddrlen, struct sockaddr **addr, socklen_t *addrlen TSRMLS_DC); PHPAPI int php_network_get_peer_name(php_socket_t sock, char **textaddr, long *textaddrlen, struct sockaddr **addr, socklen_t *addrlen TSRMLS_DC); PHPAPI void php_any_addr(int family, php_sockaddr_storage *addr, unsigned short port); PHPAPI int php_sockaddr_size(php_sockaddr_storage *addr); END_EXTERN_C() struct _php_netstream_data_t { php_socket_t socket; char is_blocked; struct timeval timeout; char timeout_event; size_t ownsize; }; typedef struct _php_netstream_data_t php_netstream_data_t; PHPAPI extern php_stream_ops php_stream_socket_ops; extern php_stream_ops php_stream_generic_socket_ops; #define PHP_STREAM_IS_SOCKET (&php_stream_socket_ops) BEGIN_EXTERN_C() PHPAPI php_stream *_php_stream_sock_open_from_socket(php_socket_t socket, const char *persistent_id STREAMS_DC TSRMLS_DC ); /* open a connection to a host using php_hostconnect and return a stream */ PHPAPI php_stream *_php_stream_sock_open_host(const char *host, unsigned short port, int socktype, struct timeval *timeout, const char *persistent_id STREAMS_DC TSRMLS_DC); PHPAPI void php_network_populate_name_from_sockaddr( /* input address */ struct sockaddr *sa, socklen_t sl, /* output readable address */ char **textaddr, long *textaddrlen, /* output address */ struct sockaddr **addr, socklen_t *addrlen TSRMLS_DC); PHPAPI int php_network_parse_network_address_with_port(const char *addr, long addrlen, struct sockaddr *sa, socklen_t *sl TSRMLS_DC); END_EXTERN_C() #define php_stream_sock_open_from_socket(socket, persistent) _php_stream_sock_open_from_socket((socket), (persistent) STREAMS_CC TSRMLS_CC) #define php_stream_sock_open_host(host, port, socktype, timeout, persistent) _php_stream_sock_open_host((host), (port), (socktype), (timeout), (persistent) STREAMS_CC TSRMLS_CC) /* {{{ memory debug */ #define php_stream_sock_open_from_socket_rel(socket, persistent) _php_stream_sock_open_from_socket((socket), (persistent) STREAMS_REL_CC TSRMLS_CC) #define php_stream_sock_open_host_rel(host, port, socktype, timeout, persistent) _php_stream_sock_open_host((host), (port), (socktype), (timeout), (persistent) STREAMS_REL_CC TSRMLS_CC) #define php_stream_sock_open_unix_rel(path, pathlen, persistent, timeval) _php_stream_sock_open_unix((path), (pathlen), (persistent), (timeval) STREAMS_REL_CC TSRMLS_CC) /* }}} */ #endif /* _PHP_NETWORK_H */ /* * Local variables: * tab-width: 8 * c-basic-offset: 8 * End: */