--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/rpc/rpc.h

/* @(#)rpc.h 2.3 88/08/10 4.0 RPCSRC; from 1.9 88/02/08 SMI */ /* * Sun RPC is a product of Sun Microsystems, Inc. and is provided for * unrestricted use provided that this legend is included on all tape * media and as a part of the software program in whole or part. Users * may copy or modify Sun RPC without charge, but are not authorized * to license or distribute it to anyone else except as part of a product or * program developed by the user. * * SUN RPC IS PROVIDED AS IS WITH NO WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND INCLUDING THE * WARRANTIES OF DESIGN, MERCHANTIBILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR * PURPOSE, OR ARISING FROM A COURSE OF DEALING, USAGE OR TRADE PRACTICE. * * Sun RPC is provided with no support and without any obligation on the * part of Sun Microsystems, Inc. to assist in its use, correction, * modification or enhancement. * * SUN MICROSYSTEMS, INC. SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY WITH RESPECT TO THE * INFRINGEMENT OF COPYRIGHTS, TRADE SECRETS OR ANY PATENTS BY SUN RPC * OR ANY PART THEREOF. * * In no event will Sun Microsystems, Inc. be liable for any lost revenue * or profits or other special, indirect and consequential damages, even if * Sun has been advised of the possibility of such damages. * * Sun Microsystems, Inc. * 2550 Garcia Avenue * Mountain View, California 94043 */ /* * rpc.h, Just includes the billions of rpc header files necessary to * do remote procedure calling. * * Copyright (C) 1984, Sun Microsystems, Inc. */ #ifndef _RPC_RPC_H #define _RPC_RPC_H 1 #include <rpc/types.h> /* some typedefs */ #include <netinet/in.h> /* external data representation interfaces */ #include <rpc/xdr.h> /* generic (de)serializer */ /* Client side only authentication */ #include <rpc/auth.h> /* generic authenticator (client side) */ /* Client side (mostly) remote procedure call */ #include <rpc/clnt.h> /* generic rpc stuff */ /* semi-private protocol headers */ #include <rpc/rpc_msg.h> /* protocol for rpc messages */ #include <rpc/auth_unix.h> /* protocol for unix style cred */ #include <rpc/auth_des.h> /* protocol for des style cred */ /* Server side only remote procedure callee */ #include <rpc/svc.h> /* service manager and multiplexer */ #include <rpc/svc_auth.h> /* service side authenticator */ /* * COMMENT OUT THE NEXT INCLUDE IF RUNNING ON SUN OS OR ON A VERSION * OF UNIX BASED ON NFSSRC. These systems will already have the structures * defined by <rpc/netdb.h> included in <netdb.h>. */ /* routines for parsing /etc/rpc */ #include <rpc/netdb.h> /* structures and routines to parse /etc/rpc */ __BEGIN_DECLS /* Global variables, protected for multi-threaded applications. */ extern fd_set *__rpc_thread_svc_fdset (void) __attribute__ ((__const__)); #define svc_fdset (*__rpc_thread_svc_fdset ()) extern struct rpc_createerr *__rpc_thread_createerr (void) __attribute__ ((__const__)); #define get_rpc_createerr() (*__rpc_thread_createerr ()) /* The people who "engineered" RPC should bee punished for naming the data structure and the variable the same. We cannot always define the macro 'rpc_createerr' because this would prevent people from defining object of type 'struct rpc_createerr'. So we leave it up to the user to select transparent replacement also of this variable. */ #ifdef _RPC_MT_VARS # define rpc_createerr (*__rpc_thread_createerr ()) #endif extern struct pollfd **__rpc_thread_svc_pollfd (void) __attribute__ ((__const__)); #define svc_pollfd (*__rpc_thread_svc_pollfd ()) extern int *__rpc_thread_svc_max_pollfd (void) __attribute__ ((__const__)); #define svc_max_pollfd (*__rpc_thread_svc_max_pollfd ()) __END_DECLS #endif /* rpc/rpc.h */