--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/ss/ss.h

/* * Copyright 1987, 1988 by MIT Student Information Processing Board * * Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and * its documentation for any purpose is hereby granted, provided that * the names of M.I.T. and the M.I.T. S.I.P.B. not be used in * advertising or publicity pertaining to distribution of the software * without specific, written prior permission. M.I.T. and the * M.I.T. S.I.P.B. make no representations about the suitability of * this software for any purpose. It is provided "as is" without * express or implied warranty. * * This quote is just too good to not pass on: * * "BTW, I would have rejected the name Story Server because its * initials are SS, the name of the secret police in Nazi * Germany, probably the most despised pair of letters in western * culture." --- * * Let no one say political correctness isn't dead.... */ #ifndef _ss_h #define _ss_h __FILE__ #include <ss/ss_err.h> #define __SS_CONST const #define __SS_PROTO (int, const char * const *, int, void *) #ifdef __GNUC__ #define __SS_ATTR(x) __attribute__(x) #else #define __SS_ATTR(x) #endif typedef __SS_CONST struct _ss_request_entry { __SS_CONST char * __SS_CONST *command_names; /* whatever */ void (* __SS_CONST function) __SS_PROTO; /* foo */ __SS_CONST char * __SS_CONST info_string; /* NULL */ int flags; /* 0 */ } ss_request_entry; typedef __SS_CONST struct _ss_request_table { int version; ss_request_entry *requests; } ss_request_table; #define SS_RQT_TBL_V2 2 typedef struct _ss_rp_options { /* DEFAULT VALUES */ int version; /* SS_RP_V1 */ void (*unknown) __SS_PROTO; /* call for unknown command */ int allow_suspend; int catch_int; } ss_rp_options; #define SS_RP_V1 1 #define SS_OPT_DONT_LIST 0x0001 #define SS_OPT_DONT_SUMMARIZE 0x0002 void ss_help __SS_PROTO; #if 0 char *ss_current_request(); /* This is actually a macro */ #endif char *ss_name(int sci_idx); void ss_error (int, long, char const *, ...) __SS_ATTR((format(printf, 3, 4))); void ss_perror (int, long, char const *); int ss_create_invocation(const char *, const char *, void *, ss_request_table *, int *); void ss_delete_invocation(int); int ss_listen(int); int ss_execute_line(int, char *); void ss_add_request_table(int, ss_request_table *, int, int *); void ss_delete_request_table(int, ss_request_table *, int *); void ss_abort_subsystem(int sci_idx, int code); void ss_quit(int argc, const char * const *argv, int sci_idx, void *infop); void ss_self_identify(int argc, const char * const *argv, int sci_idx, void *infop); void ss_subsystem_name(int argc, const char * const *argv, int sci_idx, void *infop); void ss_subsystem_version(int argc, const char * const *argv, int sci_idx, void *infop); void ss_unimplemented(int argc, const char * const *argv, int sci_idx, void *infop); void ss_set_prompt(int sci_idx, char *new_prompt); char *ss_get_prompt(int sci_idx); void ss_get_readline(int sci_idx); extern ss_request_table ss_std_requests; #endif /* _ss_h */