--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/xfs/xfs_dir_sf.h

/* * Copyright (c) 2000,2005 Silicon Graphics, Inc. * All Rights Reserved. * * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as * published by the Free Software Foundation. * * This program is distributed in the hope that it would be useful, * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of * MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the * GNU General Public License for more details. * * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License * along with this program; if not, write the Free Software Foundation, * Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA */ #ifndef __XFS_DIR_SF_H__ #define __XFS_DIR_SF_H__ /* * Directory layout when stored internal to an inode. * * Small directories are packed as tightly as possible so as to * fit into the literal area of the inode. */ typedef struct { __uint8_t i[sizeof(xfs_ino_t)]; } xfs_dir_ino_t; /* * The parent directory has a dedicated field, and the self-pointer must * be calculated on the fly. * * Entries are packed toward the top as tight as possible. The header * and the elements much be memcpy'd out into a work area to get correct * alignment for the inode number fields. */ typedef struct xfs_dir_sf_hdr { /* constant-structure header block */ xfs_dir_ino_t parent; /* parent dir inode number */ __uint8_t count; /* count of active entries */ } xfs_dir_sf_hdr_t; typedef struct xfs_dir_sf_entry { xfs_dir_ino_t inumber; /* referenced inode number */ __uint8_t namelen; /* actual length of name (no NULL) */ __uint8_t name[1]; /* name */ } xfs_dir_sf_entry_t; typedef struct xfs_dir_shortform { xfs_dir_sf_hdr_t hdr; xfs_dir_sf_entry_t list[1]; /* variable sized array */ } xfs_dir_shortform_t; /* * We generate this then sort it, so that readdirs are returned in * hash-order. Else seekdir won't work. */ typedef struct xfs_dir_sf_sort { __uint8_t entno; /* .=0, ..=1, else entry# + 2 */ __uint8_t seqno; /* sequence # with same hash value */ __uint8_t namelen; /* length of name value (no null) */ xfs_dahash_t hash; /* this entry's hash value */ xfs_intino_t ino; /* this entry's inode number */ char *name; /* name value, pointer into buffer */ } xfs_dir_sf_sort_t; #define XFS_DIR_SF_GET_DIRINO(from,to) xfs_dir_sf_get_dirino(from, to) static inline void xfs_dir_sf_get_dirino(xfs_dir_ino_t *from, xfs_ino_t *to) { *(to) = XFS_GET_DIR_INO8(*from); } #define XFS_DIR_SF_PUT_DIRINO(from,to) xfs_dir_sf_put_dirino(from, to) static inline void xfs_dir_sf_put_dirino(xfs_ino_t *from, xfs_dir_ino_t *to) { XFS_PUT_DIR_INO8(*(from), *(to)); } #define XFS_DIR_SF_ENTSIZE_BYNAME(len) xfs_dir_sf_entsize_byname(len) static inline int xfs_dir_sf_entsize_byname(int len) { return (uint)sizeof(xfs_dir_sf_entry_t)-1 + (len); } #define XFS_DIR_SF_ENTSIZE_BYENTRY(sfep) xfs_dir_sf_entsize_byentry(sfep) static inline int xfs_dir_sf_entsize_byentry(xfs_dir_sf_entry_t *sfep) { return (uint)sizeof(xfs_dir_sf_entry_t)-1 + (sfep)->namelen; } #define XFS_DIR_SF_NEXTENTRY(sfep) xfs_dir_sf_nextentry(sfep) static inline xfs_dir_sf_entry_t *xfs_dir_sf_nextentry(xfs_dir_sf_entry_t *sfep) { return (xfs_dir_sf_entry_t *) \ ((char *)(sfep) + XFS_DIR_SF_ENTSIZE_BYENTRY(sfep)); } #define XFS_DIR_SF_ALLFIT(count,totallen) \ xfs_dir_sf_allfit(count,totallen) static inline int xfs_dir_sf_allfit(int count, int totallen) { return ((uint)sizeof(xfs_dir_sf_hdr_t) + \ ((uint)sizeof(xfs_dir_sf_entry_t)-1)*(count) + (totallen)); } #if defined(XFS_DIR_TRACE) /* * Kernel tracing support for directories. */ struct uio; struct xfs_inode; struct xfs_da_intnode; struct xfs_dinode; struct xfs_dir_leafblock; struct xfs_dir_leaf_entry; #define XFS_DIR_TRACE_SIZE 4096 /* size of global trace buffer */ extern ktrace_t *xfs_dir_trace_buf; /* * Trace record types. */ #define XFS_DIR_KTRACE_G_DU 1 /* dp, uio */ #define XFS_DIR_KTRACE_G_DUB 2 /* dp, uio, bno */ #define XFS_DIR_KTRACE_G_DUN 3 /* dp, uio, node */ #define XFS_DIR_KTRACE_G_DUL 4 /* dp, uio, leaf */ #define XFS_DIR_KTRACE_G_DUE 5 /* dp, uio, leaf entry */ #define XFS_DIR_KTRACE_G_DUC 6 /* dp, uio, cookie */ void xfs_dir_trace_g_du(char *where, struct xfs_inode *dp, struct uio *uio); void xfs_dir_trace_g_dub(char *where, struct xfs_inode *dp, struct uio *uio, xfs_dablk_t bno); void xfs_dir_trace_g_dun(char *where, struct xfs_inode *dp, struct uio *uio, struct xfs_da_intnode *node); void xfs_dir_trace_g_dul(char *where, struct xfs_inode *dp, struct uio *uio, struct xfs_dir_leafblock *leaf); void xfs_dir_trace_g_due(char *where, struct xfs_inode *dp, struct uio *uio, struct xfs_dir_leaf_entry *entry); void xfs_dir_trace_g_duc(char *where, struct xfs_inode *dp, struct uio *uio, xfs_off_t cookie); void xfs_dir_trace_enter(int type, char *where, void *a0, void *a1, void *a2, void *a3, void *a4, void *a5, void *a6, void *a7, void *a8, void *a9, void *a10, void *a11); #else #define xfs_dir_trace_g_du(w,d,u) #define xfs_dir_trace_g_dub(w,d,u,b) #define xfs_dir_trace_g_dun(w,d,u,n) #define xfs_dir_trace_g_dul(w,d,u,l) #define xfs_dir_trace_g_due(w,d,u,e) #define xfs_dir_trace_g_duc(w,d,u,c) #endif /* DEBUG */ #endif /* __XFS_DIR_SF_H__ */