--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/wvstreams/wvqtstreamclone.h

/* -*- Mode: C++ -*- * Worldvisions Weaver Software: * Copyright (C) 1997-2002 Net Integration Technologies, Inc. * */ #ifndef __WVQTSTREAMCLONE_H #define __WVQTSTREAMCLONE_H #include <qobject.h> #include <qintdict.h> #include <qsocketnotifier.h> #include <qtimer.h> #include <qmetaobject.h> #include "wvstreamclone.h" /** * Wraps another WvStream and attaches it to the normal Qt event loop. * * If you are using this object exclusively to manage all of your * streams, then you do not need to have a normal WvStreams * select()/callback() loop in your application at all. * * However, should you leave the Qt event loop and wish to continue * using this WvStream, call qt_detach() first, then run a normal * WvStreams event loop. If you do not do this, events may be * lost! Later, you may resume the Qt event loop at any time * by leaving your WvStreams event loop and calling qt_attach(). * * Multiple instances of this object may coexist to wrap different * WvStream's or WvStreamList's. * */ class WvQtStreamClone : public QObject, public WvStreamClone { Q_OBJECT int msec_timeout; SelectInfo si; bool pending_callback; bool first_time; bool select_in_progress; int last_max_fd; QIntDict<QSocketNotifier> notify_readable; QIntDict<QSocketNotifier> notify_writable; QIntDict<QSocketNotifier> notify_exception; QTimer select_timer; public: /** * WvQtStreamClone takes ownership of the stream you give it * just like WvStreamClone. See comments there. * * Timeout sets the time between polls with select(). * A value less than zero is regarded as an infinite timeout. */ WvQtStreamClone(IWvStream *_cloned = NULL, int msec_timeout = -1); virtual ~WvQtStreamClone(); // Call this to stop managing this stream via the Qt event loop. // Afterwards you may run a normal WvStream event loop based // on this object. void qt_detach(); // Call this to resume managing this stream via the Qt event loop. // This is the default state when the object is constructed. void qt_attach(); // Changes the timeout // You may need to adjust the timeout when using badly behaved streams void set_timeout(int msec_timeout); private: // Called before the Qt event loop does its select() void pre_poll(); // Called after the Qt event loop has finished its notifications void post_poll(); private slots: /** These things mark the beginning of a select pass **/ // Qt event loop hook (happens before each iteration) void qt_begin_event_loop_hook(); /** These things mark the end of a select pass **/ // Qt select timeout expired void select_timer_expired(); // Called when a file descriptor has been marked readable void fd_readable(int fd); // Called when a file descriptor has been marked writable void fd_writable(int fd); // Called when a file descriptor has been marked with an exception void fd_exception(int fd); // Needed or certain assertions fail ;) virtual void execute(); }; #endif // __WVQTSTREAMCLONE_H