--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/wvstreams/wvhttppool.h

/* -*- Mode: C++ -*- * Worldvisions Weaver Software: * Copyright (C) 1997-2002 Net Integration Technologies, Inc. * * A fast, easy-to-use, parallelizing, pipelining HTTP/1.1 file retriever. * * Just create a WvHttpPool object, add it to your list, and use pool.addurl() * to get a WvStream* that gives you the file you requested. */ #ifndef __WVHTTPPOOL_H #define __WVHTTPPOOL_H #include "ftpparse.h" #include "wvurl.h" #include "wvistreamlist.h" #include "wvstreamclone.h" #include "wvlog.h" #include "wvhashtable.h" #include "wvhttp.h" #include "wvbufstream.h" #include "wvbuf.h" #include "wvcont.h" class WvBufUrlStream; class WvUrlStream; class WvHttpStream; static const WvString DEFAULT_ANON_PW("weasels@"); class WvUrlRequest { public: WvUrl url; WvString headers; WvUrlStream *instream; WvBufUrlStream *outstream; WvStream *putstream; bool pipeline_test; bool inuse; bool is_dir; bool create_dirs; WvString method; WvUrlRequest(WvStringParm _url, WvStringParm _method, WvStringParm _headers, WvStream *content_source, bool _create_dirs, bool _pipeline_test); ~WvUrlRequest(); void done(); }; DeclareWvList(WvUrlRequest); struct WvUrlLink { WvString linkname; WvUrl url; WvUrlLink(WvStringParm _linkname, WvStringParm _url) : linkname(_linkname), url(_url) {} }; DeclareWvList(WvUrlLink); class WvBufUrlStream : public WvBufStream { public: WvString url; WvString proto; WvUrlLinkList links; // HTML links or FTP directory listing // HTTP stuff... WvString version; int status; WvHTTPHeaderDict headers; WvBufUrlStream() : status(0), headers(10) {} virtual ~WvBufUrlStream() {} }; DeclareWvTable(WvIPPortAddr); class WvUrlStream : public WvStreamClone { public: class Target { public: WvIPPortAddr remaddr; WvString username; Target(const WvIPPortAddr &_remaddr, WvStringParm _username) : remaddr(_remaddr), username(_username) {} ~Target() {} bool operator== (const Target &n2) const { return (username == n2.username && remaddr == n2.remaddr); } }; Target target; static int max_requests; protected: WvLog log; WvUrlRequestList urls, waiting_urls; int request_count; WvUrlRequest *curl; // current url virtual void doneurl() = 0; virtual void request_next() = 0; public: WvUrlStream(const WvIPPortAddr &_remaddr, WvStringParm _username, WvStringParm logname) : WvStreamClone(new WvTCPConn(_remaddr)), target(_remaddr, _username), log(logname, WvLog::Debug) { request_count = 0; curl = NULL; } virtual ~WvUrlStream() {}; virtual void close() = 0; void addurl(WvUrlRequest *url); void delurl(WvUrlRequest *url); // only implemented in WvHttpStream virtual size_t remaining() { return 0; } virtual void execute() = 0; }; unsigned WvHash(const WvUrlStream::Target &n); DeclareWvDict(WvUrlStream, WvUrlStream::Target, target); class WvHttpStream : public WvUrlStream { public: static bool global_enable_pipelining; bool enable_pipelining; private: int pipeline_test_count; bool ssl; bool sent_url_request; // Have we sent a request to the server yet? WvIPPortAddrTable &pipeline_incompatible; WvString http_response, pipeline_test_response; WvDynBuf putstream_data; enum { Unknown, Chunked, ContentLength, Infinity, PostHeadInfinity, PostHeadChunked, PostHeadStream, ChuckInfinity, ChuckChunked, ChuckStream } encoding; size_t bytes_remaining; bool in_chunk_trailer, last_was_pipeline_test, in_doneurl; virtual void doneurl(); virtual void request_next(); void start_pipeline_test(WvUrl *url); WvString request_str(WvUrlRequest *url, bool keep_alive); void send_request(WvUrlRequest *url); void pipelining_is_broken(int why); public: WvHttpStream(const WvIPPortAddr &_remaddr, WvStringParm _username, bool ssl, WvIPPortAddrTable &_pipeline_incompatible); virtual ~WvHttpStream(); virtual void close(); virtual bool pre_select(SelectInfo &si); virtual bool post_select(SelectInfo &si); virtual void execute(); virtual size_t remaining() { return bytes_remaining; } }; class WvFtpStream : public WvUrlStream { bool logged_in, pasv_acked; WvString password; WvTCPConn *data; time_t last_request_time; virtual void doneurl(); virtual void request_next(); // Disregard all lines that are of the form "xxx-", meaning that another // line follows. Only the last line is important for us. char *get_important_line(); // Parse response to "PASV" command and returns a pointer to the address // of the data port (or NULL if it can't parse the response).. // This mucks about with line. WvIPPortAddr *parse_pasv_response(char *line); WvString parse_for_links(char *line); WvCont cont; void* real_execute(void*); public: WvFtpStream(const WvIPPortAddr &_remaddr, WvStringParm _username, WvStringParm _password); virtual bool pre_select(SelectInfo &si); virtual bool post_select(SelectInfo &si); virtual void close(); virtual void execute(); }; // FIXME: Rename this to WvUrlPool someday. class WvHttpPool : public WvIStreamList { WvLog log; WvResolver dns; WvUrlStreamDict conns; WvUrlRequestList urls; int num_streams_created; WvIPPortAddrTable pipeline_incompatible; public: WvHttpPool(); virtual ~WvHttpPool(); virtual bool pre_select(SelectInfo &si); virtual void execute(); WvBufUrlStream *addurl(WvStringParm _url, WvStringParm _method = "GET", WvStringParm _headers = "", WvStream *content_source = NULL, bool create_dirs = false); // For URL uploads. create_dirs should be true if you want all // non-existent directories in _url to be created. // WvBufUrlStream *addputurl(WvStringParm _url, WvStringParm _headers, // WvStream *s, bool create_dirs = false); private: void unconnect(WvUrlStream *s); public: bool idle() const { return !urls.count(); } }; #endif // __WVHTTPPOOL_H