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/* ssl/dtls1.h */ /* * DTLS implementation written by Nagendra Modadugu * ( for the OpenSSL project 2005. */ /* ==================================================================== * Copyright (c) 1999-2005 The OpenSSL Project. All rights reserved. * * Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without * modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions * are met: * * 1. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright * notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer. * * 2. Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright * notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in * the documentation and/or other materials provided with the * distribution. * * 3. All advertising materials mentioning features or use of this * software must display the following acknowledgment: * "This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project * for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. (" * * 4. The names "OpenSSL Toolkit" and "OpenSSL Project" must not be used to * endorse or promote products derived from this software without * prior written permission. For written permission, please contact * * * 5. Products derived from this software may not be called "OpenSSL" * nor may "OpenSSL" appear in their names without prior written * permission of the OpenSSL Project. * * 6. Redistributions of any form whatsoever must retain the following * acknowledgment: * "This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project * for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit (" * * THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED BY THE OpenSSL PROJECT ``AS IS'' AND ANY * EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE * IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR * PURPOSE ARE DISCLAIMED. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE OpenSSL PROJECT OR * ITS CONTRIBUTORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, * SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING, BUT * NOT LIMITED TO, PROCUREMENT OF SUBSTITUTE GOODS OR SERVICES; * LOSS OF USE, DATA, OR PROFITS; OR BUSINESS INTERRUPTION) * HOWEVER CAUSED AND ON ANY THEORY OF LIABILITY, WHETHER IN CONTRACT, * STRICT LIABILITY, OR TORT (INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE) * ARISING IN ANY WAY OUT OF THE USE OF THIS SOFTWARE, EVEN IF ADVISED * OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE. * ==================================================================== * * This product includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young * ( This product includes software written by Tim * Hudson ( * */ #ifndef HEADER_DTLS1_H #define HEADER_DTLS1_H #include <openssl/buffer.h> #include <openssl/pqueue.h> #ifdef __cplusplus extern "C" { #endif #define DTLS1_VERSION 0x0100 #define DTLS1_VERSION_MAJOR 0x01 #define DTLS1_VERSION_MINOR 0x00 #define DTLS1_AD_MISSING_HANDSHAKE_MESSAGE 110 /* lengths of messages */ #define DTLS1_COOKIE_LENGTH 32 #define DTLS1_RT_HEADER_LENGTH 13 #define DTLS1_HM_HEADER_LENGTH 12 #define DTLS1_HM_BAD_FRAGMENT -2 #define DTLS1_HM_FRAGMENT_RETRY -3 #define DTLS1_CCS_HEADER_LENGTH 3 #define DTLS1_AL_HEADER_LENGTH 7 typedef struct dtls1_bitmap_st { PQ_64BIT map; unsigned long length; /* sizeof the bitmap in bits */ PQ_64BIT max_seq_num; /* max record number seen so far */ } DTLS1_BITMAP; struct hm_header_st { unsigned char type; unsigned long msg_len; unsigned short seq; unsigned long frag_off; unsigned long frag_len; unsigned int is_ccs; }; struct ccs_header_st { unsigned char type; unsigned short seq; }; struct dtls1_timeout_st { /* Number of read timeouts so far */ unsigned int read_timeouts; /* Number of write timeouts so far */ unsigned int write_timeouts; /* Number of alerts received so far */ unsigned int num_alerts; }; typedef struct record_pqueue_st { unsigned short epoch; pqueue q; } record_pqueue; typedef struct hm_fragment_st { struct hm_header_st msg_header; unsigned char *fragment; } hm_fragment; typedef struct dtls1_state_st { unsigned int send_cookie; unsigned char cookie[DTLS1_COOKIE_LENGTH]; unsigned char rcvd_cookie[DTLS1_COOKIE_LENGTH]; unsigned int cookie_len; /* * The current data and handshake epoch. This is initially * undefined, and starts at zero once the initial handshake is * completed */ unsigned short r_epoch; unsigned short w_epoch; /* records being received in the current epoch */ DTLS1_BITMAP bitmap; /* renegotiation starts a new set of sequence numbers */ DTLS1_BITMAP next_bitmap; /* handshake message numbers */ unsigned short handshake_write_seq; unsigned short next_handshake_write_seq; unsigned short handshake_read_seq; /* Received handshake records (processed and unprocessed) */ record_pqueue unprocessed_rcds; record_pqueue processed_rcds; /* Buffered handshake messages */ pqueue buffered_messages; /* Buffered (sent) handshake records */ pqueue sent_messages; unsigned int mtu; /* max wire packet size */ struct hm_header_st w_msg_hdr; struct hm_header_st r_msg_hdr; struct dtls1_timeout_st timeout; /* storage for Alert/Handshake protocol data received but not * yet processed by ssl3_read_bytes: */ unsigned char alert_fragment[DTLS1_AL_HEADER_LENGTH]; unsigned int alert_fragment_len; unsigned char handshake_fragment[DTLS1_HM_HEADER_LENGTH]; unsigned int handshake_fragment_len; unsigned int retransmitting; } DTLS1_STATE; typedef struct dtls1_record_data_st { unsigned char *packet; unsigned int packet_length; SSL3_BUFFER rbuf; SSL3_RECORD rrec; } DTLS1_RECORD_DATA; /* Timeout multipliers (timeout slice is defined in apps/timeouts.h */ #define DTLS1_TMO_READ_COUNT 2 #define DTLS1_TMO_WRITE_COUNT 2 #define DTLS1_TMO_ALERT_COUNT 12 #ifdef __cplusplus } #endif #endif