--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/wvstreams/unihashtree.h

/* -*- Mode: C++ -*- * Worldvisions Weaver Software: * Copyright (C) 1997-2002 Net Integration Technologies, Inc. * * UniConf low-level tree storage abstraction. */ #ifndef __UNIHASHTREE_H #define __UNIHASHTREE_H #include "uniconfkey.h" #include "wvcallback.h" #include "wvscatterhash.h" class UniHashTreeBase; // parameters: a node (won't be NULL), userdata typedef WvCallback<void, const UniHashTreeBase *, void *> UniHashTreeBaseVisitor; // parameters: 1st node (may be NULL), 2nd node (may be NULL), userdata typedef WvCallback<bool, const UniHashTreeBase *, const UniHashTreeBase *, void *> UniHashTreeBaseComparator; class UniHashTreeBase { protected: UniConfKey xkey; /*!< the name of this entry */ UniHashTreeBase *xparent; /*!< the parent of this subtree */ struct Accessor { static const UniConfKey *get_key(const UniHashTreeBase *obj) { return &obj->key(); } }; typedef WvScatterHash<UniHashTreeBase, UniConfKey, Accessor> Container; typedef UniHashTreeBaseVisitor BaseVisitor; typedef UniHashTreeBaseComparator BaseComparator; Container *xchildren; /*!< the hash table of children */ UniHashTreeBase(UniHashTreeBase *parent, const UniConfKey &key); public: ~UniHashTreeBase(); protected: void _setparent(UniHashTreeBase *parent); UniHashTreeBase *_root() const; UniConfKey _fullkey(const UniHashTreeBase *ancestor = NULL) const; UniHashTreeBase *_find(const UniConfKey &key) const; UniHashTreeBase *_findchild(const UniConfKey &key) const; static bool _recursivecompare( const UniHashTreeBase *a, const UniHashTreeBase *b, const UniHashTreeBaseComparator &comparator, void *userdata); static void _recursive_unsorted_visit( const UniHashTreeBase *a, const UniHashTreeBaseVisitor &visitor, void *userdata, bool preorder, bool postorder); public: class Iter : public Container::Iter { public: Iter(UniHashTreeBase &b) : Container::Iter(*b.xchildren) { } }; friend class Iter; /** Returns the key field. */ const UniConfKey &key() const { return xkey; } /** Returns true if the node has children. */ bool haschildren() const; private: /** Called by a child to link itself to this node. */ void link(UniHashTreeBase *node); /** Called by a child to unlink itself from this node. */ void unlink(UniHashTreeBase *node); }; #endif //__UNIHASHTREE_H