--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/wvstreams/unimountgen.h

/* -*- Mode: C++ -*- * Worldvisions Weaver Software: * Copyright (C) 1997-2002 Net Integration Technologies, Inc. * * Defines a UniConfGen that manages a tree of UniConfGen instances. */ #ifndef __UNIMOUNTGEN_H #define __UNIMOUNTGEN_H #include "uniconfgen.h" #include "wvcallback.h" #include "wvmoniker.h" #include "wvstringlist.h" /** The UniMountTree implementation realized as a UniConfGen. */ class UniMountGen : public UniConfGen { protected: // Class to hold the generator with its mountpoint class UniGenMount { public: UniGenMount(IUniConfGen *gen, const UniConfKey &key) : gen(gen), key(key) { } xplc_ptr<IUniConfGen> gen; UniConfKey key; }; typedef class WvList<UniGenMount> MountList; MountList mounts; /** undefined. */ UniMountGen(const UniMountGen &other); public: /** Creates an empty UniConf tree with no mounted stores. */ UniMountGen(); /** Destroys the UniConf tree along with all uncommitted data. */ virtual ~UniMountGen(); void zap(); /** * Mounts a generator at a key using a moniker. * Returns the generator instance pointer, or NULL on failure. */ virtual IUniConfGen *mount(const UniConfKey &key, WvStringParm moniker, bool refresh); /** * Mounts a generator at a key. * Takes ownership of the supplied generator instance. * * "key" is the key * "gen" is the generator instance * "refresh" is if true, refreshes the generator after mount * Returns: the generator instance pointer, or NULL on failure */ virtual IUniConfGen *mountgen(const UniConfKey &key, IUniConfGen *gen, bool refresh); /** * Unmounts the generator at a key and releases it. * * "gen" is the generator instance * "commit" is if true, commits the generator before unmount */ virtual void unmount(IUniConfGen *gen, bool commit); /** * Finds the generator that owns a key. * * If the key exists, returns the generator that provides its * contents. Otherwise returns the generator that would be * updated if a value were set. * * "key" is the key * "mountpoint" is if not NULL, replaced with the mountpoint * path on success * Returns: the handle, or a null handle if none */ virtual IUniConfGen *whichmount(const UniConfKey &key, UniConfKey *mountpoint); /** Determines if a key is a mountpoint. */ virtual bool ismountpoint(const UniConfKey &key); /***** Overridden members *****/ virtual bool exists(const UniConfKey &key); virtual bool haschildren(const UniConfKey &key); virtual WvString get(const UniConfKey &key); virtual void set(const UniConfKey &key, WvStringParm value); virtual void setv(const UniConfPairList &pairs); virtual void commit(); virtual bool refresh(); virtual void flush_buffers() { } virtual Iter *iterator(const UniConfKey &key); virtual Iter *recursiveiterator(const UniConfKey &key); private: /** Find the active generator for a given key. */ UniGenMount *findmount(const UniConfKey &key); /** Find a unique active generator a given key, will return NULL if * there are other generators beneath that key. */ UniGenMount *findmountunder(const UniConfKey &key); // Trim the key so it matches the generator starting point UniConfKey trimkey(const UniConfKey &foundkey, const UniConfKey &key) { return key.removefirst(foundkey.numsegments()); } /** Called by generators when a key changes. */ void gencallback(const UniConfKey &base, const UniConfKey &key, WvStringParm value); void makemount(const UniConfKey &key); /** Return true if the given key has a subkey * if you used findmount first, give the result as a parameter to * improve efficiency*/ bool has_subkey(const UniConfKey &key, UniGenMount *found = NULL); struct UniGenMountPairs; DeclareWvDict(UniGenMountPairs, WvFastString, key); }; #endif //__UNIMOUNTGEN_H