--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/wvstreams/wvwin32task.h

/* -*- Mode: C++ -*- */ #ifndef __WVWIN32TASK_H #define __WVWIN32TASK_H #include "wvstring.h" #include "wvlinklist.h" #include <windows.h> #define WVTASK_MAGIC 0x123678 class WvTaskMan; class WvTask { friend class WvTaskMan; typedef void TaskFunc(void *userdata); static int taskcount, numtasks, numrunning; int magic_number, *stack_magic; WvString name; int tid; size_t stacksize; bool running, recycled; WvTaskMan &man; LPVOID mystate; // used for resuming the task TaskFunc *func; void *userdata; static VOID CALLBACK MyFiberProc(PVOID lpParameter); WvTask(WvTaskMan &_man, size_t _stacksize = 64*1024); public: virtual ~WvTask(); void start(WvStringParm _name, TaskFunc *_func, void *_userdata); bool isrunning() const { return running; } void recycle(); }; DeclareWvList(WvTask); /** Provides co-operative multitasking support among WvTask instances. */ class WvTaskMan { friend class WvTask; static WvTaskMan *singleton; static int links; static int magic_number; static WvTaskList free_tasks; static void get_stack(WvTask &task, size_t size); static void stackmaster(); static void _stackmaster(); static void do_task(); static WvTask *stack_target; static WvTask *current_task; static LPVOID toplevel; WvTaskMan(); virtual ~WvTaskMan(); public: /// get/dereference the singleton global WvTaskMan static WvTaskMan *get(); static void unlink(); WvTask *start(WvStringParm name, WvTask::TaskFunc *func, void *userdata, size_t stacksize = 256*1024); // run() and yield() return the 'val' passed to run() when this task // was started. static int run(WvTask &task, int val = 1); static int yield(int val = 1); static WvTask *whoami() { return current_task; } }; #endif // __WVWIN32TASK_H