--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/ppmfloyd.h

/* These declarations were supposed to be in the libfloyd.h file in the ilbm package, but that file was missing, so I made them up myself. - Bryan 01.03.10. */ struct ppm_fs_info { /* thisXerr and nextXerr are dynamically allocated arrays each of whose dimension is the width of the image plus 2 */ long *thisrederr; long *thisgreenerr; long *thisblueerr; long *nextrederr; long *nextgreenerr; long *nextblueerr; int lefttoright; int cols; pixval maxval; int flags; pixel *pixrow; int col_end; pixval red, green, blue; }; typedef struct ppm_fs_info ppm_fs_info; /* Bitmasks for ppm_fs_info.flags */ #define FS_RANDOMINIT 0x01 #define FS_ALTERNATE 0x02 ppm_fs_info * ppm_fs_init(int cols, pixval maxval, int flags); void ppm_fs_free(ppm_fs_info *fi); int ppm_fs_startrow(ppm_fs_info *fi, pixel *pixrow); int ppm_fs_next(ppm_fs_info *fi, int col); void ppm_fs_endrow(ppm_fs_info *fi); void ppm_fs_update( ppm_fs_info *fi, int col, pixel *pP); void ppm_fs_update3(ppm_fs_info *fi, int col, pixval r, pixval g, pixval b);