--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/slapi-plugin.h

/* $OpenLDAP: pkg/ldap/include/slapi-plugin.h,v 2006/01/03 22:16:06 kurt Exp $ */ /* This work is part of OpenLDAP Software <>. * * Copyright 1998-2006 The OpenLDAP Foundation. * Portions Copyright 1997,2002,2003 IBM Corporation. * All rights reserved. * * Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without * modification, are permitted only as authorized by the OpenLDAP * Public License. * * A copy of this license is available in file LICENSE in the * top-level directory of the distribution or, alternatively, at * <>. */ /* * This header is used in development of SLAPI plugins for * OpenLDAP slapd(8) and other directory servers supporting * this interface. Your portability mileage may vary. */ #ifndef _SLAPI_PLUGIN_H #define _SLAPI_PLUGIN_H #include <ldap.h> typedef struct slapi_pblock Slapi_PBlock; typedef struct slapi_entry Slapi_Entry; typedef struct slapi_attr Slapi_Attr; typedef struct slapi_value Slapi_Value; typedef struct slapi_valueset Slapi_ValueSet; typedef struct slapi_filter Slapi_Filter; typedef struct slap_backend_db Slapi_Backend; typedef struct slap_op Slapi_Operation; typedef struct slap_conn Slapi_Connection; typedef struct slapi_dn Slapi_DN; typedef struct slapi_rdn Slapi_RDN; typedef struct slapi_mod Slapi_Mod; typedef struct slapi_mods Slapi_Mods; typedef struct slapi_componentid Slapi_ComponentId; #define SLAPI_ATTR_UNIQUEID "entryUUID" #define SLAPI_ATTR_OBJECTCLASS "objectClass" /* pblock routines */ int slapi_pblock_get( Slapi_PBlock *pb, int arg, void *value ); int slapi_pblock_set( Slapi_PBlock *pb, int arg, void *value ); Slapi_PBlock *slapi_pblock_new( void ); void slapi_pblock_destroy( Slapi_PBlock *pb ); /* entry/attr/dn routines */ Slapi_Entry *slapi_str2entry( char *s, int flags ); #define SLAPI_STR2ENTRY_REMOVEDUPVALS 1 #define SLAPI_STR2ENTRY_ADDRDNVALS 2 #define SLAPI_STR2ENTRY_BIGENTRY 4 #define SLAPI_STR2ENTRY_TOMBSTONE_CHECK 8 #define SLAPI_STR2ENTRY_IGNORE_STATE 16 #define SLAPI_STR2ENTRY_INCLUDE_VERSION_STR 32 #define SLAPI_STR2ENTRY_EXPAND_OBJECTCLASSES 64 #define SLAPI_STR2ENTRY_NOT_WELL_FORMED_LDIF 128 char *slapi_entry2str( Slapi_Entry *e, int *len ); char *slapi_entry_get_dn( Slapi_Entry *e ); int slapi_x_entry_get_id( Slapi_Entry *e ); void slapi_entry_set_dn( Slapi_Entry *e, char *dn ); Slapi_Entry *slapi_entry_dup( Slapi_Entry *e ); int slapi_entry_attr_delete( Slapi_Entry *e, char *type ); Slapi_Entry *slapi_entry_alloc(); void slapi_entry_free( Slapi_Entry *e ); int slapi_entry_attr_merge( Slapi_Entry *e, char *type, struct berval **vals ); int slapi_entry_attr_find( Slapi_Entry *e, char *type, Slapi_Attr **attr ); char *slapi_entry_attr_get_charptr( const Slapi_Entry *e, const char *type ); int slapi_entry_attr_get_int( const Slapi_Entry *e, const char *type ); long slapi_entry_attr_get_long( const Slapi_Entry *e, const char *type ); unsigned int slapi_entry_attr_get_uint( const Slapi_Entry *e, const char *type ); unsigned long slapi_entry_attr_get_ulong( const Slapi_Entry *e, const char *type ); int slapi_attr_get_values( Slapi_Attr *attr, struct berval ***vals ); char *slapi_dn_normalize( char *dn ); char *slapi_dn_normalize_case( char *dn ); int slapi_dn_issuffix( char *dn, char *suffix ); char *slapi_dn_beparent( Slapi_PBlock *pb, const char *dn ); int slapi_dn_isbesuffix( Slapi_PBlock *pb, char *dn ); char *slapi_dn_parent( const char *dn ); int slapi_dn_isparent( const char *parentdn, const char *childdn ); char *slapi_dn_ignore_case( char *dn ); int slapi_rdn2typeval( char *rdn, char **type, struct berval *bv ); char *slapi_dn_plus_rdn(const char *dn, const char *rdn); /* DS 5.x SLAPI */ int slapi_access_allowed( Slapi_PBlock *pb, Slapi_Entry *e, char *attr, struct berval *val, int access ); int slapi_acl_check_mods( Slapi_PBlock *pb, Slapi_Entry *e, LDAPMod **mods, char **errbuf ); Slapi_Attr *slapi_attr_new( void ); Slapi_Attr *slapi_attr_init( Slapi_Attr *a, const char *type ); void slapi_attr_free( Slapi_Attr **a ); Slapi_Attr *slapi_attr_dup( const Slapi_Attr *attr ); int slapi_attr_add_value( Slapi_Attr *a, const Slapi_Value *v ); int slapi_attr_type2plugin( const char *type, void **pi ); int slapi_attr_get_type( const Slapi_Attr *attr, char **type ); int slapi_attr_get_oid_copy( const Slapi_Attr *attr, char **oidp ); int slapi_attr_get_flags( const Slapi_Attr *attr, unsigned long *flags ); int slapi_attr_flag_is_set( const Slapi_Attr *attr, unsigned long flag ); int slapi_attr_value_cmp( const Slapi_Attr *attr, const struct berval *v1, const struct berval *v2 ); int slapi_attr_value_find( const Slapi_Attr *a, struct berval *v ); #define SLAPI_TYPE_CMP_EXACT 0 #define SLAPI_TYPE_CMP_BASE 1 #define SLAPI_TYPE_CMP_SUBTYPE 2 int slapi_attr_type_cmp( const char *t1, const char *t2, int opt ); int slapi_attr_types_equivalent( const char *t1, const char *t2 ); int slapi_attr_first_value( Slapi_Attr *a, Slapi_Value **v ); int slapi_attr_next_value( Slapi_Attr *a, int hint, Slapi_Value **v ); int slapi_attr_get_numvalues( const Slapi_Attr *a, int *numValues ); int slapi_attr_get_valueset( const Slapi_Attr *a, Slapi_ValueSet **vs ); int slapi_attr_get_bervals_copy( Slapi_Attr *a, struct berval ***vals ); int slapi_entry_attr_hasvalue( Slapi_Entry *e, const char *type, const char *value ); int slapi_entry_attr_merge_sv( Slapi_Entry *e, const char *type, Slapi_Value **vals ); void slapi_entry_attr_set_charptr(Slapi_Entry* e, const char *type, const char *value); void slapi_entry_attr_set_int( Slapi_Entry* e, const char *type, int l); void slapi_entry_attr_set_uint( Slapi_Entry* e, const char *type, unsigned int l); void slapi_entry_attr_set_long(Slapi_Entry* e, const char *type, long l); void slapi_entry_attr_set_ulong(Slapi_Entry* e, const char *type, unsigned long l); int slapi_entry_has_children(const Slapi_Entry *e); size_t slapi_entry_size(Slapi_Entry *e); int slapi_is_rootdse( const char *dn ); int slapi_entry_attr_merge_sv( Slapi_Entry *e, const char *type, Slapi_Value **vals ); int slapi_entry_add_values_sv( Slapi_Entry *e, const char *type, Slapi_Value **vals ); int slapi_entry_add_valueset(Slapi_Entry *e, const char *type, Slapi_ValueSet *vs); int slapi_entry_delete_values_sv( Slapi_Entry *e, const char *type, Slapi_Value **vals ); int slapi_entry_merge_values_sv( Slapi_Entry *e, const char *type, Slapi_Value **vals ); int slapi_entry_attr_replace_sv( Slapi_Entry *e, const char *type, Slapi_Value **vals ); int slapi_entry_add_value(Slapi_Entry *e, const char *type, const Slapi_Value *value); int slapi_entry_add_string(Slapi_Entry *e, const char *type, const char *value); int slapi_entry_delete_string(Slapi_Entry *e, const char *type, const char *value); int slapi_entry_first_attr( const Slapi_Entry *e, Slapi_Attr **attr ); int slapi_entry_next_attr( const Slapi_Entry *e, Slapi_Attr *prevattr, Slapi_Attr **attr ); const char *slapi_entry_get_uniqueid( const Slapi_Entry *e ); void slapi_entry_set_uniqueid( Slapi_Entry *e, char *uniqueid ); int slapi_entry_schema_check( Slapi_PBlock *pb, Slapi_Entry *e ); int slapi_entry_rdn_values_present( const Slapi_Entry *e ); int slapi_entry_add_rdn_values( Slapi_Entry *e ); char *slapi_attr_syntax_normalize( const char *s ); Slapi_Value *slapi_value_new( void ); Slapi_Value *slapi_value_new_berval(const struct berval *bval); Slapi_Value *slapi_value_new_value(const Slapi_Value *v); Slapi_Value *slapi_value_new_string(const char *s); Slapi_Value *slapi_value_init(Slapi_Value *v); Slapi_Value *slapi_value_init_berval(Slapi_Value *v, struct berval *bval); Slapi_Value *slapi_value_init_string(Slapi_Value *v, const char *s); Slapi_Value *slapi_value_dup(const Slapi_Value *v); void slapi_value_free(Slapi_Value **value); const struct berval *slapi_value_get_berval( const Slapi_Value *value ); Slapi_Value *slapi_value_set_berval( Slapi_Value *value, const struct berval *bval ); Slapi_Value *slapi_value_set_value( Slapi_Value *value, const Slapi_Value *vfrom); Slapi_Value *slapi_value_set( Slapi_Value *value, void *val, unsigned long len); int slapi_value_set_string(Slapi_Value *value, const char *strVal); int slapi_value_set_int(Slapi_Value *value, int intVal); const char*slapi_value_get_string(const Slapi_Value *value); int slapi_value_get_int(const Slapi_Value *value); unsigned int slapi_value_get_uint(const Slapi_Value *value); long slapi_value_get_long(const Slapi_Value *value); unsigned long slapi_value_get_ulong(const Slapi_Value *value); size_t slapi_value_get_length(const Slapi_Value *value); int slapi_value_compare(const Slapi_Attr *a, const Slapi_Value *v1, const Slapi_Value *v2); Slapi_ValueSet *slapi_valueset_new( void ); void slapi_valueset_free(Slapi_ValueSet *vs); void slapi_valueset_init(Slapi_ValueSet *vs); void slapi_valueset_done(Slapi_ValueSet *vs); void slapi_valueset_add_value(Slapi_ValueSet *vs, const Slapi_Value *addval); int slapi_valueset_first_value( Slapi_ValueSet *vs, Slapi_Value **v ); int slapi_valueset_next_value( Slapi_ValueSet *vs, int index, Slapi_Value **v); int slapi_valueset_count( const Slapi_ValueSet *vs); void slapi_valueset_set_valueset(Slapi_ValueSet *vs1, const Slapi_ValueSet *vs2); /* DNs */ Slapi_DN *slapi_sdn_new( void ); Slapi_DN *slapi_sdn_new_dn_byval( const char *dn ); Slapi_DN *slapi_sdn_new_ndn_byval( const char *ndn ); Slapi_DN *slapi_sdn_new_dn_byref( const char *dn ); Slapi_DN *slapi_sdn_new_ndn_byref( const char *ndn ); Slapi_DN *slapi_sdn_new_dn_passin( const char *dn ); Slapi_DN *slapi_sdn_set_dn_byval( Slapi_DN *sdn, const char *dn ); Slapi_DN *slapi_sdn_set_dn_byref( Slapi_DN *sdn, const char *dn ); Slapi_DN *slapi_sdn_set_dn_passin( Slapi_DN *sdn, const char *dn ); Slapi_DN *slapi_sdn_set_ndn_byval( Slapi_DN *sdn, const char *ndn ); Slapi_DN *slapi_sdn_set_ndn_byref( Slapi_DN *sdn, const char *ndn ); void slapi_sdn_done( Slapi_DN *sdn ); void slapi_sdn_free( Slapi_DN **sdn ); const char * slapi_sdn_get_dn( const Slapi_DN *sdn ); const char * slapi_sdn_get_ndn( const Slapi_DN *sdn ); void slapi_sdn_get_parent( const Slapi_DN *sdn,Slapi_DN *sdn_parent ); void slapi_sdn_get_backend_parent( const Slapi_DN *sdn, Slapi_DN *sdn_parent, const Slapi_Backend *backend ); Slapi_DN * slapi_sdn_dup( const Slapi_DN *sdn ); void slapi_sdn_copy( const Slapi_DN *from, Slapi_DN *to ); int slapi_sdn_compare( const Slapi_DN *sdn1, const Slapi_DN *sdn2 ); int slapi_sdn_isempty( const Slapi_DN *sdn ); int slapi_sdn_issuffix(const Slapi_DN *sdn, const Slapi_DN *suffixsdn ); int slapi_sdn_isparent( const Slapi_DN *parent, const Slapi_DN *child ); int slapi_sdn_isgrandparent( const Slapi_DN *parent, const Slapi_DN *child ); int slapi_sdn_get_ndn_len( const Slapi_DN *sdn ); int slapi_sdn_scope_test( const Slapi_DN *dn, const Slapi_DN *base, int scope ); void slapi_sdn_get_rdn( const Slapi_DN *sdn,Slapi_RDN *rdn ); Slapi_DN *slapi_sdn_set_rdn( Slapi_DN *sdn, const Slapi_RDN *rdn ); Slapi_DN *slapi_sdn_set_parent( Slapi_DN *sdn, const Slapi_DN *parentdn ); int slapi_sdn_is_rdn_component( const Slapi_DN *rdn, const Slapi_Attr *a, const Slapi_Value *v ); char * slapi_moddn_get_newdn( Slapi_DN *dn_olddn, char *newrdn, char *newsuperiordn ); /* RDNs */ Slapi_RDN *slapi_rdn_new( void ); Slapi_RDN *slapi_rdn_new_dn( const char *dn ); Slapi_RDN *slapi_rdn_new_sdn( const Slapi_DN *sdn ); Slapi_RDN *slapi_rdn_new_rdn( const Slapi_RDN *fromrdn ); void slapi_rdn_init( Slapi_RDN *rdn ); void slapi_rdn_init_dn( Slapi_RDN *rdn, const char *dn ); void slapi_rdn_init_sdn( Slapi_RDN *rdn, const Slapi_DN *sdn ); void slapi_rdn_init_rdn( Slapi_RDN *rdn, const Slapi_RDN *fromrdn ); void slapi_rdn_set_dn( Slapi_RDN *rdn, const char *dn ); void slapi_rdn_set_sdn( Slapi_RDN *rdn, const Slapi_DN *sdn ); void slapi_rdn_set_rdn( Slapi_RDN *rdn, const Slapi_RDN *fromrdn ); void slapi_rdn_free( Slapi_RDN **rdn ); void slapi_rdn_done( Slapi_RDN *rdn ); int slapi_rdn_get_first( Slapi_RDN *rdn, char **type, char **value ); int slapi_rdn_get_next( Slapi_RDN *rdn, int index, char **type, char **value ); int slapi_rdn_get_index( Slapi_RDN *rdn, const char *type, const char *value, size_t length ); int slapi_rdn_get_index_attr( Slapi_RDN *rdn, const char *type, char **value ); int slapi_rdn_contains( Slapi_RDN *rdn, const char *type, const char *value,size_t length ); int slapi_rdn_contains_attr( Slapi_RDN *rdn, const char *type, char **value ); int slapi_rdn_add( Slapi_RDN *rdn, const char *type, const char *value ); int slapi_rdn_remove_index( Slapi_RDN *rdn, int atindex ); int slapi_rdn_remove( Slapi_RDN *rdn, const char *type, const char *value, size_t length ); int slapi_rdn_remove_attr( Slapi_RDN *rdn, const char *type ); int slapi_rdn_isempty( const Slapi_RDN *rdn ); int slapi_rdn_get_num_components( Slapi_RDN *rdn ); int slapi_rdn_compare( Slapi_RDN *rdn1, Slapi_RDN *rdn2 ); const char *slapi_rdn_get_rdn( const Slapi_RDN *rdn ); const char *slapi_rdn_get_nrdn( const Slapi_RDN *rdn ); Slapi_DN *slapi_sdn_add_rdn( Slapi_DN *sdn, const Slapi_RDN *rdn ); /* locks and synchronization */ typedef struct slapi_mutex Slapi_Mutex; typedef struct slapi_condvar Slapi_CondVar; Slapi_Mutex *slapi_new_mutex( void ); void slapi_destroy_mutex( Slapi_Mutex *mutex ); void slapi_lock_mutex( Slapi_Mutex *mutex ); int slapi_unlock_mutex( Slapi_Mutex *mutex ); Slapi_CondVar *slapi_new_condvar( Slapi_Mutex *mutex ); void slapi_destroy_condvar( Slapi_CondVar *cvar ); int slapi_wait_condvar( Slapi_CondVar *cvar, struct timeval *timeout ); int slapi_notify_condvar( Slapi_CondVar *cvar, int notify_all ); /* thread-safe LDAP connections */ LDAP *slapi_ldap_init( char *ldaphost, int ldapport, int secure, int shared ); void slapi_ldap_unbind( LDAP *ld ); char *slapi_ch_malloc( unsigned long size ); void slapi_ch_free( void **ptr ); void slapi_ch_free_string( char **ptr ); char *slapi_ch_calloc( unsigned long nelem, unsigned long size ); char *slapi_ch_realloc( char *block, unsigned long size ); char *slapi_ch_strdup( const char *s ); void slapi_ch_array_free( char **arrayp ); struct berval *slapi_ch_bvdup(const struct berval *v); struct berval **slapi_ch_bvecdup(const struct berval **v); /* LDAP V3 routines */ int slapi_control_present( LDAPControl **controls, char *oid, struct berval **val, int *iscritical); void slapi_register_supported_control(char *controloid, unsigned long controlops); #define SLAPI_OPERATION_BIND 0x00000001L #define SLAPI_OPERATION_UNBIND 0x00000002L #define SLAPI_OPERATION_SEARCH 0x00000004L #define SLAPI_OPERATION_MODIFY 0x00000008L #define SLAPI_OPERATION_ADD 0x00000010L #define SLAPI_OPERATION_DELETE 0x00000020L #define SLAPI_OPERATION_MODDN 0x00000040L #define SLAPI_OPERATION_MODRDN SLAPI_OPERATION_MODDN #define SLAPI_OPERATION_COMPARE 0x00000080L #define SLAPI_OPERATION_ABANDON 0x00000100L #define SLAPI_OPERATION_EXTENDED 0x00000200L #define SLAPI_OPERATION_ANY 0xFFFFFFFFL #define SLAPI_OPERATION_NONE 0x00000000L int slapi_get_supported_controls(char ***ctrloidsp, unsigned long **ctrlopsp); LDAPControl *slapi_dup_control(LDAPControl *ctrl); void slapi_register_supported_saslmechanism(char *mechanism); char **slapi_get_supported_saslmechanisms(); char **slapi_get_supported_extended_ops(void); /* operation */ int slapi_op_abandoned( Slapi_PBlock *pb ); unsigned long slapi_op_get_type(Slapi_Operation * op); void slapi_operation_set_flag(Slapi_Operation *op, unsigned long flag); void slapi_operation_clear_flag(Slapi_Operation *op, unsigned long flag); int slapi_operation_is_flag_set(Slapi_Operation *op, unsigned long flag); char *slapi_op_type_to_string(unsigned long type); /* send ldap result back */ void slapi_send_ldap_result( Slapi_PBlock *pb, int err, char *matched, char *text, int nentries, struct berval **urls ); int slapi_send_ldap_search_entry( Slapi_PBlock *pb, Slapi_Entry *e, LDAPControl **ectrls, char **attrs, int attrsonly ); int slapi_send_ldap_search_reference( Slapi_PBlock *pb, Slapi_Entry *e, struct berval **urls, LDAPControl **ectrls, struct berval **v2refs ); /* filter routines */ Slapi_Filter *slapi_str2filter( char *str ); Slapi_Filter *slapi_filter_dup( Slapi_Filter *f ); void slapi_filter_free( Slapi_Filter *f, int recurse ); int slapi_filter_get_choice( Slapi_Filter *f); int slapi_filter_get_ava( Slapi_Filter *f, char **type, struct berval **bval ); Slapi_Filter *slapi_filter_list_first( Slapi_Filter *f ); Slapi_Filter *slapi_filter_list_next( Slapi_Filter *f, Slapi_Filter *fprev ); int slapi_filter_get_attribute_type( Slapi_Filter *f, char **type ); int slapi_x_filter_set_attribute_type( Slapi_Filter *f, const char *type ); int slapi_filter_get_subfilt( Slapi_Filter *f, char **type, char **initial, char ***any, char **final ); Slapi_Filter *slapi_filter_join( int ftype, Slapi_Filter *f1, Slapi_Filter *f2); int slapi_x_filter_append( int choice, Slapi_Filter **pContainingFilter, Slapi_Filter **pNextFilter, Slapi_Filter *filterToAppend ); int slapi_filter_test( Slapi_PBlock *pb, Slapi_Entry *e, Slapi_Filter *f, int verify_access ); int slapi_filter_test_simple( Slapi_Entry *e, Slapi_Filter *f ); typedef int (*FILTER_APPLY_FN)( Slapi_Filter *f, void *arg ); int slapi_filter_apply( Slapi_Filter *f, FILTER_APPLY_FN fn, void *arg, int *error_code ); #define SLAPI_FILTER_SCAN_STOP -1 /* set by callback */ #define SLAPI_FILTER_SCAN_ERROR -2 /* set by callback */ #define SLAPI_FILTER_SCAN_NOMORE 0 /* set by callback */ #define SLAPI_FILTER_SCAN_CONTINUE 1 /* set by callback */ #define SLAPI_FILTER_UNKNOWN_FILTER_TYPE 2 /* set by slapi_filter_apply() */ /* internal add/delete/search/modify routines */ Slapi_PBlock *slapi_search_internal( char *base, int scope, char *filter, LDAPControl **controls, char **attrs, int attrsonly ); Slapi_PBlock *slapi_modify_internal( char *dn, LDAPMod **mods, LDAPControl **controls, int log_change ); Slapi_PBlock *slapi_add_internal( char * dn, LDAPMod **attrs, LDAPControl **controls, int log_changes ); Slapi_PBlock *slapi_add_entry_internal( Slapi_Entry * e, LDAPControl **controls, int log_change ); Slapi_PBlock *slapi_delete_internal( char * dn, LDAPControl **controls, int log_change ); Slapi_PBlock *slapi_modrdn_internal( char * olddn, char * newrdn, int deloldrdn, LDAPControl **controls, int log_change ); Slapi_PBlock *slapi_rename_internal( const char * olddn, const char *newrdn, const char *newsuperior, int delolrdn, LDAPControl **controls, int log_change ); void slapi_free_search_results_internal(Slapi_PBlock *pb); /* new internal add/delete/search/modify routines */ typedef void (*plugin_result_callback)( int rc, void *callback_data ); typedef int (*plugin_referral_entry_callback)( char * referral, void *callback_data ); typedef int (*plugin_search_entry_callback)( Slapi_Entry *e, void *callback_data ); void slapi_free_search_results_internal( Slapi_PBlock *pb ); #define SLAPI_OP_FLAG_NEVER_CHAIN 0x0800 int slapi_search_internal_pb( Slapi_PBlock *pb ); int slapi_search_internal_callback_pb( Slapi_PBlock *pb, void *callback_data, plugin_result_callback prc, plugin_search_entry_callback psec, plugin_referral_entry_callback prec ); int slapi_add_internal_pb( Slapi_PBlock *pb ); int slapi_modify_internal_pb( Slapi_PBlock *pb ); int slapi_modrdn_internal_pb( Slapi_PBlock *pb ); int slapi_delete_internal_pb( Slapi_PBlock *pb ); int slapi_seq_internal_callback_pb(Slapi_PBlock *pb, void *callback_data, plugin_result_callback res_callback, plugin_search_entry_callback srch_callback, plugin_referral_entry_callback ref_callback); void slapi_search_internal_set_pb( Slapi_PBlock *pb, const char *base, int scope, const char *filter, char **attrs, int attrsonly, LDAPControl **controls, const char *uniqueid, Slapi_ComponentId *plugin_identity, int operation_flags ); void slapi_add_entry_internal_set_pb( Slapi_PBlock *pb, Slapi_Entry *e, LDAPControl **controls, Slapi_ComponentId *plugin_identity, int operation_flags ); int slapi_add_internal_set_pb( Slapi_PBlock *pb, const char *dn, LDAPMod **attrs, LDAPControl **controls, Slapi_ComponentId *plugin_identity, int operation_flags ); void slapi_modify_internal_set_pb( Slapi_PBlock *pb, const char *dn, LDAPMod **mods, LDAPControl **controls, const char *uniqueid, Slapi_ComponentId *plugin_identity, int operation_flags ); void slapi_rename_internal_set_pb( Slapi_PBlock *pb, const char *olddn, const char *newrdn, const char *newsuperior, int deloldrdn, LDAPControl **controls, const char *uniqueid, Slapi_ComponentId *plugin_identity, int operation_flags ); void slapi_delete_internal_set_pb( Slapi_PBlock *pb, const char *dn, LDAPControl **controls, const char *uniqueid, Slapi_ComponentId *plugin_identity, int operation_flags ); void slapi_seq_internal_set_pb( Slapi_PBlock *pb, char *ibase, int type, char *attrname, char *val, char **attrs, int attrsonly, LDAPControl **controls, Slapi_ComponentId *plugin_identity, int operation_flags ); /* connection related routines */ int slapi_is_connection_ssl(Slapi_PBlock *pPB, int *isSSL); int slapi_get_client_port(Slapi_PBlock *pPB, int *fromPort); /* computed attributes */ typedef struct _computed_attr_context computed_attr_context; typedef int (*slapi_compute_output_t)(computed_attr_context *c, Slapi_Attr *a, Slapi_Entry *e); typedef int (*slapi_compute_callback_t)(computed_attr_context *c, char *type, Slapi_Entry *e, slapi_compute_output_t outputfn); typedef int (*slapi_search_rewrite_callback_t)(Slapi_PBlock *pb); int slapi_compute_add_evaluator(slapi_compute_callback_t function); int slapi_compute_add_search_rewriter(slapi_search_rewrite_callback_t function); int compute_rewrite_search_filter(Slapi_PBlock *pb); int compute_evaluator(computed_attr_context *c, char *type, Slapi_Entry *e, slapi_compute_output_t outputfn); int slapi_x_compute_get_pblock(computed_attr_context *c, Slapi_PBlock **pb); /* backend routines */ void slapi_be_set_readonly( Slapi_Backend *be, int readonly ); int slapi_be_get_readonly( Slapi_Backend *be ); const char *slapi_x_be_get_updatedn( Slapi_Backend *be ); Slapi_Backend *slapi_be_select( const Slapi_DN *sdn ); /* ACL plugins; only SLAPI_PLUGIN_ACL_ALLOW_ACCESS supported now */ typedef int (*slapi_acl_callback_t)(Slapi_PBlock *pb, Slapi_Entry *e, const char *attr, struct berval *berval, int access, void *state); /* object extensions */ typedef void *(*slapi_extension_constructor_fnptr)(void *object, void *parent); typedef void (*slapi_extension_destructor_fnptr)(void *extension, void *object, void *parent); int slapi_register_object_extension( const char *pluginname, const char *objectname, slapi_extension_constructor_fnptr constructor, slapi_extension_destructor_fnptr destructor, int *objecttype, int *extensionhandle); #define SLAPI_EXT_CONNECTION "Connection" #define SLAPI_EXT_OPERATION "Operation" #define SLAPI_EXT_ENTRY "Entry" #define SLAPI_EXT_MTNODE "Mapping Tree Node" void *slapi_get_object_extension(int objecttype, void *object, int extensionhandle); void slapi_set_object_extension(int objecttype, void *object, int extensionhandle, void *extension); int slapi_x_backend_get_flags( const Slapi_Backend *be, unsigned long *flags ); /* parameters currently supported */ /* * Attribute flags returned by slapi_attr_get_flags() */ #define SLAPI_ATTR_FLAG_SINGLE 0x0001 #define SLAPI_ATTR_FLAG_OPATTR 0x0002 #define SLAPI_ATTR_FLAG_READONLY 0x0004 #define SLAPI_ATTR_FLAG_STD_ATTR SLAPI_ATTR_FLAG_READONLY #define SLAPI_ATTR_FLAG_OBSOLETE 0x0040 #define SLAPI_ATTR_FLAG_COLLECTIVE 0x0080 #define SLAPI_ATTR_FLAG_NOUSERMOD 0x0100 /* * Backend flags returned by slapi_x_backend_get_flags() */ #define SLAPI_BACKEND_FLAG_NOLASTMOD 0x0001U #define SLAPI_BACKEND_FLAG_NO_SCHEMA_CHECK 0x0002U #define SLAPI_BACKEND_FLAG_GLUE_INSTANCE 0x0010U /* a glue backend */ #define SLAPI_BACKEND_FLAG_GLUE_SUBORDINATE 0x0020U /* child of a glue hierarchy */ #define SLAPI_BACKEND_FLAG_GLUE_LINKED 0x0040U /* child is connected to parent */ #define SLAPI_BACKEND_FLAG_OVERLAY 0x0080U /* this db struct is an overlay */ #define SLAPI_BACKEND_FLAG_GLOBAL_OVERLAY 0x0100U /* this db struct is a global overlay */ #define SLAPI_BACKEND_FLAG_SHADOW 0x8000U /* a shadow */ #define SLAPI_BACKEND_FLAG_SYNC_SHADOW 0x1000U /* a sync shadow */ #define SLAPI_BACKEND_FLAG_SLURP_SHADOW 0x2000U /* a slurp shadow */ /* * ACL levels */ #define SLAPI_ACL_COMPARE 0x01 #define SLAPI_ACL_SEARCH 0x02 #define SLAPI_ACL_READ 0x04 #define SLAPI_ACL_WRITE 0x08 #define SLAPI_ACL_DELETE 0x10 #define SLAPI_ACL_ADD 0x20 #define SLAPI_ACL_SELF 0x40 #define SLAPI_ACL_PROXY 0x80 #define SLAPI_ACL_ALL 0x7f /* plugin types supported */ #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DATABASE 1 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_EXTENDEDOP 2 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_PREOPERATION 3 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_POSTOPERATION 4 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_MATCHINGRULE 5 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_SYNTAX 6 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_AUDIT 7 /* misc params */ #define SLAPI_BACKEND 130 #define SLAPI_CONNECTION 131 #define SLAPI_OPERATION 132 #define SLAPI_REQUESTOR_ISROOT 133 #define SLAPI_BE_MONITORDN 134 #define SLAPI_BE_TYPE 135 #define SLAPI_BE_READONLY 136 #define SLAPI_BE_LASTMOD 137 #define SLAPI_CONN_ID 139 /* operation params */ #define SLAPI_OPINITIATED_TIME 140 #define SLAPI_REQUESTOR_DN 141 #define SLAPI_IS_REPLICATED_OPERATION 142 #define SLAPI_REQUESTOR_ISUPDATEDN SLAPI_IS_REPLICATED_OPERATION /* connection structure params*/ #define SLAPI_CONN_DN 143 #define SLAPI_CONN_AUTHTYPE 144 #define SLAPI_CONN_CLIENTIP 145 #define SLAPI_CONN_SERVERIP 146 /* OpenLDAP extensions */ #define SLAPI_X_CONN_CLIENTPATH 1300 #define SLAPI_X_CONN_SERVERPATH 1301 #define SLAPI_X_CONN_IS_UDP 1302 #define SLAPI_X_CONN_SSF 1303 #define SLAPI_X_CONN_SASL_CONTEXT 1304 #define SLAPI_X_OPERATION_DELETE_GLUE_PARENT 1305 #define SLAPI_X_MANAGEDIT 1306 #define SLAPI_X_OPERATION_NO_SCHEMA_CHECK 1307 #define SLAPI_X_ADD_STRUCTURAL_CLASS 1308 /* Authentication types */ #define SLAPD_AUTH_NONE "none" #define SLAPD_AUTH_SIMPLE "simple" #define SLAPD_AUTH_SSL "SSL" #define SLAPD_AUTH_SASL "SASL " /* plugin configuration parmams */ #define SLAPI_PLUGIN 3 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_PRIVATE 4 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_TYPE 5 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_ARGV 6 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_ARGC 7 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_VERSION 8 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_OPRETURN 9 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_OBJECT 10 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DESTROY_FN 11 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DESCRIPTION 12 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_IDENTITY 13 /* internal opreations params */ #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_INTOP_RESULT 15 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_INTOP_SEARCH_ENTRIES 16 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_INTOP_SEARCH_REFERRALS 17 /* transaction arguments */ #define SLAPI_PARENT_TXN 190 #define SLAPI_TXN 191 /* function pointer params for backends */ #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_BIND_FN 200 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_UNBIND_FN 201 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_SEARCH_FN 202 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_COMPARE_FN 203 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_MODIFY_FN 204 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_MODRDN_FN 205 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_ADD_FN 206 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_DELETE_FN 207 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_ABANDON_FN 208 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_CONFIG_FN 209 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_CLOSE_FN 210 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_FLUSH_FN 211 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_START_FN 212 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_SEQ_FN 213 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_ENTRY_FN 214 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_REFERRAL_FN 215 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_RESULT_FN 216 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_LDIF2DB_FN 217 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_DB2LDIF_FN 218 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_BEGIN_FN 219 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_COMMIT_FN 220 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_ABORT_FN 221 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_ARCHIVE2DB_FN 222 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_DB2ARCHIVE_FN 223 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_NEXT_SEARCH_ENTRY_FN 224 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_FREE_RESULT_SET_FN 225 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_SIZE_FN 226 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DB_TEST_FN 227 /* functions pointers for LDAP V3 extended ops */ #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_EXT_OP_FN 300 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_EXT_OP_OIDLIST 301 /* preoperation */ #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_PRE_BIND_FN 401 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_PRE_UNBIND_FN 402 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_PRE_SEARCH_FN 403 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_PRE_COMPARE_FN 404 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_PRE_MODIFY_FN 405 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_PRE_MODRDN_FN 406 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_PRE_ADD_FN 407 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_PRE_DELETE_FN 408 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_PRE_ABANDON_FN 409 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_PRE_ENTRY_FN 410 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_PRE_REFERRAL_FN 411 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_PRE_RESULT_FN 412 /* internal preoperation */ #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_INTERNAL_PRE_ADD_FN 420 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_INTERNAL_PRE_MODIFY_FN 421 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_INTERNAL_PRE_MODRDN_FN 422 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_INTERNAL_PRE_DELETE_FN 423 /* backend preoperation */ #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_BE_PRE_ADD_FN 450 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_BE_PRE_MODIFY_FN 451 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_BE_PRE_MODRDN_FN 452 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_BE_PRE_DELETE_FN 453 /* postoperation */ #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_POST_BIND_FN 501 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_POST_UNBIND_FN 502 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_POST_SEARCH_FN 503 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_POST_COMPARE_FN 504 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_POST_MODIFY_FN 505 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_POST_MODRDN_FN 506 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_POST_ADD_FN 507 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_POST_DELETE_FN 508 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_POST_ABANDON_FN 509 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_POST_ENTRY_FN 510 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_POST_REFERRAL_FN 511 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_POST_RESULT_FN 512 /* internal postoperation */ #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_INTERNAL_POST_ADD_FN 520 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_INTERNAL_POST_MODIFY_FN 521 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_INTERNAL_POST_MODRDN_FN 522 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_INTERNAL_POST_DELETE_FN 523 /* backend postoperation */ #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_BE_POST_ADD_FN 550 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_BE_POST_MODIFY_FN 551 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_BE_POST_MODRDN_FN 552 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_BE_POST_DELETE_FN 553 #define SLAPI_OPERATION_TYPE 590 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_MR_FILTER_CREATE_FN 600 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_MR_INDEXER_CREATE_FN 601 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_MR_FILTER_MATCH_FN 602 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_MR_FILTER_INDEX_FN 603 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_MR_FILTER_RESET_FN 604 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_MR_INDEX_FN 605 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_MR_OID 610 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_MR_TYPE 611 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_MR_VALUE 612 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_MR_VALUES 613 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_MR_KEYS 614 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_MR_FILTER_REUSABLE 615 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_MR_QUERY_OPERATOR 616 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_MR_USAGE 617 #define SLAPI_MATCHINGRULE_NAME 1 #define SLAPI_MATCHINGRULE_OID 2 #define SLAPI_MATCHINGRULE_DESC 3 #define SLAPI_MATCHINGRULE_SYNTAX 4 #define SLAPI_MATCHINGRULE_OBSOLETE 5 #define SLAPI_OP_LESS 1 #define SLAPI_OP_LESS_OR_EQUAL 2 #define SLAPI_OP_EQUAL 3 #define SLAPI_OP_GREATER_OR_EQUAL 4 #define SLAPI_OP_GREATER 5 #define SLAPI_OP_SUBSTRING 6 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_MR_USAGE_INDEX 0 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_MR_USAGE_SORT 1 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_SYNTAX_FILTER_AVA 700 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_SYNTAX_FILTER_SUB 701 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_SYNTAX_VALUES2KEYS 702 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_SYNTAX_ASSERTION2KEYS_AVA 703 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_SYNTAX_ASSERTION2KEYS_SUB 704 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_SYNTAX_NAMES 705 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_SYNTAX_OID 706 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_SYNTAX_FLAGS 707 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_SYNTAX_COMPARE 708 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_SYNTAX_FLAG_ORKEYS 1 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_SYNTAX_FLAG_ORDERING 2 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_ACL_INIT 730 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_ACL_SYNTAX_CHECK 731 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_ACL_ALLOW_ACCESS 732 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_ACL_MODS_ALLOWED 733 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_ACL_MODS_UPDATE 734 #define SLAPI_OPERATION_AUTHTYPE 741 #define SLAPI_OPERATION_ID 742 #define SLAPI_CONN_CERT 743 #define SLAPI_CONN_AUTHMETHOD 746 #define SLAPI_RESULT_CODE 881 #define SLAPI_RESULT_TEXT 882 #define SLAPI_RESULT_MATCHED 883 /* managedsait control */ #define SLAPI_MANAGEDSAIT 1000 /* audit plugin defines */ #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_AUDIT_DATA 1100 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_AUDIT_FN 1101 /* backend_group extension */ #define SLAPI_X_PLUGIN_PRE_GROUP_FN 1202 #define SLAPI_X_PLUGIN_POST_GROUP_FN 1203 #define SLAPI_X_GROUP_ENTRY 1250 /* group entry */ #define SLAPI_X_GROUP_ATTRIBUTE 1251 /* member attribute */ #define SLAPI_X_GROUP_OPERATION_DN 1252 /* asserted value */ #define SLAPI_X_GROUP_TARGET_ENTRY 1253 /* target entry */ /* config stuff */ #define SLAPI_CONFIG_FILENAME 40 #define SLAPI_CONFIG_LINENO 41 #define SLAPI_CONFIG_ARGC 42 #define SLAPI_CONFIG_ARGV 43 /* operational params */ #define SLAPI_TARGET_ADDRESS 48 #define SLAPI_TARGET_UNIQUEID 49 #define SLAPI_TARGET_DN 50 /* server LDAPv3 controls */ #define SLAPI_REQCONTROLS 51 #define SLAPI_RESCONTROLS 55 #define SLAPI_ADD_RESCONTROL 56 #define SLAPI_CONTROLS_ARG 58 /* add params */ #define SLAPI_ADD_TARGET SLAPI_TARGET_DN #define SLAPI_ADD_ENTRY 60 #define SLAPI_ADD_EXISTING_DN_ENTRY 61 #define SLAPI_ADD_PARENT_ENTRY 62 #define SLAPI_ADD_PARENT_UNIQUEID 63 #define SLAPI_ADD_EXISTING_UNIQUEID_ENTRY 64 /* bind params */ #define SLAPI_BIND_TARGET SLAPI_TARGET_DN #define SLAPI_BIND_METHOD 70 #define SLAPI_BIND_CREDENTIALS 71 #define SLAPI_BIND_SASLMECHANISM 72 #define SLAPI_BIND_RET_SASLCREDS 73 /* compare params */ #define SLAPI_COMPARE_TARGET SLAPI_TARGET_DN #define SLAPI_COMPARE_TYPE 80 #define SLAPI_COMPARE_VALUE 81 /* delete params */ #define SLAPI_DELETE_TARGET SLAPI_TARGET_DN #define SLAPI_DELETE_EXISTING_ENTRY SLAPI_ADD_EXISTING_DN_ENTRY /* modify params */ #define SLAPI_MODIFY_TARGET SLAPI_TARGET_DN #define SLAPI_MODIFY_MODS 90 #define SLAPI_MODIFY_EXISTING_ENTRY SLAPI_ADD_EXISTING_DN_ENTRY /* modrdn params */ #define SLAPI_MODRDN_TARGET SLAPI_TARGET_DN #define SLAPI_MODRDN_NEWRDN 100 #define SLAPI_MODRDN_DELOLDRDN 101 #define SLAPI_MODRDN_NEWSUPERIOR 102 /* v3 only */ #define SLAPI_MODRDN_EXISTING_ENTRY SLAPI_ADD_EXISTING_DN_ENTRY #define SLAPI_MODRDN_PARENT_ENTRY 104 #define SLAPI_MODRDN_NEWPARENT_ENTRY 105 #define SLAPI_MODRDN_TARGET_ENTRY 106 #define SLAPI_MODRDN_NEWSUPERIOR_ADDRESS 107 /* search params */ #define SLAPI_SEARCH_TARGET SLAPI_TARGET_DN #define SLAPI_SEARCH_SCOPE 110 #define SLAPI_SEARCH_DEREF 111 #define SLAPI_SEARCH_SIZELIMIT 112 #define SLAPI_SEARCH_TIMELIMIT 113 #define SLAPI_SEARCH_FILTER 114 #define SLAPI_SEARCH_STRFILTER 115 #define SLAPI_SEARCH_ATTRS 116 #define SLAPI_SEARCH_ATTRSONLY 117 /* abandon params */ #define SLAPI_ABANDON_MSGID 120 /* extended operation params */ #define SLAPI_EXT_OP_REQ_OID 160 #define SLAPI_EXT_OP_REQ_VALUE 161 /* extended operation return codes */ #define SLAPI_EXT_OP_RET_OID 162 #define SLAPI_EXT_OP_RET_VALUE 163 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_EXTENDED_SENT_RESULT -1 #define SLAPI_FAIL_DISKFULL -2 #define SLAPI_FAIL_GENERAL -1 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_EXTENDED_NOT_HANDLED -2 #define SLAPI_BIND_SUCCESS 0 #define SLAPI_BIND_FAIL 2 #define SLAPI_BIND_ANONYMOUS 3 /* Search result params */ #define SLAPI_SEARCH_RESULT_SET 193 #define SLAPI_SEARCH_RESULT_ENTRY 194 #define SLAPI_NENTRIES 195 #define SLAPI_SEARCH_REFERRALS 196 /* filter types */ #ifndef LDAP_FILTER_AND #define LDAP_FILTER_AND 0xa0L #endif #ifndef LDAP_FILTER_OR #define LDAP_FILTER_OR 0xa1L #endif #ifndef LDAP_FILTER_NOT #define LDAP_FILTER_NOT 0xa2L #endif #ifndef LDAP_FILTER_EQUALITY #define LDAP_FILTER_EQUALITY 0xa3L #endif #ifndef LDAP_FILTER_SUBSTRINGS #define LDAP_FILTER_SUBSTRINGS 0xa4L #endif #ifndef LDAP_FILTER_GE #define LDAP_FILTER_GE 0xa5L #endif #ifndef LDAP_FILTER_LE #define LDAP_FILTER_LE 0xa6L #endif #ifndef LDAP_FILTER_PRESENT #define LDAP_FILTER_PRESENT 0x87L #endif #ifndef LDAP_FILTER_APPROX #define LDAP_FILTER_APPROX 0xa8L #endif #ifndef LDAP_FILTER_EXT_MATCH #define LDAP_FILTER_EXT_MATCH 0xa9L #endif int slapi_log_error( int severity, char *subsystem, char *fmt, ... ); #define SLAPI_LOG_FATAL 0 #define SLAPI_LOG_TRACE 1 #define SLAPI_LOG_PACKETS 2 #define SLAPI_LOG_ARGS 3 #define SLAPI_LOG_CONNS 4 #define SLAPI_LOG_BER 5 #define SLAPI_LOG_FILTER 6 #define SLAPI_LOG_CONFIG 7 #define SLAPI_LOG_ACL 8 #define SLAPI_LOG_SHELL 9 #define SLAPI_LOG_PARSE 10 #define SLAPI_LOG_HOUSE 11 #define SLAPI_LOG_REPL 12 #define SLAPI_LOG_CACHE 13 #define SLAPI_LOG_PLUGIN 14 #define SLAPI_LOG_TIMING 15 #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_DESCRIPTION 12 typedef struct slapi_plugindesc { char *spd_id; char *spd_vendor; char *spd_version; char *spd_description; } Slapi_PluginDesc; #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_VERSION_01 "01" #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_VERSION_02 "02" #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_VERSION_03 "03" #define SLAPI_PLUGIN_CURRENT_VERSION SLAPI_PLUGIN_VERSION_03 #endif /* _SLAPI_PLUGIN_H */