--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/rpc/pmap_prot.h

/* @(#)pmap_prot.h 2.1 88/07/29 4.0 RPCSRC; from 1.14 88/02/08 SMI */ /* * Sun RPC is a product of Sun Microsystems, Inc. and is provided for * unrestricted use provided that this legend is included on all tape * media and as a part of the software program in whole or part. Users * may copy or modify Sun RPC without charge, but are not authorized * to license or distribute it to anyone else except as part of a product or * program developed by the user. * * SUN RPC IS PROVIDED AS IS WITH NO WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND INCLUDING THE * WARRANTIES OF DESIGN, MERCHANTIBILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR * PURPOSE, OR ARISING FROM A COURSE OF DEALING, USAGE OR TRADE PRACTICE. * * Sun RPC is provided with no support and without any obligation on the * part of Sun Microsystems, Inc. to assist in its use, correction, * modification or enhancement. * * SUN MICROSYSTEMS, INC. SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY WITH RESPECT TO THE * INFRINGEMENT OF COPYRIGHTS, TRADE SECRETS OR ANY PATENTS BY SUN RPC * OR ANY PART THEREOF. * * In no event will Sun Microsystems, Inc. be liable for any lost revenue * or profits or other special, indirect and consequential damages, even if * Sun has been advised of the possibility of such damages. * * Sun Microsystems, Inc. * 2550 Garcia Avenue * Mountain View, California 94043 */ /* * pmap_prot.h * Protocol for the local binder service, or pmap. * * Copyright (C) 1984, Sun Microsystems, Inc. */ #ifndef _RPC_PMAP_PROT_H #define _RPC_PMAP_PROT_H 1 #include <features.h> #include <rpc/xdr.h> __BEGIN_DECLS /* The following procedures are supported by the protocol: * * PMAPPROC_NULL() returns () * takes nothing, returns nothing * * PMAPPROC_SET(struct pmap) returns (bool_t) * TRUE is success, FALSE is failure. Registers the tuple * [prog, vers, prot, port]. * * PMAPPROC_UNSET(struct pmap) returns (bool_t) * TRUE is success, FALSE is failure. Un-registers pair * [prog, vers]. prot and port are ignored. * * PMAPPROC_GETPORT(struct pmap) returns (long unsigned). * 0 is failure. Otherwise returns the port number where the pair * [prog, vers] is registered. It may lie! * * PMAPPROC_DUMP() RETURNS (struct pmaplist *) * * PMAPPROC_CALLIT(unsigned, unsigned, unsigned, string<>) * RETURNS (port, string<>); * usage: encapsulatedresults = PMAPPROC_CALLIT(prog, vers, proc, encapsulatedargs); * Calls the procedure on the local machine. If it is not registered, * this procedure is quite; ie it does not return error information!!! * This procedure only is supported on rpc/udp and calls via * rpc/udp. This routine only passes null authentication parameters. * This file has no interface to xdr routines for PMAPPROC_CALLIT. * * The service supports remote procedure calls on udp/ip or tcp/ip socket 111. */ #define PMAPPORT ((u_short)111) #define PMAPPROG ((u_long)100000) #define PMAPVERS ((u_long)2) #define PMAPVERS_PROTO ((u_long)2) #define PMAPVERS_ORIG ((u_long)1) #define PMAPPROC_NULL ((u_long)0) #define PMAPPROC_SET ((u_long)1) #define PMAPPROC_UNSET ((u_long)2) #define PMAPPROC_GETPORT ((u_long)3) #define PMAPPROC_DUMP ((u_long)4) #define PMAPPROC_CALLIT ((u_long)5) struct pmap { long unsigned pm_prog; long unsigned pm_vers; long unsigned pm_prot; long unsigned pm_port; }; extern bool_t xdr_pmap (XDR *__xdrs, struct pmap *__regs) __THROW; struct pmaplist { struct pmap pml_map; struct pmaplist *pml_next; }; extern bool_t xdr_pmaplist (XDR *__xdrs, struct pmaplist **__rp) __THROW; __END_DECLS #endif /* rpc/pmap_prot.h */