--- Legacy Redefined OuSob - File: /wwwroot/clipx/usr/include/xfs/xfs_ialloc.h

/* * Copyright (c) 2000,2005 Silicon Graphics, Inc. * All Rights Reserved. * * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as * published by the Free Software Foundation. * * This program is distributed in the hope that it would be useful, * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of * MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the * GNU General Public License for more details. * * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License * along with this program; if not, write the Free Software Foundation, * Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA */ #ifndef __XFS_IALLOC_H__ #define __XFS_IALLOC_H__ struct xfs_buf; struct xfs_dinode; struct xfs_mount; struct xfs_trans; /* * Allocation parameters for inode allocation. */ #define XFS_IALLOC_INODES(mp) (mp)->m_ialloc_inos #define XFS_IALLOC_BLOCKS(mp) (mp)->m_ialloc_blks /* * For small block file systems, move inodes in clusters of this size. * When we don't have a lot of memory, however, we go a bit smaller * to reduce the number of AGI and ialloc btree blocks we need to keep * around for xfs_dilocate(). We choose which one to use in * xfs_mount_int(). */ #define XFS_INODE_BIG_CLUSTER_SIZE 8192 #define XFS_INODE_SMALL_CLUSTER_SIZE 4096 #define XFS_INODE_CLUSTER_SIZE(mp) (mp)->m_inode_cluster_size /* * Make an inode pointer out of the buffer/offset. */ #define XFS_MAKE_IPTR(mp,b,o) xfs_make_iptr(mp,b,o) static inline struct xfs_dinode * xfs_make_iptr(struct xfs_mount *mp, struct xfs_buf *b, int o) { return (xfs_dinode_t *) (xfs_buf_offset(b, o << (mp)->m_sb.sb_inodelog)); } /* * Find a free (set) bit in the inode bitmask. */ #define XFS_IALLOC_FIND_FREE(fp) xfs_ialloc_find_free(fp) static inline int xfs_ialloc_find_free(xfs_inofree_t *fp) { return xfs_lowbit64(*fp); } #ifdef __KERNEL__ /* * Allocate an inode on disk. * Mode is used to tell whether the new inode will need space, and whether * it is a directory. * * To work within the constraint of one allocation per transaction, * xfs_dialloc() is designed to be called twice if it has to do an * allocation to make more free inodes. If an inode is * available without an allocation, agbp would be set to the current * agbp and alloc_done set to false. * If an allocation needed to be done, agbp would be set to the * inode header of the allocation group and alloc_done set to true. * The caller should then commit the current transaction and allocate a new * transaction. xfs_dialloc() should then be called again with * the agbp value returned from the previous call. * * Once we successfully pick an inode its number is returned and the * on-disk data structures are updated. The inode itself is not read * in, since doing so would break ordering constraints with xfs_reclaim. * * *agbp should be set to NULL on the first call, *alloc_done set to FALSE. */ int /* error */ xfs_dialloc( struct xfs_trans *tp, /* transaction pointer */ xfs_ino_t parent, /* parent inode (directory) */ mode_t mode, /* mode bits for new inode */ int okalloc, /* ok to allocate more space */ struct xfs_buf **agbp, /* buf for a.g. inode header */ boolean_t *alloc_done, /* an allocation was done to replenish the free inodes */ xfs_ino_t *inop); /* inode number allocated */ /* * Free disk inode. Carefully avoids touching the incore inode, all * manipulations incore are the caller's responsibility. * The on-disk inode is not changed by this operation, only the * btree (free inode mask) is changed. */ int /* error */ xfs_difree( struct xfs_trans *tp, /* transaction pointer */ xfs_ino_t inode, /* inode to be freed */ struct xfs_bmap_free *flist, /* extents to free */ int *delete, /* set if inode cluster was deleted */ xfs_ino_t *first_ino); /* first inode in deleted cluster */ /* * Return the location of the inode in bno/len/off, * for mapping it into a buffer. */ int xfs_dilocate( struct xfs_mount *mp, /* file system mount structure */ struct xfs_trans *tp, /* transaction pointer */ xfs_ino_t ino, /* inode to locate */ xfs_fsblock_t *bno, /* output: block containing inode */ int *len, /* output: num blocks in cluster*/ int *off, /* output: index in block of inode */ uint flags); /* flags for inode btree lookup */ /* * Compute and fill in value of m_in_maxlevels. */ void xfs_ialloc_compute_maxlevels( struct xfs_mount *mp); /* file system mount structure */ /* * Log specified fields for the ag hdr (inode section) */ void xfs_ialloc_log_agi( struct xfs_trans *tp, /* transaction pointer */ struct xfs_buf *bp, /* allocation group header buffer */ int fields); /* bitmask of fields to log */ /* * Read in the allocation group header (inode allocation section) */ int /* error */ xfs_ialloc_read_agi( struct xfs_mount *mp, /* file system mount structure */ struct xfs_trans *tp, /* transaction pointer */ xfs_agnumber_t agno, /* allocation group number */ struct xfs_buf **bpp); /* allocation group hdr buf */ #endif /* __KERNEL__ */ #endif /* __XFS_IALLOC_H__ */