--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/wvstreams/wvsyncstream.h

/* -*- Mode: C++ -*- * Worldvisions Weaver Software: * Copyright (C) 2002 Net Integration Technologies, Inc. * * A throttled stream. */ #ifndef __WVSYNCSTREAM_H #define __WVSYNCSTREAM_H #ifndef _WIN32 #include <sys/time.h> #endif #include <time.h> #include "wvstream.h" #include "wvstreamclone.h" /** * WvSyncStream throttles its input to the specified bitrate. * * It only becomes readable at periodic intervals. */ class WvSyncStream : public WvStreamClone { size_t bps; size_t avgchunk; size_t maxchunk; size_t availchunk; size_t usedchunk; size_t lowater, hiwater; // controls latency bool waiting; struct timeval reference; // last reference time taken public: /** * Creates a new WvSyncStream. * * "cloned" is the stream to wrap * "bps" is the number of bytes per second to allow * "avgchunk" is the average number of bytes to process at once * "maxchunk" is the maximum number of bytes to process at once */ WvSyncStream(WvStream *cloned, size_t bps, size_t avgchunk, size_t maxchunk); virtual ~WvSyncStream(); /** * Convenience constructor for throttling monaural audio streams. * * "cloned" is the stream to wrap * "owner" is if false, sets disassociate_on_close * "srate" is the sampling rate in Hz * "bits" is the number of bits per sample * "msec" is the allowable average latency * @deprecated */ WvSyncStream(WvStream *cloned, bool owner, int srate, int bits, int msec = 10); virtual size_t uread(void *buf, size_t count); virtual bool pre_select(SelectInfo &si); virtual bool post_select(SelectInfo &si); private: void init(size_t _bps, size_t _avgchunk, size_t _maxchunk); // updates availchunk to reflect the max amount of data available now void poll(); // resets the timing information void resettimer(); }; #endif // __WVSYNCSTREAM_H